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  1. I'm looking for advice on my profile. I've used Tinder for about 6 weeks now and have gone on one date which went reasonably well. I recently added a few new photos including the topless one and added my bio. My goal is to find a relationship and also open to more casual encounters... I'm pretty outgoing and I like meeting people. Please let me know what you think of my photos and my bio.

  2. You look tired in your first photo and that photo usually tells the person “should they swipe left or look further into your pics”. I think your 5th pic is the best choice. 😊

  3. Hey, I agree that the first photo is too dark, and the second one being a group pic is very confusing - almost as if you're hiding. I'd say your picture in the forest (#4) is the best one so lead with that. Also, I think one mirror selfies is more than enough.

  4. No offense man but your first picture isn't great - it looks a bit threatening tbh. I'd say get rid of it and lead with the one with the kitten or the one in which you're wearing a hat (pic 3) - it makes you look so much more warm and welcoming.

  5. You’re cute and nice pictures, it might just be your luck. I sometimes think guys just don’t swipe right in the girls that actually swipe for them. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. Mirror selfie isn't very flattering. Also, consider adding a pic of you doing something that can be a conversation starter - playing with a pet, reading a book, pic from travels.

  7. I’m sorry but you won’t get that many no matter how you place your pics. I suggest you have a really nice bio or post a picture with your shirt off if you have a nice body.

  8. Hey man! You‘ve got great looks but too many similar photos. I‘d put the second photo as your main photograph, really reduce the selfies (max 1) and take more pictures where you‘re doing stuff. That‘s why pic 2 is great, you‘re outdoorsy, in good shape and on a boat. Maybe take a photo in the woods, doing sports, a full body picture at the beach.. whatever presents your actual lifestyle. Also actually grab a friend and let him/her take photos of you for a full day, if you don‘t have enough photos - try to wear different outfits however, otherwise people will notice. You wanna have a good mix of different activities, outfits, poses and environments in general.

  9. Maybe try smiling in a few of your photos? You just look very bored and unapproachable in most of them. Good variety of poses and settings, though

  10. I dont usually think this, nyt your arms are quite good looking and only bed photo shows some of those. Maeby one photo with wifebeater?

  11. You look bored / stoned in all of your pics. The one on the boat is ok, but only if it was interspersed with some of you smiling / having fun / enjoying life

  12. Big difference in weight with first glasses photo and lemur photo. Delete the inaccurate one. Everyone is there to chat and get to know someone. I think you can come up with a better bio. Your song is kind of funny but it would be better to be genuine there instead.

  13. I would get rid of any photos that don’t have good lighting or are grainy. Your profile suggests you’re a camera operator/work in film so I feel like the bar is set higher for you on photo quality. 😂 I would also only include one photo of you using a camera, it cuts off half your face and doesn’t need to be repeated. Your glasses also don’t do your face shape any favours and the style is very dated. Next time you go in for new lenses I’d look at something a little more trendy/modern, you’d be surprised how quickly a style update can absolutely take you from the nice nerdy guy next door to “daddy?”

  14. I think your first 2 pics are cropped too close. The third one is from too far away and is really grainy, and the final one is a selfie which is rarely ideal. I'd suggest trying to get one good pic a week, and in a month you'll have a completely new profile. I'd have friends/strangers take a couple of the pics.

  15. I think you're gonna need more than 3 photos. Especially since the 3rd one is a weird angle and not looking at the camera...that one probably needs to go. I'd put your 2nd pic 1st, it's a nice smile. I don't think the first pic is going to send very strong stoner vibes (maybe it's just me seeing that), but I would try to get more pics like the 2nd one - clearly shows what you look like, and you give off a nice vibe in that pic.

  16. I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to use Tinder, but I'll say that too many "overly posed" photos can damage a profile. So pics 3, 4, and 6 all felt a bit over-the-top with the posing. Either try to get a true candid without any of the photo effects, or just look straight at the camera and smile. I actually thought pic 1 was a really good selfie, and I would keep pic 5 where it is. Pic 2 was fine for now, but nothing crazy special.

