A Start-to-Current Breakdown For Those Confused/Late

  1. If Alex and Ned are truly having an affair, I find it strange they they are doing it so out in the public. I understand that they aren’t A-list celebs, but they are still relatively well known. I feel like there is a decent overlap between Try Guys fans and Harry Styles fans.

  2. This wasn’t the same night of the photos of them at the club right? But this would confirm Ned was in New York with Alex at this time. Can you post the pic and put an emoji over your face or something?

  3. Yo! You left me speechless. They are flagrantly DUMB AS HELL. Why on earth would they go on a date to a Harry Styles concert when everybody and their mother knows that he's the "MY WIFE" guy from the Try Guys and she's supposedly engaged?

  4. I also wanna point out that he hasn’t been featured on social media since Sept 4, and the last time he was tagged was Sept 6. Idk if this one is as sus but in the two recent recipe road trip posts the try guys account only tagged food network when before sept they would tag all the guys too

  5. A year or so ago I had a dream one of the try guys ended up having an affair with one of their employees, specifically one that was associated with the eat the menu videos (the person was an entirely made up dream person) and then they released a video called “the try guys try divorce”

  6. Someone tweeted that they’d have to be institutionalized if this news was Keith cheating on Becky and … same. Idk why but Ned’s been my least favorite and his only character trait was loving his wife and family and turns out THAT was a lie. God. I hope Ariel is getting support from all of buzzfeed and try guys right now.

  7. I hate the "I'm italian" trope. Probably the dude doesn't even speak italian, he's just an US citizen, born and raised on the US.

  8. To note - Usually there's a Keith eats everything every two weeks, but the last few uploads have more than usual. Could be nothing, could be them trying to find content to upload.

  9. KelseyDangerous (used to work at buzzfeed with them and has done sims challenges with them) follows everyone from try guys (including Ariel and yb) but not Ned or Alex despite being friends with them

  10. I’ll be honest, if you had asked me a month ago which of The Try Guys was going to break up the band, I would have put all of my money on Eugene.

  11. That was always my thinking too and with this going down, I became concerned about the future of the channel in general with Ned being gone and Eugene only being part-time lately, although he does seem to have been more involved lately.

  12. These matters should have been resolved behind close doors, but I guess at this day and age, people look for drama outside of their own life.

  13. Whether he cheated or not, I still find it weird they just cut him out of videos and their intro without telling the public?? like we weren't going to notice that a member was missing 🤔and I can't find any comments, on their last 3 videos, that talk about it. Are they deleting comments on their YouTube...

  14. I'm willing to bet that there is a massive legal battle going on. This situation with Ned is extremely damaging to their brand and I'm sure they want to push him out, but that's not exactly easy when he's one the owners of the company.

  15. Well if it just happened they may need time to figure out how to handle and address it. Ariel could have requested that too. They likely set up a comment filter is what I would expect.

  16. To be fair it’s not super obvious if you don’t know what you’re looking for. They may have put on a comment filter about Ned so they may not even make it up.

  17. If Ned and Alex were involved, that could be a major breach of company policy. Technically he's her boss. At any other company, that would be grounds for termination.

  18. Whatever is happening, I’m assuming he has been cut because they would have to pay him as on screen talent if he were to appear.

  19. I sorted the comments from the most relevant to newest and there's a lot of comments about Ned so there's not filter and they're not deleting stuff.

  20. I'm honestly shocked. I know everyone is always like "blah blah blah those who are the loudest are overcompensating" but I genuinely thought he'd never do something like this.

  21. On the 1st point- the original reddit post supposedly by Will just said that he’d been seen making out with women at local bars, it didn’t specify anything about Alexandria. That didn’t become the rumour until the reddit/ig dms were leaked

  22. Wait wait wait!!! Did Ariel always have just Boy Mom on her IG profile bio or did she drop wife from it a few minutes ago???

