Incentivized in-person raids, but removes extra free in-person raid pass ?

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  2. While I wouldve loved to see it stay, that bonus in-person pass was a bonus for the season of Alola, that was expected to be removed for the next season. Who knows, it could be alternating between the guranteed trade XL candy and the extra free pass from now on. I'd be fine with that.

  3. I expect a lot of trial and error from Niantic as they try to push in-person raids. That means they will do something (Rare XL Candy drop from in-person raids, extra free in-person pass, bonus CD raid aspects, etc.) and assess the response.

  4. I think the way to incentivize in-person raids is to make chat system or some other system that can gather people who want to raid to communicate and can make an appointment to raid together.

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