Sweet Grandma

  1. Same. My grandma. My grampa. My great grandma, who passed away just last year, long after all the rest had died. It feels weird having that whole generation in my family gone.

  2. My grandma is still alive, but she’s not really herself anymore. She has dementia and unfortunately it makes her very aggressive. She’ll attack you physically, yell at you, etc. all day. I know she can’t help it, but i’d be lying if i said it wasn’t hard on my parents who take care of her.

  3. Me too, friend. I wish she could have been here to see me graduate, get married, have kids, all that stuff (some of which hasn't happened yet, but still). I miss her so much. I do treasure the fact that my mom told me once that I reminded her of my grandma a lot. My eyes, my cheeks, and my personality. Whenever I look in the mirror I'm always like "heck yeah, I got that from you".

  4. My grandma used to do this whenever I spent too much time in bed. She always brought me food and it was always delicious. She passed away earlier this year and I miss her terribly. Hug your grandmas.

  5. I lost mine a couple months ago and regret not spending more time with her. Treasure them while they’re still around

  6. I lost mine last summer. Some days are ok. Sometimes I miss her so much I just start crying. I'd give anything to see her again.

  7. Aww this made my heart smile. Growing up my Grandmother was a very cold woman who didn’t care for children. My best friends grandma was the exact opposite who would kiss us and cook for us constantly. This woman reminds me of her. Thanks for posting this!

  8. I'm in the same boat. Very heartwarming. Even though we may not of had this for ourselves, other grandmas took over for that role.

  9. My grandmother, though not as abrasive, is very narcissistic and judgmental. Where my grandad was one of the best human beings I’ve ever known. He, as well as my father and others, taught me how to be a man. He was kind, encouraging, and always tried to lift people up. He was the wind at your back even when you were sprinting. I’ll never ever be able to live up who he was but at least I know where to aim.

  10. I've lost all my grandparents at this point, but even when they were alive they were never like this. I feel like I missed out on having a sweet old lady in my life 😞

  11. Ikr mine is so into loving the one steals from her and doesn't love her instead of my family who cares for her and loves. Even with her back stabbing to my mother

  12. I feel you, mine has Alzheimers. Its really hard watching them basically forget who you are. It's like she knows she loves you but she can't place who exactly you are.

  13. 💞 It's very hard when our grandparents change. My favourite grandparent had a really rough last 5 or so years where she wasn't herself. It was hard and then she was gone but I like to think that she gave me all the best parts of her and so she still lives with me, helping me thru this all

  14. They are Armenian but not surprised that you would think so. I am Italian, wife is Armenian and I am pretty amazed at how similar both sides are in a lot of ways...

  15. My third grandma died a month ago. My husbands gram. Both of mine died 20 years ago so it’s been a treat to get birthday cards from a grandma the last ten years.

  16. Ooooohhhhh, please, go and sit with your grandma for the morning and just ask her to tell you stories about her childhood and young adult friends.

  17. I wish I had a lovey grandma like this. I would drape her in hugs constantly. She’s lonely and misses her morning company. You’re a good baby.

  18. This just made me cry, I remember when my grandma would come in my room to start random convos and check on me, always letting me know she loves me and she’s there I miss this so much, grandmas are a special gift and if you still have yours let them know you love them with all your heart ❤️

  19. Oh, I lost my grandma three years ago. She was one of my favorite human beings on the planet. No one has ever made me feel quite so special. What a pure love. This sweet woman reminds me so much of her it made me tear up. I took care of her and was with her until the very end and she never lost her sweetness and her face never stopped lighting up when I came into the room. Thanks for sharing this!

  20. I was raised with my grandma in my house but she had MS and had multiple strokes so she didn't really know who we are. She passed in 2009 but I still have dreams about her where we're talking and she's totally normal. She always expressed her love for me even if it was just in a simple gesture of holding my hand .. I can't imagine what it was like to be trapped inside yourself for close to 30 years. I'm sure she's at peace now.

  21. We abandon our elders. They only want use to be well. Even as a 30 something I see all the young people and want them to live well.

  22. Oh my gosh your gma is absolutely adorable. Cherish her. My gma just told me that her religious icons are more important to her than I am so when I hear your gma so sweet and caring it makes me smile.