  23. I remembered the first lie detector test that the guys did, and Zach asked Eugene if he (Eugene) secretly thinks that Ned and Ariel will get divorced someday. 👀

  24. Funny enough the second one is the video that cemented my disdain for Ned. Keith asked him if he liked his college friend group better and he said yes. I was like fuck this guy.

  25. yep. don’t ever trust any parasocial relationships with internet creators. been watching try dudes for 5 years, Ned made me believe in married love, so this is really, really upsetting.

  26. We still have the rest of the guys. Never really cared for Ned anyway. I honestly believe the rest of them are genuine people though.

  27. yeah the love seemed believable but i've never liked ned as much as the other three.. this isn't the first time this happened either, so maybe i should trust my gut feeling more even when it tends to seem unfair towards someone

  28. i just find it so weird that ned would do this publicly. he is not super popular but he is a public figure, he must have known he could have been seen. and to make it worse, apparently keith, zach and becky were there too so it makes me question if they knew something was going on or it was a thing of the moment? it’s just a very weird situation and ariel must be feeling horrible, i can’t even imagine

  29. But the thing is, cheaters are out in public all the time with affair partners. It's how people get caught all the time! And not just normal people, but celebrities too. Cheaters get cocky, they get stupid, there's all sorts of reasons why they do what they do that make no sense to anyone but themselves. If this is all true, it sucks that they were dumb enough to be caught publicly cos it is a terrible way for their partners to find out - but it doesn't surprise me at all.

  30. On Zach’s ig he posted a picture of him and Keith building legos, and the background looks like it is in California, but it was posted on Sep 3rd, so I don’t know if they were in nyc? And the background of this picture has a sign on the building, that says Woodbury East which from what I am finding, is in Irvine California Edit-apparently Lewberger performed at Hamline University which is in ST Paul Minnesota, on September 3rd. So either way, I highly doubt that Keith was in NYC on the 3rd.

  31. As someone who’s met all of them in a club/bar setting this doesn’t surprise me whatsoever. Ned was being really weird towards my friend and trying to get her to dance on him the whole night lmao

  32. Do you happened to know when this was? It does have to be exact, just like a rough estimate (I.e. this month,2017, earlier this year,etc)?

  33. I hope Ariel doesn't take him back just for the sake of the kids. Divorce is painful but staying in that relationship can bring further damage to Ariel and their children. Based on my experience, cheaters don't really change, especially if their partners forgive and just take them back.

  34. Yea i rlly hope she doesn’t take him back. Not only did he cheat, but it was a “consensual office relationship” and i feel like they might’ve kept at it even after Alex got married as long as they never got caught.

  35. A complete side note: this is the first I'm hearing about Jake's departure. I think he brought such a fun, younger energy and was hoping to see him in more videos. If they had wanted to a create a "B Team" or keep people on retainer to be in videos one of the OG four can't be in, I thought he would be a great addition.

  36. I just remembered this and wanted to share (please correct me if I’m wrong!) - Shortly after the Try Guys NYC trip, I remember Rainie on the TryPod saying something like “Alex is such a cool lady, we need to have her on here talking about her New York stories”, and then I think Alex came on the week after that and talked about the SNL party she went to. So if anything happened on that NYC trip, clearly a lot of people didn’t know about it.

  37. They went to NYC twice in the past few months. Their earlier trip was when they filmed the pizza crawl and the Yankees eat the venue and Alex came on the pod after to talk about SNL. The last trip (during which the alleged cheating happened) was around the premiere of NRRT and Ned and Alex basically haven’t appeared on any of their channels since.

  38. I just saw the picture of him and her... i realize it's not the best video but you just can kind of tell, you know? Her purse makes it even more obvious and same with the same shirt that he's wearing.

  39. Not sure if this has been brought up already, but to me this adds new context to their recent announcement about only posting 1 video per week until October. Reshoots maybe?

