Most contemptible character ;

  1. This is probably it for me. Legit broke my brain for a minute when I learned a character I hate so much wrote and directed a movie I love so much (Spotlight).

  2. He had the gall to be taken aback when Omar simply said out loud the truth he spent every waking moment living in. Fuck him and his wife’s brisket.

  3. This. Nearly every other character is a victim in some way or at least in a desperate situation. Even the most unsympathetic characters on the street are themselves products of a cycle of poverty and violence. Levy had options but still chose to grow rich off the drug game.

  4. I don’t know if he’s the most contemptible, but he’s certainly one of the most unlikable. He’s just such a fucker.

  5. He’s a piece of shit, but he does have a few moments of redemption or otherwise genuine humanity (e.g. when he sits and talks to Bodie’s mother and when he leaks information to Carver in S5).

  6. There are so many contemptible characters, but I really dislike Clay Davis. The man's a populist conman. Seeing him lie about embezzling funds to help people in his constituency and then the jury buying that nonsense, pissed me off to no end.

  7. Marlo, he showed no flex, which according to stringer is a stronger indicator of leadership than absolute power. Marlo killed off people that weren’t a threat, little Kevin bothered me, same w Old Face Andre. Marlo was hollow, had no code at all, all those corpses n he felt nothing, I liked prop joe, imo he was worth more alive than dead, best delegator on the show, cracked me up w his everyday routine repairing $10 appliances, he knew how to play, Omar had me rotflmao when he brought him something to fix and they perpetuated the rouse, Stringer was a phoney, joe was not

  8. Marlo killed a lot of people and a lot probably didn’t deserve it but I think both the ones you mentioned I think did. Andre went back in his story very easily so it’s not much of a stretch to think that he would snitch on them if needed. Killing him is something anyone in the game would do. Kev probably wouldn’t have snitched but the fact that he brought someone else into the conspiracy and then told him that a murder had happened and who did it made him out as a liability. He had a job to do and he didn’t do it so it’s not uncommon for someone to be killed for that.

  9. There’s so many, pretty much every character does contemptible things. But the one that gets under my skin the most was Namonds mother. She had loyalty to nobody but herself, willing to put her own son on the street where the future was death or prison. I loved when Weebey, of all people, was the one to put her in her place.

  10. I live in Baltimore and know quite a few people like Ziggy. That being said, whether it was the actor or the performance, he was just like way over the top for a grounded show like "The Wire."

  11. Oh man. It’s gotta be a close call between Levy, Delonda, Marlo, and Scott Templeton. I would include Herc in there, but he at least had a few moments of redemption, even though he’s still a massive twat.

  12. I was tempted to say Marimow, with Lester’s awesome “man’s a virus” line. But in the end, Rawls really gets me. He has some good moments, like consoling Jimmy or giving Lester a decent assignment, but overall I’m just amazed at his absolute blatant disregard for actually doing real good in the city. He seems so smugly bent on himself, and nothing higher

  13. Top of my head…Valchek. Rawls is up there. Back half of s3 String. Ziggy, but so many reasons that aren’t his own fault. Delonda. Fruit.

  14. Really? He’s a liar and a thief, but he only does what he’s doing to try to make life better for the stevedores. And by the end of S2, he’s ready to come clean.

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