Anyone else tired by the food content

  1. I love the food content personally. And I always am excited at the beginning of the Drunk vs High videos, but end up annoyed halfway through.

  2. Yes! I wish they'd just come in and wing it instead of coming in with elaborate ideas with everything they need in the pantry. Because 1)they obviously had some time to prepare and possibly look at recipes if they come in with an elaborate fully formed plan 2)they all seem to be going for creativity points now and I personally think that's less interesting then just seeing if they can make the basic dish well. I don't care if they add a little personal flare but it should still be recognizable as what ever they were assigned for the episode

  3. They should emulate that Rat in the Kitchen show and while cooking have the table partner see if they can sabotage something (without, hopefully, poisoning people)

  4. One thing I'll say that I haven't seen brought up before is that as a non-US fan, Eat The Menu often means nothing to me. I stopped watching that series a while ago because I stopped recognising anywhere they tried.

  5. I mean, out of the last 20 videos, 4 are food-based which I think is a huge improvement of the ratio of food-based content. Also, it's been 5 months since a Without a Recipe video and Eat the Menu continues to prove that it gets views (and was nominated for a streamy so it's really not going anywhere)

  6. I don’t mind most of the food content. I didn’t really like any of the ones that were focused on the date night cookbook. In fairness though I watch a lot of food network too so I really love food content.

  7. I just want them to get back to the original concept of the channel and actually try new things. My favorite videos of theirs in recent history have been things like the waxing video, the driving a big wheeler video, etc. I also obviously love the Without A Recipe vids. Otherwise, most of their content is pretty meh.

  8. Everything being closed for 2 years hurt them. They did a good series on the official Olympics YouTube channel last year trying different sports

  9. I liked the Big Try with the 18wheelers but they shouldn't have labeled it as a new series without having 4 ideas filmed and ready to go. Cause after that video in the podcast they were asking fans/listeners for ideas because they didn't know/wasn't sure what else to do outside of Keith's idea of replacing a lightbulb in a lighthouse.

  10. I will take all the Without a Recipe they throw my way, but I rarely even bother clicking on Drunk vs High or Eat the Menu. The inebriated ones are way more the same every time to me than the good ones. BEING drunk or high is interesting, WATCHING other people in that state is…not so much.

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