  40. Ned has removed "Husband to Ariel Fulmer" from his twitter bio.(Might've been insta, I may have seen wrong, not used to drama) This seems like endgame. Sad really

  41. There was one eat the menu/food baby video (involving lobsters? seafood?) And I told my sister while watching it that there's a weird energy between Alex and Ned. Like Alex is uncomfortable/ shy around him. I remember my sister saying maybe she has a crush on him. Poor Ariel and poor Wes and Finn. I can't wrap my head around this because my girls are the same age as Ned and Ariel's kids. I can't imagine how hard this is for Ariel. And Will too! He was set to build a life with Alex. This is just sad overall.

  42. The one thing I don’t understand (and I could be missing something obvious!) but I read people say that the DMs were sent to Will on September 3rd so why wait until now to scrub Alex from his profile? Could they have been trying to work things out or could they have already been deleted but people are only noticing now?

  43. Definitely trying to work things out. From what I've heard they were together for many years and getting out of those relationships takes time. There probably were attempts of reconciliation, multiple fights, moving out of their shared house and finding another, cancelling wedding, telling family and friends. Social media activity was probably the last thing on their minds.

  44. They were together for something like 10+ years. Your lives are so intertwined at that point it's not as easy to just walk away. I'd imagine they tried to reconcile and if they couldn't then as another person mentioned that leaves them to figure out a new living situation, call off the wedding and cancel vendors and such. Tell family and friends. Maybe he was focused on all that before he started to scrub his Instagram. Because until yesterday when people started taking this seriously he only had a few hundred followers and nobody was really looking at him.

  45. Man all that shit going for them and he had to mess it up just to screw around with an engaged employee.....

  46. This is so shocking. Ned really made me feel like maybe a happy marriage is a healthy and reasonable goal when my whole life I had been told someone will have to “settle” for me. This is heartbreaking

  47. I think it’s a reasonable goal. The happier and healthy ones are typically more quiet about it/don’t have a public identity revolving around their relationship. And for you to have such a beautiful goal tells me your partner will be lucky to have you, not settling.

  48. Idk if this is reading too much into it but I find it strange how he said it was a “consensual relationship” rather than just saying a relationship. Only because I’m thinking of the power dynamic with him pretty much being her boss and then them having a secretive relationship. I feel like he wanted to make sure to say it was “consensual” so it didn’t seem any type of way bc of the fact he’s her “boss”, idk it’s jus weird to me but correct me if I’m wrong in any way.

  49. You do need to address it in such a way since you're in the public eye and things can get misconstrued and the fact that it was her boss and an employee is an HR nightmare that the brand need to deal with on top of his marriage issues (possible divorce) so in order for him to navigate this without added rumors is probably why they did that.

  50. I thought of it in a way that he meant he didn't force himself on her and it was consensual in a way that she wanted it too. Not that it makes this any less weird!

  51. when did all of this come out? because ariel and ned seemed to be in the same house like 16 hours ago according to their instagrams

  52. Is the bff/bridesmaid who unfollowed Kelsey Impicciche from Buzzfeed?? I remember she did some Sims segments with the Try Guys. She’s scheduled to stream at 4, I wonder if she’ll cancel to avoid chaos in the chat.

  53. I honestly wonder how and when this started between these two. Poor Ariel and the boys. To think Ariel had been doing those Try-Mom videos too of her trying to regain her confidence just to have this blow up in her face.

  54. I read somewhere that people said Ned and Alex were spotted in other pictures (verifiable ones) wearing the same clothes as in the shady video but I haven’t seen that anywhere? Also was it just the two of them there, or was it a bunch of staff supposedly there? I heard both.

  55. If all of this is true this confirms to me that no matter how much a guy can say he loves his wife and family there could always be something sneaky going on 🏃🏻‍♀️

  56. Can someone explain to me how Jake connects to all of this? I know that he unfollowed some people but is that it?

  57. Jake just recently left 2nd Try and had a going away party which Becky shared on insta and it showed all try guys (and maybe partners) but not Ned or Ariel. People thought it was weird Ned wasn't their to see his employee leave.