  17. Pic 1 - I don't love that it's a selfie and kind of blurry. But I would probably like it otherwise. Pic 2 & 3 - need to go. The sunglasses aren't gonna work. Pic 4 - maybe could work very late in your profile, but you can't see you at all. Pic 5 - best pic in your lineup. I'd really like it if you were smiling (right now you look sad). If you retake then I'd put it first. Pic 6 - I thought it's ok. Pic 7 - maybe could work if you crop in closer to you. But you only take up 1/3 of the frame and it's the bottom part, so it makes you look really short/young. Pic 8 - bold, but could probably work if you had other strong pics in your profile. But right now it's the only pic that you took the time to go out of your way and ensure that you got a nice photo for...I don't think that'll fly (and I don't think many people are gonna have gotten to pic 8).

  18. The biggest thing I noticed is that you really don't smile in your pics. You have 1 or 2 half smiles, but nothing showing your teeth. This makes you appear standoffish. I think that's a big thing I would address in future pics. Looking at this profile right now, I have a hard time imagining you're going to get many matches (although I'm rooting for you), but I think getting some new pics with a bigger smile where we can clearly see your face would be good. And also where the photo is just you (3/5 pics being group ones isn't great. And photo #2 doesn't show your face, so you really just have the one pic with just you and clear lighting on your face).

  19. I would cut this down closer to 6 pics. I'd get rid of the prompt pics or at least move them to the very end of the profile.

  20. Hi! I'll take any feedback. I usually have about one match per month on average, would love to know if there are parts of my profile that just suck haha

  21. I think the only pic I would keep is the one with the graduation cap/gown. The 1st pic doesn't clearly show your face (and you look slightly angry), the 2nd pic is too close, the 3rd pic isn't clear which one is you because we still haven't seen your face and I think your facial hair is different than in pic 1. Pic 5 is very poor lighting and pic 6 could maybe stay as a personality pic, although it's not really my thing.

  22. Ladies, I'm curious of your humble opinion: I did some sanity check with my photos using PhotoFeeler.com. However, I can't wrap my head around what makes a person attractive - or me. Following are the most attractive photos are mine with their score

  23. The only not-so-great picture is the last one. All the others look nice. You could try switching around so that the cat pic is first, it's a very easy conversation starter.

  24. I get 0 matches do not think I’m a bad looking guy can I get advice here is my bio idk where to post pics

  25. I’d remove your third and fifth pictures, they don’t really say a lot about you. Also, take your last picture and edit it so that you’re more visible. Write a bio as well, but nothing super long and extensive. Just something short and humorous—girls love to laugh.

  26. Nice bio and your dog is gorgeous but I'm not sure your first pic is your best one - #2 is a much better picture of you and if you want your opener to feature the doggy, perhaps #3?

  27. How do you guys tell apart the girls looking for sex and those that actually want a relationship? Everyone in sweden ive matched with is just looking to party or a weekend fling.

  28. I would suggest moving up your second or second to last picture. They look more natural to me. Move the selfie back and remove the last picture (its not the best quality, and you already have pics that shows your build and height). And props for the discreet flex on the arm pic!

  29. Hey, fellow Redditors. I’ve made peace with the fact that I’ll never be George Clooney but would appreciate feedback on which parts of my profile suck more than the others. 😁

  30. you're attractive and I'd swipe on you for just physical, but if you're looking for something more maybe evaluate- the profile gives off a bit of a fratty/ f*boy vibe -23f

  31. Hey dude, Your pics are great! If you wanted to spice it up just a bit more I'd add a group pic with you in the center (choose your friends wisely, some people are distracting).

  32. Looks good to me, I don't agree with the other comment though, I'd keep the order you have now. And if I was being picky I'd get rid of the SpongeBob quote, BUT maybe some gals are into sponge Bob idk

  33. your pictures suck, you can barely see what your face looks like. and then group shots where we don’t know which one you are

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