Should I Attempt to evolve my Galarian Slowpoke into Galarian Slowbro, or should I evolve it into Galarian Slowking?

  1. i don't think so, this decision is not easy and further complicated by the experience with the kanto slos

  2. While asking questions about the game is always okay on the Road, please consider asking very simple questions in our weekly

  3. bro is better in the overall statistics, but there are some special cases in zero-shields and 2shields (talking in ultra league) that may matter with the giratinas and nidoqueen. so it's very much a matter in what environment your climbing brought you. when there are scrafty and obsty en masses, of course the bro

  4. Doesn't matter, really. Both are meta irrelevant, evolve for your dex then toss them in a box or the blender forever.

  5. both have different values which make them sometimes more optimal for bro or king. find out what rank it will get when it would be evolved (and if you have the xl candy for a good ultra league slowbro)

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