The Strokes Kina Collins Fundraiser at The Metro Megathread

  1. Right there with you. By 930 I slid into annoyed. Then I heard someone say “we only paid the babysitter till 10” and felt better because my son was at my moms for the night

  2. Thought it was a really good show once it finally started. Really good energy and banter and a good setlist, sounded mostly tight even with the early sound problems

  3. Ok, so I just got home. Here are my thoughts. First of all, it was fucking awesome. But given they are my favorite band playing at my favorite venue, they only had to show up and I would be happy. With that said, it was a great setlist, thought I was bummed not to hear Take It Or Leave It or Trying Your Luck.

  4. Ugh, that guy spilled my drink too -- I think maybe right after he spilled yours? & also told me he was having a bad day, fuck that guy. Me & my friend spent most the long wait trying to shame him into GTFO. He sucked, and the whole conga line of coked up bros pushing & bumping into everyone during the wait sucked too. They were the worst.

  5. thank you. Crowd was low energy AF, no claps or shouts to bring the band out. yes they were super late… They could have played a lot more songs. Compared to other performances, the band didn’t seem to be into it much? that was my perception. the sound was bad throughout the show, maybe that’s why. either way, they played YOLO and that made me happy 🙂

  6. Everything here x2. :). I first saw them in 2002 and they were a machine. I saw them a bunch since then, and they've gotten looser over time. Like jamming? That would've never happened lol but I like the looseness. Had a blast

  7. It was a good show, despite Julian forgetting some of the lyrics every now and then and them starting almost two hours late. Also there were a few wasted assholes in the crowd being super shitty and creepy to other people. One of them even grabbed some random girl by the shoulders next to me, she clearly did not like it but he kept doing it anyway. Almost got into a fight several times last night...

  8. What time are y’all getting there? Was planning on like 4-5ish myself but that seems way late now from what I’ve seen on here

  9. Just a heads up they only have the strokes x Kina collins shirt available according to the ppl down there. Grabbed a few for friends but if you wanted non-kina strokes merch it’s not here

  10. man i was really hoping they’d play One Way Trigger, but hey, they played Reptilia!I made the gig’s a set list on Spotify, search by Metro!

  11. I'm with all the comments here. Wait was pretty typical +30 minutes. I think that extra wait killed a lot of the energy. It's a delicate balance, to build all that tension up with a wait and then release it when the show starts, but it was just too long. Sound was not great either, at least at first. It got better though. But performance wise it was really fun, way different than seeing them at the big festival shows where it's less loose. And they played whatever happened and automatic stop. Which fucking ruled.

  12. They’ve been doing it for 20 years. I’m not excusing behaviour, but it’s about the one thing you’re guaranteed from a strokes show.

  13. The ticket page asks for an event password, does that mean there may be tickets? Or is it just going to say sold out anyway?

  14. This event was originally announced May 19th, but the first date got cancelled and the event was then postponed to a new date (a few days later) It's just one of those events you had to keep your eye on bc since it's an intimate show, getting tickets was a bloodbath

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