  23. This the kind of stuff I need a warning before watching. 😭 neither my parents or grandparents are alive and my relatives that would give me these kind of feels are in another country. I haven’t been able to fly home for over a year because of Covid… this video hits very hard, I miss being around my family. ❤️ I love this!! Thank you.

  24. I miss my grandma and mum more than anything in this world!! That straight up just reminded me of both and I’m in tears 😭

  25. I miss my granny with every inch of my heart. She lived with sister, mom and myself. Raised me, taught me so much. I regret not being tender and kind to her now so badly. I was short and sometimes embarrassed by her even knowing she was suffering from early stages of dementia.

  26. Thanks now I’m in tears. She reminds me so much of my own grandma. She always was there for me and checked in on me when I wouldn’t leave my room. Sadly she died a few years ago.

  27. I never saw any of my grandparents growing up. My dad's this age though, and we're reconnecting in a fascinating way. I help him with his physio exercises (he's recovering from a stroke), and he tells me anecdotes and sometimes the same stories over and over again. Even the people in my locality know us because of their conversations with him.

  28. Nasty smoking habit stole my Gran when I was 11. She was only 63. She would have been 88 this year, completely possible she would have still been alive (her mum lived to be 102). This made me ugly cry. Hug your fam (if they are worthy anyways.)

  29. Goddam I’ve watched this about ten times now. I’m smiling and laughing at the genuine concern and drama. And my heart is aching for my own grandma who I lost to covid a little over a year ago. I’m one of the lucky ones who - like this gal - got to bask in the incredible love and devotion of a good woman like that. If you’re ever fortunate enough to have a person like that in your life who is on your side no matter what please make sure to soak it in at every opportunity (even if you aren’t feeling it or are otherwise engaged) and radiate it back. They’re fucking irreplaceable.

  30. Omg she is adorable. She even looks so much like my Nana who died a long time ago but was such a sweet little angel.

  31. I only remember my Gramdma as a hyper racist, crotchety German American bitch. She loved me but she her and my grandpa were absolutely terrible to my dad. Now that I’m older I can happily say I’m happy her and my grandpa are dead. I e never seen my dad so stressed out and irritable than when he had to entertain my grandma.

  32. My grandmother on my Dad's side is in critical condition, with holes in her pancreas, and the only thing keeping her alive is a very thin layer of skin. Once any of the holes burst, the doctors can only give her morphine until she eventually passes. She's basically a ticking time bomb at this point. She was always a fighter.

  33. This so reminds me of my grandma. Unfortunately, she died two years ago at age 90, and it just sucked that on her final three or four days, she wasn't able to speak anymore. So in all our goodbye mesages to her, she just groaned as a response. We didn't even get to hear her speak on those days. But still, I love her very, very much and I still miss her every single day. Best wishes to this grandma and bless her heart.

  34. Damn she reminds me of my Italian grandmother who raised me. Always coming to check on me when I’m not well. Instantly offers food and doesn’t eat any of it so she wasn’t 100% sure what there was to eat OR she spout off a list of what she just bought lol Miss that selflessness

  35. Lost my grandma a few months ago, and she absolitely was like this. The past year or two she was in failing health, only getting worse, so I was lucky enough to help take care of her when I could. Even in her sick state, she would make sure we were all doing well. Bless her heart, and rest in peace grandma.

  36. I didn't really have grand parents. This is so heart warming and I hope my son gets to feel this love from his moms parents. Mine past so he won't get it from my side. Ooooohhh poooor me. Not really. Happy I married into a big family. I am a child of immigrants so we didn't have this. Good to see it here.

  37. She’s adorable, even if someone was/ is struggeling with dementia their true soul comes thru. This woman’s soul is sweet and loving.

  38. She's worried that you're a lazy POS,. She wants you to make some food since you're staying in her home for free, & she can't cook like she used to (for you. A million times).

  39. Really. Enjoy every second you have with her. . I miss grandma a lot. She was a wonderful and kind person who truly loved and cared about me.

  40. I wish I could tell my grandparents I love them. All are gone now and I couldn't even speak well in their own languages. I wasted so much time. I'm sorry.

  41. Today is five years since I lost my grandmother who raised me and now I’m extra emotional. Hug her for all of us.

  42. Cherish her for me, please. I miss my grandmas talking to me like that/being that delighted to see me. Thanks for sharing this!

  43. As someone who was never close to either grandmother, and who both have passed, treasure and protect this lady! You’re extremely lucky

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