  58. Man do I have a nose for this stuff! A while back he said something seemingly innocuous that just raised red flags for me for some reason. I can’t remember what it was but at the time I remember thinking “this guy has the potential to be a cheater or maybe already is one”

  59. https://twitter.com/camitwomeyy/status/1574601380114755584?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1574601380114755584%7Ctwgr%5Ee4f53f077383dbf35d65f92fd7b43c515e6ad47d%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dexerto.com%2Fentertainment%2Ftry-guys-ned-fulmer-under-fire-as-cheating-accusations-take-over-the-internet-1943474%2F

  60. Alex, on a ten-year-long engagement? I mean, who is kidding with whom? I had never heard of a wedding engagement for that period. Most of me, knowing of a couple was eighteen to twenty-four months. I do know in some states, there are common law marriages where after spending so much time as a couple that, the state would "classify" the relationship as "marriage."

  61. They haven’t been engaged for 10 years. They got engaged in 2021, dated for 10 years prior. They’re still young and live in a high cost of living area. Weddings are expensive. Not as uncommon as you think anymore!

  62. I mean, my partner and I were together 8 before we got engaged, married by 9. 10 years isn't really that strange, TBH. Especially when you start that young. Weddings are pricey AF, particularly in LA.

  63. But has anyone noticed the tension between Ariel and Ned in some of their videos? I knew that there was something off between them and they don't really address it.

  64. Ariel is not Very Online. If her and Ned are going through something right now, unfollowing is probably at the bottom of her priorities

  65. I think people are also forgetting that she has an interest in keeping things quiet to avoid the very thing that's happening now. If I were in her position, I wouldn't want to give anyone any signals that anything was up until I was ready to deal with public backlash. It's possible she muted Alex to avoid the publicity that would come with an unfollow, if she bothered to do that at all. My guess is she'd be focusing on her family/kids right now rather than SM.

  66. I love how all these guys publicly apologize like they wouldn't still be screwing their mistress if they didn't get caught. I hope the try guys keep Ariel involved since she did nothing wrong. I honestly enjoy watching videos that feature her more.

  67. Damn. Cheating is wrong but this should’ve been handled privately. I hope everyone involved, including Ned & Alex, has a good support system. Let’s remember they’re human and this level of scrutiny could be incredibly detrimental to their mental health.

  68. so maybe I’m being super hopeful and naive but what it this is some crazy video concept? The photos are bad quality enough for people to not be 100% sure. Also, Zach telling the discord or whatever to talk about it just seems so off. it doesn’t seem like they would treat such a serious issue so casually.. I want to think that they’re all in on this and just leaving bait and breadcrumbs for people to follow because they know people will check all the socials and see who is following who or not, etc. I haven’t seen definitive proof that clearly shows this could be real, just enough where it could be 🤷🏻‍♀️

  69. tbh it’s not like zach has a history of thinking things completely through. not saying he’s dumb or anything by any means, but i think he could be upset and frustrated with the gravity of the cheating scandal (considering this completely jeopardizes their brand), and doesn’t feel like he wants to protect ned’s fuck up by stopping the conversation on discord. so he’s like “go at it idc.”

  70. other than that being a really awful, unfunny and manipulative idea for a video, i tend to doubt they would ask alex to do something like delete her engagement posts off of her personal instagram page or ask her fiancé to delete all trace of alex off of his just for a youtube video.

  71. Much chance of this being an open relationship type thing and the sub is clutching their pearls over something that's ultimately none of their business...?

  72. All evidence points to this being an affair, not an open relationship. Even if it was an open relationship, that shouldn't include sleeping with your employees.

  73. I think it’s certainly a possibility that we don’t know the full extent to which things happened. We clearly do not have all the details and certainly the masses have been wrong about scandals before. No one has definitive proof at the point. I’d like to think it has snowballed into massive rumors right now but obviously SOMETHING is going on. We just don’t know definitively what that something is.

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