1. I'm pretty sure it was only to create more pointless drama between Steroline. Which is why Stefan is the one that's gets marked by Rayna Cruz and also why he goes on a three year holiday with Valerie. The writers just wanted to drag out the runtime to fill another 22 episode season.

  2. Steroline lowkey made me mad. They’re not even a bad ship conceptually imo, but they dragged out the slow burn with a bunch of tedious drama (also they made Liz’s death about Steroline which was a little weird).

  3. It's a shame , knowing that Caroline and Alaric is one of the worst pairing in the entire series and Julie could have formed a Rayna-less and Stefan-Valerie less scenario and give the right space for Steroline to become a lot more persuasive as a couple. Instead she opted to split them and bring Alaric as the third person .

  4. It legit felt like they put all the female characters names who were at the wedding into a hat to pick who got impregnated. It felt so random and forced, like there was 0 thought put into the how this would unfold. I just can't accept the idea that the writers sat down and agreed that Alaric falling in love with Caroline was a goal... ick...

  5. It was definitely unnecessary but they couldn’t avoid Candice’s pregnancy. They already lost Nina, and there was no way the show was willing to let go of another female cast member, even temporarily. So that’s why they made it Alaric’s kids but they could have stopped at that, there was no reason to make him fall in love with her. However, as someone else mentioned in the comments, it was just another way to create more conflict with steroline so that it could be dragged on.

  6. She saved his children. And was their adoptive type mother. It’s not that crazy of the thought that he would fall in love with her. They were living together raising children together that’s one of the storylines that actually makes a little bit of sense to me 😂

  7. Sure. I mean i agree that it kinda made sense but she was his student😭😭 it was so messed up. They could've not went that route you know since Alaric and Caroline are just fictional people and the decision was on the writers.

  8. Alaric wasn't in love with Caroline so much as he just thought that they were suppose to be together. She was his kids mother he wanted to make it work. You can't raise kids with someone without feeling something for them.

  9. He actually at one point tells her he is in love with her. So yes, he was in love with her. The rest just kind of falls into place.

  10. No but fr, they could've gotten Caroline a coworker who liked her. Triple the drama. But no, they choose her ex teacher

  11. I don’t necessarily think he was in love with her. I think she was carrying his children & he attempted to make them all a family. Definitely was not in love with her.

  12. They established that Alaric was in fact, in love with Caroline. Caroline was the one who's doing the engagement/relationship for the kids. They even make Alaric not attend the Steroline wedding because he's still heartbroken from Caroline💀

  13. Right i was like uhh, wasn’t she his student in s1?? The whole Caroline being pregnant with Jo & Alaric’s babies was meh. Perhaps that’s just because I don’t care for pregnancy storylines but I dunno.

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