As Pokémon Go introduces in-person-only raids, Niantic confirms remote raiding option will generally remain [Eurogamer]

  1. The best incentive to in-person exploration is the core function/promise of the game: hunting Pokémon.

  2. I wish they’d make biomes a proper thing again. Exploring new areas because different things might appear was one of the most fun parts of the game.

  3. I am alway blown away when they talk about exploring and being active, etc .... and its just like: you guys make a GPS based pokemon game ... maybe people want to hunt pokemon ... so you know use that.

  4. The first time you see something rare like Noibat you'll get the silhouette when it's somewhere in your whole map radius, but after that you have to be lucky enough to be within nine pokémon of one. Your reward for catching one is never seeing another one. Why don't they allow us to scan for a specific pokémon anywhere on your map? That would give actual incentive to go places. Hell, make us charge it up by walking like the island scan in Sun & Moon.

  5. I quit but came back with a new account about 2 years after launch. This was before spawns were revolving around an event for a week or two, and I had to explore different biomes. It was fun hunting down new entries. Would be great to set which species I want to track, for shiny hunting, better IVs etc.

  6. I think the worst change in all of this is over the years Pokémon feel less like something we can go out and actively explore and more like something that’s intricately measured out to everyone. I think the absolute overload of events and spawn schedules has done that. I miss 2016 when Halloween was a big and unique deal but the game still revolves around exploring unique places to find unique spawns. Now everything spawns everywhere in measured amounts so there’s no reason to leave the house if you have Poke Stops and spawn points.

  7. Just a functional Pokédex that tells you where you can find a Pokémon would be great. That’s how it works in the main-series Pokémon games. In Go, it could show a map with like a 10-mile radius or something.

  8. They might as well bring back in person only EX Raid. This way the local community is at least forced to interact to get the exclusive only Pokemon. But make the EX raid exculsive only for a short time, so it would be similar to a movie being at a theater and then released to online streaming a month later.

  9. Thinking back, and it brings to mind an anecdote i heard of someone entering the motoring industry in the 90s.

  10. As far as an in-game nest atlas goes, I worry if it’s social reporting and not just the correct information provided by NIA then it’ll be not the most reliable. Even on TSR, my local nest eventually got misidentified as event spawns and then as not a nest by people who just do not understand how things work. Make it available for any player to do and I’m sure those issues would increase.

  11. If they want to encourage people to do in-person raiding, they need to fix raiding for people outside a major city. If they linked low activity gyms together and allowed them to fight the in the same raid battle, it would help rural players so much.

  12. Their completely delusional about how the game is played outside of those mega American cities. I'm a day one player who started playing the game in a very rural community and now live in a small city.

  13. It is not just rural place, I live in one of the biggest cities in my country and still barely anyone raids here (people are more intresed in taking down gyms after 12 pm)

  14. I'd love an in game map where you can see what has spawned in raids out of your current view. We have a local park that I walk to most days that is about 5 minutes out of view from my home. Often when I get there, there are no raids, or one will hatch in 40 minutes, but I'm on my lunch break and can't wait around.

  15. I would also like to do in person raids, but I can't do them solo, I never run into people in lobbies or playing, and if I do run into a few people in a lobby, they always leave because its not a big enough group, and I don't have time to stand around for half an hour to see if a group will stick. Plus the game actively punishes you for having a small, inefficient local group, by giving you less mega energy if you don't defeat it fast enough.

  16. Why put up with this? I’ve stopped since late last year after playing from the start and it seems like nothing has been done since then just the same old recycled content and taking away quality of life changes.

  17. Yep. They just want to will people to play the game how they want to without learning from the last few years, or adding anything to the game to make it easier to communicate.

  18. One thing that's frustrating is that for the first three years that raids existed, it used to be possible to view raids for gyms that you're holding remotely. But sometime in 2020, Niantic added a bug that made this impossible. Over a year and a half later, it has not been fixed or even acknowledged by Niantic.

