How women are written in Sci-Fi movies

  1. Yeah “it wouldn’t make sense if I was just a scientist on my own and my parents were like mechanics” or something

  2. She’s a strong female character because she’s cold and assertive. But a man will soften that up by the end, tee-hee!

  3. Wouldn't want her looking too attractive until the end of the movie, when she softens up and marries the male protagonist

  4. Being a sci-fi fan who has been following the genre since the 50s this is accurate, scifi is one of the best genres to ever exist but it's got some writing patterns that are just lazy and reductive and just lower the quality of a lot of stories when they don't have to.

  5. Sometimes when I re-read classic beloved sci-fi stories, I get floored when I see the descriptions of some of the women in those stories.

  6. Ever read Becky Chambers? I just got into her but she seems to be doing well at avoiding a lot of the more tired sci fi stereotypes

  7. The sad thing, to me, is, just as with video games, women aren't naturally less interested, but they're chased away by this selffulfilling dynamic.

  8. What about Jodie Foster in that shitty movie where she's on a plane (that she designed) and Sean Bean is the pilot and her husband is dead in the cargo hold and she keeps claiming she lost her child, and it just so happens the Air Marshal AND the Flight Attendant are in cahoots to do something bad.

  9. I always say that movies should just write all characters as dudes then roll dice to see who gets what gender because they obviously refuse to flesh the women out for some reason

  10. Glenn, Charlie and Rob from IASIP had that problem when trying to write funny for Kaitlin early in S1, and she told them to write like she is a man. They always recognize that as a before and after for the show.

  11. That's what I do with my original characters. I think of their whole "concept" first, and then decide what they would look like and stuff later.

  12. That or go with the star wars sequels and twilight route and make a blank ass character with no defining character.

  13. I remember people singing Mad Max Fury Road's praises for this reason. Can't remember where exactly I saw it now, could've been a reddit comment, but someone pointed out that you could swap Furiosa and Max's genders and the film would still work just as well.

  14. LOL holy shit I just walked in from the other room where they're watching that Charlie Sheen space movie and it starts with a woman scientist calling in to tell Charlie she's at a bar and he's like "Right now?! But this is important space business!" or something. So she nailed the first one dead. on.

  15. There's a lot of things to like about Interstellar, but I am still pissed off that they gave the "love will guide us" speech to the astrophysicist woman instead of the pilot who has already been established to think of his family before the mission. Such a terrible character choice.

  16. Oddly enough, the scientist who describes time travel in Tenet is basically the antithesis of the “woman scientist” trope. She was intelligent, calm, competent, and explained everything extremely well. She’s basically the lynchpin to understanding what happens throughout the rest of the movie.

  17. It also ignores the adorable grease monkey trope. See Kaylee in Firefly, Cally in Battlestar, or Sam in the Expanse novels.

  18. Funny enough, Jeanette Goldstein says in the bonus features that she was the only actress that showed up in a dress to audition as Vasquez, and ended up with the role.

  19. im gonna miss ridley scott movies when he eventually gets too old for his job. He has always had a good eye for scripts that include characters with very minimal tropes

  20. My father taught me everything I know ! I know this place like the back of my hand! That’s the only reason they let little old me use my pretty little brain! 😂

  21. I’m a woman in STEM and after years of hesitation I’ve decided to embrace a feminine look and wear bright pink blazers, get my nails done, have fun with makeup, etc. We can be femme and also smart badasses at the same time :)

  22. I’m pretty sure if I made choices about my dress or behavior based on wanting to unnerve women I’d rightly be called an asshole

  23. Fuckign badass, beautiful boss of a woman. Favourite female hero of all time. Such an icon. An idol for all us young girls growing up. Ugh, love her.

  24. Rebel princess that will shoot you fucking dead and tongue kiss her twin brother to make her crush jealous. I mean, yeah, she is one of a kind gal, that is for sure.

  25. I so much appreciate her character In the show…and Drummer and Bobbie. They did a good job exploring some of these tropes and then blowing them up. I’m listening to the audiobooks now (on book 6) and I don’t think the authors did as great writing their female characters in the books. I think the show definitely improved upon the female character Portrayal.

  26. TV is a little better. Naomi in The Expanse, Captain Carter in Stargate, Seven of Nine in Voyager were all interesting female character scientists that wernt such tropes. Carter was down right pleasant.

  27. I’m ashamed to say that I had to turn off my TV to tell if I was imagining the interstellar music or not.

  28. I've got it!! But only because a man who is significant to me arranged an overly elaborate method of inseminating the information into me which he had already obtained but due to plot elements he is indisposed, and thus I am able to gestate upon his information, like a vessel for it to grow and mature until I, through great strenuous effort, give birth to his wonderful brainchild.

  29. I mean, she's riffing on Interstellar, but also the rest of the genre of movies that are action movies first, and science fiction second.

  30. I'd say this is a great send-up but how can I trust her observations as a scientist if she's also a woman?!?

  31. You guys all need to watch "The Expanse". That show features the best female character writing in the history of science-fiction, maybe in the history of television/cinema. It avoids literally every single point mentioned in that TikTok.

  32. So much belongs on TikTokCringe but this isn't one of them. She is 100% right about lazy shit screenwriter treatment of women scientists.

  33. I was watching a Korean TV series recently called hospital playlist. There is a character in it called song-hwa and she is a brilliant doctor/professor, kind to her students, her parents are not doctors, helpful to her friends, etc. I thought she was well written as were the other characters on the show. They avoid a lot of the tropes that you tend to see in Hollywood or Bollywood.

  34. Carol Marcus ( played by Bibi Besch ) was a single mother who created a life creating/doomsday device. Movie was made in the early eighties, so that's meet.

  35. I was hoping that she would get into acting, and I remember thinking that she vaguely reminded me of Sally in the show Barry. Then this season they showed her on a poster for a rival TV show of Sally's, so I'm really hoping she gets some scenes.

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