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  1. I have to be honest and admit that I would consider the one that just says "hi". It seems like it's mocking the others.

  2. I hate, hate hate hate, the 'things to say sign' aesthetic and every time I go to my little (married with children) sister's house she has more and more of them. They're like multiplying. It's to the point that they are the uniting theme of décor in her house; text signs. None are intended as a joke, they're all for real. As you're in her bathroom washing your hands there are five different ones you can see in front of's a fever dream.

  3. I have 2. One is beside a photo of my dog that says “ bark less , wag more”. the other is one i had custom made that says “ don’t let the bastards get you down”. Affirmation via Kesha.

  4. My SIL's house has a ton of these along with that weird grey wall and reclaimed/industrial wood and multiple throw pillow style that was hot for like a minute. It already looks very dated. Like I get wanting a house that fits the times but at a certain point it loses any personal touches.

  5. Who buys this shit? “Yes, I am an individual with my own thoughts and feelings that I found in a stack of signs saying exactly the same thing.”

  6. I made one for my nephew with all pretty letters and things and it says EAT SHIT DIE and i hung it in his master bath for him and it took his wife months to realize waht it said.

  7. They appear to be inside a Hobby Lobby, so that will take you where you want to go. (the company that made news in the US for figuring out a way to restrict payment for specific employee health care costs…related to birth control.)

  8. I would love to ironically have a sign that says exactly what you put in quotes, all stylized with different fonts and shit

  9. Someone I knew was selling homemade signs to help pay for her mother’s surgery so I bought some for my friend that has inside jokes on them. They look great just like this but they say some off the wall shit.

  10. I'd recognize those Hobby Walls anywhere. And all those lights, there were always so many lights to change..

  11. Southern folks don't exist. I tell people I live in Texas and say shit like "Yee Haw" but we all know it's just a way to trick people from New Zealand.

  12. It is very important to pray regularly. Jesus can easily form colonies on frequently used items such as door handles, and many harmful Jesus strains spread through hand-to-hand contact.

  13. did you wake up today and decide “i’m just gonna shit all over the first funny wholesome thing i see today” because you’re that lonely and pathetic?

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