  19. from the comfort of my couch, you know, like every other single Pokémon game I've played for over 20 years?

  20. why not do a hybrid model, incentivise in person raids.. but allow remote invites so people can still find more people for raids? because if remote raids do go away i cant do any legendaries anymore at all

  21. I got a dratini from last week's 10k AS egg. I have 3 hundoes and 96 and 93% shinies. But thanks for the extra exploring?

  22. The AS 10km egg pool is still way better than the regular one. As disappointing as Dratini, Beldum and Bagon are to long time players, they’re still way better than Emolga and the other trash that have been clogging up the regular 10k pool for years. Plus it’s by far the best chance of hatching a shiny Riolu (which I finally did last week) so can’t complain about that either.

  23. I live in the suburbs in a big city and nobody battles in 5 star raids unless it's Community Day or I go to the downtown area. 5 star Raids are a bit useless in suburbs for anyone who doesn't multiaccount.

  24. I just wish more raids were around me in places that aren't churches or in residential areas. I feel so weird just standing in front of a Tabernacle or some old dude's house waiting for my chance to fight a coconut tree.

  25. This is a load of rubbish. Remote raiding may remain, but as soon as they remove the extra damage buff to remote raids, the feature will be all but useless to most people. And since inviting people using the raid apps is the only way I can raid the game in my small town, I guess I’ll not be raiding anymore…

  26. I’m surprised anyone really worried about them completely removing remote raiding. I understand the worries about them nerfing it. But get rid of it? Nope. It’s a massive money maker. In the end, $$$ always wins.

  27. If anyone is capable of killing a golden goose it may be Niantic, but certainly I feel like the whole sky is falling vibe I’m getting from the community is pre-mature, but I suppose I empathize with the lack of faith the community has right now. Just because I’m sitting in a room on fire and am perfectly happy doesn’t mean everyone is.

  28. They're showing us they are fully capable of disabling remote pass use at their whim, and they have also shown they can and will nerf a premium item into uselessness (incense) in pursuit of their own goals. I don't think the concern is at all unjustified, and I believe they never even announced the change to to the price of the remote pass bundle, they just quietly did it. They're taking it slow, but that could be boiling the frog

  29. I stand by that they’ll eventually cut them out. The money they make from having a large user base that they can essentially control the location of is worth a lot more to niantic as a company than the money from remote raids

  30. It is pretty worthless, really. They also proclaimed they would communicate better and announce changes way ahead of time. Cue them giving like a 5 minute warning for nerfing a premium item into the ground.

  31. They could have made the Zweilous raids 3* so that it can be done solo. Where I'm at, there's no one raiding and I don't have an army of maxed out fairy types at the ready so this is going to be an impossible to complete raid, and that's no fun :/

  32. Are you expecting to miss the regular Community Day hours? If not, there's not much point in battling Zweilous, anyway. You should have plenty of Deino by then!

  33. Since they nerfed incense, I've found myself playing less and less. For example, I'll be holding my phone in my hand, staring at the screen while the incense swirls around my avatar, doing nothing. The app just gave me an excessive heat warning when I opened it (it's been 100+ F during the day outside). So, do I heed the game's safety warning? Ignore it and maybe catch a few spawns before I melt? Or do literally anything else with my time? The one saving grace has been remote raiding. I really enjoy joining international raids, catching pokemon from far-off gyms. Now that that seems be going away... I'm not saying Niantic are the "fun police," but well... they're the fun police. And I can feel that moment when I finally say "Nope, not worth it anymore" coming ever closer. "Pokémon Go remains about exploring the world around you" really just means "our way or the highway".

  34. The only reason I’ve keep playing is remote raids with friends, if they remove it I can’t play with friends anymore so guess I won’t play

  35. If you want me to do more raids in person, maybe make it so that when I go out in my city I see the raids I want to do. Or better yet, let me choose like they did in Harry Potter. Most of the time I go out to actually raid, i will see one five star surrounded by either crummy 1* raids or even worse mega raids no one will do.

