[Game Thread] Oklahoma City Thunder vs Atlanta Hawks - March 30th, 2022 - (7pm CT)

  1. Some of his misses are pretty awful, while no doubt he can shoot I’m not sure Waters is the high volume marksman the team is looking for.

  2. Please give Lindy a roster spot next year. He looks like he might be the sniper from the outside we’ve always needed

  3. For sure the man has flaws, but he’s been so good tonight from 3 and whenever he has the ball on the three point line you feel it’s going in

  4. I love seeing Lindy ball out. Such a long journey to the NBA. Hopefully this stint of higher minutes results in an NBA contract somewhere.

  5. I swear y’all do this whenever he’s having an okay or bad game, I never see this type of question when he has good games

  6. Once Kenny and Moose play, we actually have a pretty solid backup wing and frontcourt rotation between Kenrich, Poku, Bazley, JRE, Wiggins, Moose, and maybe even Roby

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