Being a bald girl on tinder is fun! Next slide is me for reference.

  1. I used to date a woman with a buzz cut and fuck me the amount of abuse she’d get thrown at her was unholy. To the point she started wearing wigs in public and only shaven at home.

  2. Will never understand how they can take the time out of their day to type a message like this. My anxiety prevents me from even sending a nice message to girls and than you have assholes that do this , smh.

  3. I don't think this is him flirting... it seems like he matched with her exclusively to be mean to her and make her feel bad, which is even worse imo.

  4. I think we need an AI that recognizes such.. „flirting“ which leads to an auto-deletion of the profile. Good people will be untouched after all

  5. You’re not bald, just a buzz cut. Not everybody can pull it off. You’re def winning there. I have a friend of a friend who had Alopecia starting in college. Was rough at first but she owns it.

  6. I once told a girl she looked like Aang, from the Avatar show, she was bald, she was kinda cute, she really looked like him.

  7. Jeez. Imagine turning down the possibility of getting your dick sucked just to crack one of the worst “bald jokes” ever written 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. How is that face misshapen? It looks perfect for me. I'm not even trying to make op feel good. I just don't see a slightest misshape

  9. I can't be the only person who has seen this post before. Unless OP deleted their account this bald girl has a reddit and posted this here before.

  10. My account got doxxed so I had to delete that account. This was a new comment so I decided to post it. I get this shit on the daily.

  11. Bald girls are damn sexy. Apologies for objectifying. Don’t know why I like it so much I think it’s my love of deus ex….

  12. Very pretty. Leave the boys alone and find yourself a man who appreciates a woman for who she is. But yes, bald suits you

  13. Dudes are just intimidated when women decide to go against societal beauty standards and do what they want with themselves. I dealt with the same thing when i shaved my head. you look great

  14. Im more concerned that he could only think of comparing your head to his balls. Like WTF try harder sir 🤣 I think its beautiful. He can kick large misshapen rocks 🦶🪨

  15. Unless his balls are beautiful and somehow perfectly shaped, I can assure you that you do not look like his balls.

  16. you're fucking gorgeous. no one would ever harass bald men like this on a dating app. Also, if you're going to be rude at least be funny about it. wasn't funny at all

  17. Why people think their opinion is warranted? Also why we submit ourselves to tinder? I do not think people on average get laid that much to justify it

  18. @Prestigiousmind_ You look incredible, gorgeous girl, and absolutely rocking that bleached Fashion Buzz, and the reason you did it actually makes you more attractive IMO. Ignore the Asshat, he's probably just another raging InCel.

  19. NGL that's pretty funny, but I wouldn't say it to a stranger I met on tinder, I'd probably say it to one of my bald best friends though.

  20. Don't let anyone drag you down, the only thing that matters is your personality not your looks. But I still think you look amazing :)

  21. Guarantee they'd complain if you weren't bald downstairs though 🙄 Really though, the hairstyle fits your face well. I think you're gorgeous. You're like an attractive version of Kelly Osborne

  22. I got heaps of bullshit about my shaved head and Mohawk and stuff.. people are just mega shit bags. You though, are most certainly HEAPS hotter than a set of scungy balls. That human is a piece of literal poop and you are a goddess. The end.

  23. First thought - sexy as hell. After that - brave, confident, independent thinker, artistic. Then read about motivation for the hairstyle - big heart, giving, willing to demonstrate love and support and not shy away from hard things.

  24. You could've said something like "wanna compare?" If you were desperate enough of course lol You look good imo

  25. My missus has alopecia, doesn't bother me just stick the toilet plunger to the back of her head and pull that instead ❤️

  26. Idiots, and calling them that insults stupid degenerates everywhere. You're beautiful and there's nothing wrong with a girl with buzz cut or a clean shaven head.

  27. I didn't realize I had a specific thing for girls with buzz cuts until I was at a rave and met a girl with a buzz cut that immediately made me think of Sid from Ice Age or a straight up Gray Alien and I was still interested.

  28. You're beautiful! I find it extremely unlikely that his balls look anything like you, and even less likely that when he puts makeup on them that he does it even half as well as you. But if in the very unlikely chance that he does, it's a weird way to tell a tinder match that he puts on makeup.

  29. Girl you are beautiful! And damn it, if you are beautiful then balls are pretty good looking too, instead of what I always thought!

  30. I gotta say that he could have come out with a million better jokes with a little effort, I mean, come on. You are not even bald or "misshapen", if his balls look like you then they are NEAT

  31. Wtf? You look extremely pretty even as bald. That guy would have been very lucky if he had a chance to date you. By the way, I'm a straight guy, and I find you extremely attractive. Hope this is not offending to you, I'm just stating the fact here.

  32. As a woman who was full on bald down to skin on tinder, my experience was that a lot of men are actually super attracted to bald women. More than I ever expected to be interested in me at that time in my life, anyway

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