  36. Steranka, I'm not sure your lofty ambitions are justified by the state of the game. PoGo in Niantic's "intended" form (if its current state is any indication of that) just isn't a good enough experience.

  37. Being rural, I can’t afford to be driving around to raid. Gas costs too much. It’s cheaper to raid using a remote pass.

  38. Mega regulars, Mega legendaries, and Ultra Beasts are not the regular tiers of T1/T3/T5 raids, correct?

  39. And the spawns you do get are usually the same ones as you do in your local area. Even worse when there is a lackluster event on.

  40. I think its that Niantic defines "exploring" in a slightly off way internally (like those PR release were a company use "food" or "air" in a weird feeling way: That's not how a human would use the word "food")

  41. "Explore" doesn't have to mean "off the beaten path." It can mean that, but it can also just mean checking out places you've never been before. Pokémon Go has absolutely enticed me to do the latter kind of exploration. I'm on the spectrum & am very comfortable being in a routine. Pokémon Go is the reason why I visit new parks & interesting day trip locations: looking for fresh stops for Adventure Week, seeking interesting postcards to send, traveling to a desirable nest, etc.

  42. I'd explore more if they made parks and not parking lots packed with spawns. And as much as an increase in stops and gyms has helped, it could easily be doubled and make it all the better.

  43. I can totally see a company like Niantic locking the best legendary/ mythical Pokémon to in person only. These are the same guys who made EX raids and reverted a premium item back to being useless.

  44. I love the effort, but I simply don't trust Niantic, and this is far too broad of a question. Niantic may not disable remote raiding, but the damage "buff" is still looming. They can reduce the lobby sizes. They can increase the prices. And I say all this as someone who enables people in my community to raid remotely. A few of my friends will get together and invite others, so we're still playing "as intended," but use remote people to make it easier or flat-out help people (we have older folks who get injured and become homebound for weeks/months).

  45. Its so odd to have to ignore whole parts of the game to enjoy it, and this is a step in the wrong direction and why I'm only casual at best about my time on pogo anymore.

  46. While it's nice to hear them say I can't help but read into the way they say stuff. He did say they have no intention of removing them "for now". Why would it be so hard to just say, no they arnt ever going away? They have also seemed to have taken a stance of we want to encourage in person play with incentives instead of removing but yet they take stuff away all the time. I just don't believe them

  47. IMO this was a fine exception. The bonuses really are meant for people who are in person for that raid. Raiding Zweilous right after Deino CD isn't something players should want to do unless they want the 30 minute in person bonuses occuring afterwards.

  48. The in person bonuses have a huge radius though, several times larger than the gym interaction radius. There are a bunch of gyms I can’t reach from home that would nevertheless give me bonus spawns.

  49. There's a gym near my location that I have poor reception at, but I can play from my relative's house on Wi-Fi and remote raid just fine. I could still reach any spawns from her home, as well.

  50. Mewtwo was re-released 6 days ago and only today I was able to raid it in person. And I could only do it because I have a 2nd phone and I managed to invite 5 more remote players.

  51. I think a hybrid approach works well. There's no reason why you need to do a Magikarp or Timburr raid or whatever in person with a team of people. Especially when it's over in just a few seconds.

  52. Will the dieno/zweil caught from the gym group play bonus be able to be evolved it have brutal swing until 7pm?

  53. It would be a great idea to start putting newer gen stuff in nests now, gen5-7 is all route 1 trash for nests spawns. Maybe im in the minority but nest spawns were exciting years ago and how i actually learn where all my city parks were, and this helps get out and explore.

  54. I'm not interested in going back to in person raids. I've done 8,574 Legendary raids, at least half using remote passes. They would be losing a lot of money from me, and most of the people I raid with on various Discord channels, and friends in other countries. I would like to see remote EX raids. There was no reason to stop holding them once remote raiding became a thing.

