Value Village has officially lost their minds

  1. Yo what. Add a few more bucks and you get 6 of them. They’re even nice enough to give you the beer inside for free.

  2. This feels like malicious compliance. Someone probably got yelled at and told "All glassware is minimum $2.99!"

  3. Or they just dont care enough to sort out trash. If im getting yelled at no matter what im not making much effort. Or both

  4. Mine now goes through the process of putting stickers on EVERY single CD, DVD, tape, even though they all share the same prices anyway. So there now paying someone money to do extra work with the shittiest stickers ever made

  5. Savers, which is value village but just named differently in different places, has VHS tapes at .99 cents at my location. Every video game is 4 bucks a piece, no matter value, and everything is pretty cheap. I’ve seen pretty bad savers prices but value village seems worse even though they’re the same company? Odd. Must just be location-wise.

  6. Dang! Ours is way better than anything else around. Got a whole summer wardrobe the other day (three pairs of shorts, two button down short sleeves, a tank top, a never worn pair of sperries) and four books for 33 dollars.

  7. I love how they do books, hardcover that no one cares about from 1979 that was sold for 40 dollars? 30% off!

  8. I wonder if you charge $2.99 minimum for anything in the store, when the store has to trash it for not selling, they can write it off as a $2.99 loss on taxes? Maybe some back end to benefit them? Has to be something, because that is ridiculous.

  9. No, it's most likely because workers aren't allowed to end their shift until a quota has been met. Value Village and other large thrift store chains have awful working conditions

  10. I don't think retail can write off full price. Seems like writing off thrift goods would be highly abusable. I think it would at most be the cost of stocking it on the shelf. How easy would it be to mark a few hundred tshirts as $10 each and write off a small fortune when they don't sell?

  11. Former production manager here: Savers/Value is always striving to put out more pieces than they did a year ago. That’s the metric they go by - not the number of pieces sold, but the number of pieces put out.

  12. Meh that’s not true. Not saying their methods are rainbows and sunshine, but they definitely look at current sale trends to determine put-out.

  13. Someone is absolutely going to buy that and make a lame beach-house wind chime from it. It'll be out on the back porch hanging just between the "Live, Laugh, Love" and "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" signs.

  14. The local goodwill here had a half-empty used sheet of yard sale stickers for $1.99 so I think it a disease spreading amongst chain thrift stores.

  15. I've seen so many empty containers at thrift stores it's crazy. It's like someone uses their donation bin as their recycling bin - but then they actually try to sell it! I've seen empty pasta sauce jars and empty olive jars

  16. I see empty jelly jars and disgusting ass tupperware on the shelves. Like I'm sorry but that is garbage. That has to go in the trash.

  17. I saw empty disposable take out boxes from restaurants selling for more than new reusable ones. What a joke

  18. I literally bought a craft beer making kit at VV and all the ingredients were still inside and sealed. (Yes I drank it, it was awful. But I'm proud to have probably made the very first beer with 100% thrifted ingredients).

  19. Most thrift store have gone bonkers in past 2-3 years when it comes to pricing! When I see used clothing priced more then brand new in Ross, Marshalls, etc its absurd!

  20. Is it POSSIBLE that someone in the back room is just having a laugh? I could see working there and daring a coworker to put that out on the shelf. Cuz think about it - that bottle was in a bag of donations. The real jerk is whoever “donated” it.

  21. As someone who works at Saver (East Coast name for Value Village) the pricing ladies are some of the stupidest on the planet. Front end employees (cashiers) spend at least a third of their shift pulling this kinda shit from the sales floor

  22. Savers is also called Savers in Texas and California! I always thought Value Village was the Canadian name? But IDK.

  23. I worked at Goodwill years ago and another guy who worked there found a dead bird amongst junk in a box that was donated, so he took the bird, put it in a zip lock bag and put a $4.99 sticker on it... Lmao

  24. At least there are some wine bottles that are fancy? Or can be used for craft projects? Idk, still a stretch but at least half a step up from this.

  25. The Value Villages where I live are SOOOOO overpriced it's ridiculous. They would pull this crap too I bet. Nice staff though. Just everything is overpriced, gotta find a new, cool place to go.

  26. Jesus H Christ lol. The worst part is I could totally see some yuppie hipster buying this for a “funky vase” 🤦🏾‍♂️

  27. I would let this slide if they cut it in half and made a novelty glass out of it. But an old piece of garbage with dried saliva and regret on it? What the hell

  28. Goodwill did this once with a Mexican coke I said um you know this is trash they said it is a collectors item I went across the street to the taco place bought a coke came back with the same bottle and asked if they wanted me to donate it after I drank it. Took a picture of it and put it on Google review .

  29. I assume employees do this for the lolz. I also figure that if anyone actually wanted this they’d just lift it. I really hope nobody is out there paying $3 for a beer bottle.

  30. The employees are not paid enough to not do this, boss says 2.99 for glassware, then 2.99 it is. I worked minimum wage retail and would do this kind of thing all the time just because it was the only tiny revenge I could get.

  31. Sometimes I see stuff like this and I think it has to be the people that work there just seeing if someone will buy certain things.

  32. Honestly, this is just staff having a little fun. Jobs like that are under-paid and mind-numbing. No one is forcing us to buy that. Let them have their giggles.

  33. They were driven out of Seattle. They were found to be lying about charity beneficiaries and their reaction was to pull up stakes and close their Seattle proper stores. A great resource for the people of Seattle, but the cunts didn't care about that. They needed to run their grift unchallenged.

  34. Yep I saw a bottle from some Aldi brand lemonade at a Good Will recently, and they wanted like 50 cents more than it costs new and full.

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