Saw Ned & Alex at MSG on sept 1

  1. THIS!!! Like my dude it's one thing to be a cheating asshole it's another to do it VERY PUBLICLY when you have a VERY PUBLIC PERSONA!!! I don't want to hear Ned come out with 'i made a mistake' nah Ned you made multiple choices to get here and they were all bad ... I mean Ned told us he loves bad ideas but I never imagined this would be one of them 😭😭 oh my God poor Ariel

  2. I feel so awful for Ariel and Alex’s now ex (sorry I am unsure of his name). I hope they can get the privacy they need to heal

  3. Things are really starting to line up and I don’t think this could all be a coincidence at this point.

  4. Same. This (plus Alex’s ex-fiance deactivating his Insta) is the nail in the coffin for me. I absolutely cannot give Ned the benefit of the doubt anymore. I feel horrible for Ariel and hope she’s staying offline and has all the support she needs amidst all this.

  5. The Harry styles concert and the club night might be the same night. The convo between Will and the redditor happened on a Saturday (Sept 3). Will includes screenshots of the IG convo that says “sent yesterday 9:59pm” which means (Sept 2). In those IG convo, the night clubber says I went to the club “last night” aka Sept 1 aka the Harry styles concert

  6. This 100% lines up allegedly lol. The screenshotted conversations Hamilton had aka will(? Alex 'ex' fiance) were sent sept 3rd to a reddit user, and in those dms he recieved from someone saying they spotted Alex and ned making out at the club it said 'yesterday' meaning sept 2 and the club attendee said last night making it sept 1. Likely they went clubbing before or after Harry styles MSG, because he's wearing the same shirt. Sorry it this sounds confusing.

  7. They would have gone clubbing after Harry’s styles. This pic is from Sept 1st, the concert started at 9pm. The pics of them at the club were like 1-3am on Sept 2nd. He’s wearing the same shirt in both pics

  8. Ok well this is looking real bad for Ned. I knew something happened but I wasn’t convinced it was cheating but that shirt looks eerily like the one in the video.

  9. I can’t find any proof but I vaguely remember other Try Team members (Zach, Rachel and Maggie if memory serves?) posting stories about being at the concert so Ned and Alex may not have been alone. Rachel has some Harry pics on her feed but they’re later-grams so can’t say for sure if it was the same show.

  10. harry played 15 concerts at the madison square garden btw, from august 20th to september 21st, so it might not have been the same one

  11. who would be stupid enough to bring the person you're cheating with to a harry styles concert at madison square garden omfg..

  12. Honestly, despite the fact Ned went to Yale (aka 1/4 of his personality next to Ariel) he doesn’t seem people smart and/or socially aware

  13. I mean he also based his personality on loving his wife. His dumbass probably assumed no one would think it’s sus because he built a career off of being the goofy husband who just loves his wife.

  14. i have a feeling they’ve been “it’s a work thing”-ing this whole thing. or it’s been going on for a long time and they’ve stopped being as careful. but i agree they were really dumb.

  15. what were they thinking… it would be easier to comprehend if they made an attempt to hide the alleged affair but noooooo. they really went to a concert together. they obviously didn’t care if people would see them together

  16. Was holding out because I did not want to believe it but, this kind of proves it which sucks so bad... hope Ariel, the kids and Will are fine

  17. I mean, like OP said, she assumed they were going to meet other people who might have already been in their seats. It would have been way more suspicious if he was like "Ned who?" or ignored her. If the nightclub photos hadn't have leaked that selfie wouldn't be proof of anything

  18. The shirt, tiny purse & comparison of Ned's hairline... there's no doubt in my mind anymore. I hope Ariel drains his accounts.

  19. I guess his marriage is his own personal business but I can’t see the other Try Guys allowing him to stay given the power imbalance of this workplace affair. I believe they are all equal partners - they may be trying to buy him out right now or change the ownership structure hence the silence. This sucks, I liked him and especially Ariel

  20. Omg!!! Thank you for posting this, wow i wasn’t convinced the guy in the photo was Ned but this is the exact shirt and the undone buttons and everything. It just seems so out of character for both of them but I guess you obv don’t know people past the persona

  21. Wow, I know it's likely the benefit of hindsight but the glassy eyes, necklace, and unbuttoned shirt combo do not give off a good vibe.

  22. What I can’t wrap my head around is the lack of secrecy. His whole brand is domestic bliss with Ariel, the cooking, the parenting stuff, everything. Like, he didn’t even care to protect his own career.

  23. he may have been hoping the brand would protect him. Or if he was as high as he looks he may not have been thinking at all

  24. Ok he definitely looks like he’s on something in this pic. And I thought that while watching the Food Network show too…his eyes don’t look right. They’re like glassy or something.

  25. How in the world do you build your entire persona around loving your wife that you think you can get away with going to one of the most popular concerts in the world as a FAMOUS PUBLIC FIGURE AND NOT GET NOTICED. Like dude even if you didn’t kiss people will see you two together

  26. They're at the Harry Styles show at MSG, and from what I've seen there was a '70's/glam' dress code that ppl attending shows on the tour were adopting.

  27. I have to imagine that among the employees of "second try" (obviously the guys, Rachel, everybody really) SOMEBODY had to have some sort of suspicion before the dm's got leaked at the beginning of the month...

  28. I don’t want to believe the rumours just yet but if they’re true…my god they got sloppy. You can’t do that when you’re internet famous.

  29. Is there any chance they could be separated and just haven’t announced it yet? It seems odd to throw caution to the wind when he is a known public figure.

  30. He still shouldn’t be hooking up with one of his employees. That’s the issue here which is why we haven’t gotten an official announcement from the guys. If this were some random chick it would be easier for them to address.

  31. I would really not be surprised if some substance abuse issues are revealed, Ned looks whacked. Also hoping we never get news like this about Zach some day.

  32. You know what I don’t understand? How people would go on actual dates for an affair and I can’t even go on dates with someone I’m actually seeing

  33. it honestly sounds like they e been together for a while now. i had my suspicions months ago from the edited videos. i just had no idea it was Alex

  34. Why in god's name would you agree to take a photo with a fan while actively on a date with the person you are cheating on your partner with

  35. Don't you just love it when people talk about the guy cheating but not the girl? Alex, if she were a good person, could have told HR about Ned. This is, if he was the one who initiated the relationship, but who knows...

  36. I mean the unbuttoned shirt exposing his chest hair, the gold chain around his neck, if this doesn't scream mid life crisis idk what does.

  37. Omg. If the rest of the team had gone to the concert, I feel like they would have definitely talked about it on the pod (maybe when they discussed the Don’t Worry Darling drama?). I think they posted IG stories/discussed when several of them saw BTS together. 100% it was just Ned and Alex there!!!

  38. This all just seems WAY too calculated. Literally feel like I’m watching one of this videos where something is staged for a YouTube video. Like the one where the guy pretended to be Justin Bieber eating a burrito in the park

  39. I think the OP is the one who has her face blurred in photo 1, and then in photo 2, it's OP and her friends (I believe that photo is establishing the location and event). I don't think Alex is in either of these photos.

  40. I’m now waiting for Ned’s head to get photoshopped on Homelander’s body with the quote “I can do whatever the [email protected]&k I want”

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