  55. Honestly, that's a pretty dumb take. To be matched against people of your ELO rating absolutely requires it be stationary and online specific. The handful of people you can battle in real life, and maybe even a local tournament wouldn't be enough to find out your true long run ELO. Without the online matchmaking component it would be impossible to find out who truly is "the very best".

  56. A special bonus for Deino CD is completing a T4 Zweilous raid between 2 and 7 pm will be rewarded with 30 minute of Deino spawns around the gym (with the CD shiny rate active). Those raids will only allow in-person participants.

  57. One thing that Niantic does that encourages remote raiding over in person is making the new it raid, aka the tier 1 or 3 raid exclusive for the event rare. If a Pokemon is raid locked and 1/64 for shiny but is very rare you’re probably going to use remotes on it.

  58. I hope they leave remote raid passes open. I've never before raided so much. If they're stripping features they added on during the past few years it's foolish to remove them. Before they added them in I never raided. before rocket balloon I never rocket battled.

  59. They’ve already nerfed everything they wanted to nerf except for Remote Raid damage and the incense duration. What other changes could they be talking about? We’re almost “back to normal”.

  60. Interaction distance. It was straight doodoo and once they did reverse it that one time, people were dropping the game.

  61. Normal is what the game was like when everyone was happy - before the great nerfing. What were moving towards is the dark ages

  62. They did add a function to block remote raiding to certain raids did they not? It's for the upcoming Deino CD. Who's to say they wont start implementing that to raids and events in the future.

  63. I bet everyone will downvote me for this, but I miss getting together as a community and doing in-person raids, so I welcome this!

  64. I ignored every raid change until remote raids, because as a rural player there were never enough people around. Remote passes actually gave me a community.

  65. No one in my area got together for raids unless you were already in a private group, so basically raids were useless content for me until remote raids came out. I really don't see that changing for my area, so I'd prefer remotes to not get completely screwed over.

  66. I also miss them. The pre-oandemic raid hours where we'd all meet up, pile into someone's van and go do 10-12 raids in an hour were a blast.

  67. Same, but they need to make it easier to organize groups for raids. Discord groups in my area only organize in-person raiding during weekly raid hours. Hopefully the social app does a good job at this.

  68. I miss the three-hour legendary raid days. In my town, a larger group of maybe 50-60 people started at one end of a core area of gyms, and then they'd start moving as a mob from gym to gym to gym. We'd lose people along the way (particularly after the 5th gym, when people had used all their free raid passes), but a smaller core group would keep going and do another 30-40 raids, depending on how fast we could catch things. Fun times. I'd do those again.

  69. I miss in person raid days and EX raids (when they weren't on a work day at 1:00 PM). I don't miss having to coordinate to get everyone to a single raid at a certain time then deal with the guy that's perpetually "only 5-10 minutes away".

  70. The most fun, outside PvP, I had was last year Go Fest, when my local community reunited finally post covid for the sunday raid, not even worry about legendaries fleeing, just chilling and joking around, a friend lost a hundo mewtwo, not even mad

  71. EX raids were highly inconvenient. If you didn't show up before the raid happened (and it was almost always when most people with jobs were at work) then you couldn't participate. I missed out on a bunch because I couldn't just leave work for an hour (or more since you'd have to drive clear across town to do them, most of the time).

  72. Ex raids were always incredibly inconvenient, 1.30pm on a Tuesday for instance, slap bang at the end of my lunch break.

  73. I’ll admit I had fun at every EX raid my schedule allowed me to participate in, but the concept behind how EX raids, went through and all that jazz was completely not fun. I missed so many 3pm EX raids….

  74. If they're going to expand in-person only raiding they really have to up the communications capability in-game. Same for collection challenges that require trading Pokémon. Hopefully that Campire app will address this effectively and seamlessly.

  75. Personally, nerfing remote raiding acts as a disincentive for me to go out an explore. My raid experience relied entirely on me hosting remote raids since I don’t have a group (nor do I really want one) to raid with. With so few people doing remote raids now that entire component of the game is now pretty inaccessible to me.

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