Pokémon TCG Crossover Event Collection Challenge Part 2 (LegendsLima)

  1. For those worried about it, it is really additional challenges, they don't replace the previous Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle Challenge 1. Challenge 1 is cleared from the list if it was already completed, but if it wasn't, you still get both Challenge 1 and Challenge 2 in the list.

  2. What if we caught everything for the first set of challenges but haven't yet claimed the rewards? Will we lose the chance to collect? I've been waiting until the tail end of cday to claim...

  3. I always though the same thing. I guess the only reason would be since Bulbasaur introduced community day classics, we may see it soon for the other two even though we also had mudkip who was later. In other words, maybe the plan is to let us get their exclusive moves soon so they feel like it didn’t matter if we got access to it now.

  4. I wonder why they decided to just repeat Pokémon? It’s not like there’s a small pool of Pokemon… just really feels like an afterthought, and to me just highlights that this event is too long.

  5. I was really hoping that the rewards would be Snorlax, Slaking, and Dragonite to help with the big collection challenge. Guess I need to go looking for a Dragonite.

  6. Or save for august community day and catch for 3000 stardust each with a star piece, assuming the 4x catch stardust lure bonus is still a thing.

  7. Holy crap. that’s meager even by Niantic’s standards. Is there any reason these are released later?

  8. I got a Dragonite on day 1 but my partner was at work so obviously missed it. No sign of it since, not even in raids. Seen plenty Snorlax raids, and to a lesser extent Slaking raids. But Dragonite is nowhere to be found lol

  9. I've found at least 10 dragonites in the wild, but only got the Snorlax and Slaking for the collection through raids. Not a single one has spawned around here

  10. I got a 2 star shiny Blastoise from Squirtle collection 1, hoping to get a shiny Charizard or Venusaur from the new ones.

  11. Could they not have just given us one measly Mewtwo as a reward? It would be a really nice prize for Lower players who don't know how to raid yet

  12. Added 10 more charmander/charmeleons to the evolve list. Going for one of every iv rating For Charizard. My alt got a zero iv Charmander, wanted that more than A hundo

  13. I hate how this brings my elite collector coin to 59 instead of 60. They could've done one more for a Pikachu reward! :P

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