Pokémon Go Fests 2022 Features

  1. I wish these events had some sort of global feature, even if its just a new different featured pokemon in the wild for the event

  2. Yes, after the last couple of years it feels strange to be going back to region only specific events. I know it's not really pay to win, but I do think there needs to be discussion about how a global game keeps releasing paid events that only a limited number of people can access.

  3. Cowboy Snorlax is niantic speak for “We’re out of event ideas but still don’t want to use any good Pokémon or good whatever because we milk forever and ever.”

  4. I just hope the cowboy hat has a little bit of bounce and animation and isn’t just a lazy paste. Maybe even off and on the head while attacking

  5. Omg that Cowboy Hat Snorlax! I need one! Also, the Cowboy Hat Caterpie guy must be furious right now.

  6. Dumb question: will the cresalia and darkrai raids be available to remote raids and pokegenie? My friend is going but I have to work, so I’m really hoping he can shoot me invites.

  7. They should be, unless Niantic decides to be a dick and make them in-person only, like the Tier 4 raids in Deino's community day.

  8. Unless Cresselia and Darkrai are made in-person only like the Zweilous raids this weekend, yes, yes they would be remote raidable for all. I did legendary bird raids from Taiwan via remote invite so it should be possible.

  9. Who cares really? Hard to get excited about events that are for such a small part of the community. Don't get me wrong I hope everyone who can attend these has a great time, but the lack of a global part to go along with the celebrations makes it all very meh.

  10. ULTRA were part of one of the ULTRA unlocks in prior years and B was part of virtual Go Fest 2022... So really just missing out on E & S.

  11. What about the Raid Lover option? Will it be activated the 1st of July at 10am or a little earlier? There will still be Psystrike Mewtwo until around 11am so I'd love to use the raid-passes for Mewtwo on the 1st. Then I can use them on Saturday and Sunday for Darkrai (and Cresselia)

  12. I must admit apart from Snorlax in a cowboy hat non of that would tempt me onto a plane to Berlin. Factor in flight/2 days in a hotel/food/time off work etc that's a darned expensive trip. £500 if I went cheap.

  13. 75$ plus travel costs just for 4 exclusive raids... great. Love it. Gonna love getting on and off of flights just for this. God was hoping for more to be announced hut it looks like this will be it.

  14. Happy about Ultra Beasts, can honestly do without the Unown. They are dumb. Would rather hunt more sought after shinies like Bellsprout, Paras, Phanpy, Tyrogue, Miltank, Chimecho, etc.

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