Why are religious people so hypocritical ?

  1. Could be confirmation bias.. the hypocritical religious people stand out, while many other religious people are good people, you just never know they are religious.

  2. Very true, it’s almost like fandoms. The cringe people that like it way to much make it hard for the other people and cause people to think of them as bad

  3. Agree. I am not religious, I believe that when you are dead you cease to exist. However, I think saying that all reglious people are hypocritical is unfair. It just like any other 'group' in society, the one's who shout the loudest and force their opinions on others are just cunts as people, rather than the fact they are reglious. People that bang on about how perfect and 'right' they are just because they are of faith are not only sanctomious, judgmental arseholes, but the majority of the time they are acting in a way that their reglion teaches them not to act.

  4. I grew up hearing the saying "true Christians will be known by their goodness" and I've always questioned these louder voices out there who claim to be Christian and yet do such horrible things.

  5. Yep! I'm an atheist who definitely knows hypocritical religious types. But the people I work with are very religious and most of them I consider the sweetest people I know. It just depends.

  6. True there are genuinely good religious people but also bad people use their church or religion to hide behind.

  7. Nail-on-head. It's just how some religious people emphasise the bad tendencies on non-religious people and tend to focus their attention on what reflects their beliefs.

  8. The best kind of religious people and atheists are the ones who keep it to themselves. People that preach Are the worst.

  9. It's funny that the bible says to treat everyone with respect, but also says to hate people who don't being in god.

  10. I'm always disappointed when I find out someone I know is religious. I thought they were smarter than that. We had really great conversations.

  11. It's seems to me that the common thread between hypocritical religious people and awful non-religious people is arrogance predicated on assumed superiority and enlightenment. Some degree of selflessness, empathy and charity are required characteristics of decent people, religious or not.

  12. Religion, can become an enabler for things like group identity bias and many other ego-related “fallacies” that can corrupt the moral imperative it tries to achieve.

  13. Religion is only a good thing if people have a belief system that is not biased and they actually work on making the world a better place and don't judge people because they don't have the same beliefs as them.

  14. I have a couple of problems with this. Sins as a concept is immoral if you ask me. Sin is a transgression against God, not simply "primal erratic behaviors". Wearing mixed fabrics is a sin according to the old testament, and that obviously has nothing to do with anything primal.

  15. The problem here is that Christianity is rooted in what worked in the desert for archaic societies 5000 years ago. The old testament has rules that makes sense for that area and that society at that time. It gets brought into the present time with the New Testament with Christians reaching back to the old rules. It’s like trying to wear your baby clothes when you’re an adult. I think it used to be more positive in the past but currently is so out of touch with present reality that it’s become a negative influence by and large.

  16. Seems like you're experiencing some confirmation bias my friend. I'm not religious myself, and haven't attended church with any sort of regularity in over a decade.

  17. Also I think the media tries to generalise and spread that all religious people are bad. I'm not a christan, but when I see priests are shown in the media as 'secretly gay' or with 'weird sexual desires' or 'drinks wine secretly', that's fucking low. These types of things affect many people who are not into religions.

  18. I don't think it's confirmation bias. If all atheists in the US left, the average IQ and average income would drop.

  19. Yeah true. People can be hypocrite about anything be it religion, politics, social issues, tv shows etc. Totally depends on the subject. I mean we're humans of course we have a little bias no matter how hard we try to eradicate them.

  20. There are several reasons why it appears that hypocritical behavior seems to be more prevalent in many people that are part of an organized religion, often Christians.

  21. Christian here! I can understand why you would find that many Christians are hypocrites because they tend to behave against what they preach (drinking even though they are not supposed to get drunk, performing sexual activities with their SO when they are not married).

  22. I think it’s just that if someone is religious and they do something that would go against their religion, it’s a much more notable difference than if an atheist did the same thing. I like to think that regardless of what you believe in, there are still going to be assholes everywhere you go, some just act like they aren’t.

  23. Most people are hypocritical. Confirmation bias is keeping religious people at the front of your mind and observations.

  24. Everyone is a hypocrite. It's only that religious people have the authority of the religion to point out the stuff they think we shouldn't be doing. And some of that stuff is not currently seen as wrong by the bulk of the non-religious. And often various rules are taken out of context.

  25. I agree with this. People are blind to their own shortcomings. I can only hope that people aren't afraid to tell me if I'm being hypocrite so I can actually do something about that.

  26. I always thought about it, the inherent hypocrisy of the human being. If all humans do it, can we say that it is not bad nor good? It is just normal that we are hypocritical, we can’t deny it from our mentality and thoughts. But we can separate them, like, in two categories. One being the “normal” hypocrisy which is when we don’t even think about it but do it anyways. This can be the ‘good’ and more ‘normal’ kind of hypocrisy. The other one is the bad one, like some celebrities on tv or politicians, they literally say one thing, but won’t do it, “do what I say, don’t do what I do”.

  27. Confirmation bias. I have met the friendliest and most open Christians who went out of their way to help others but also over-the-top white superiority Christians. Same true for Muslims.

  28. Because they’re human? Ever gone to to a left-wing city in California and see how hypocritical they are?

  29. An honest Christian person (I am Christian) would also tell you that they acknowledge their own hypocrisy and don’t claim to be able to live up to the moral standard their faith sets. They are/I am Christian as I strive toward that ideal but am also very aware of my own shortcomings. It’s why Jesus said to “repent!” so many times.

  30. not a personal attack on you, but rather a hypothetical using you as an example: wouldnt you being a self proclaimed hypocrite then saying your faith, which calls on you to judge others and try to get them to be better, just make you a shitty person?

  31. If you know somebody's religion, you know what their view of morals should be. It also means you know when they clearly do something immoral. If you see an atheist, you don't know what their morals are, so you can't see when they cross them.

  32. I've been a Lavayen Satanist for years and I ask myself the same exact question. Why is it okay to erect a massive statue of Jesus Christ near one of their churches and cry about how horrible a person would be to defame it, yet when a Satanist church erects a statue of baphomet, christians vandalize that shit in a week and have a public outcry of how it's "offensive to their religion".

  33. My atheist husband is a better person than some Christians. I know some Christians do stuff because it’s what God tells them to do. My husband does those things because he’s just a good person and not trying to prove himself to a higher being. I love him for that.

  34. I have wondered about something similar a lot. How is it that in many countries (Christian) religion is paired with right wing politics? In my understanding having grown up Christian (but considering myself agnostic now), Jesus was very much invested in helping the poor and disadvantaged, sharing, treating people equitably, loving your neighbors, healing people etc. so if anything I would have expected Christians to lean towards more socialist/social democratic/socially responsible viewpoints, making sure that everyone can access healthcare and has what they need to survive and live a dignified life.

  35. Religion is a tool to control the masses and to justify stuff you can't really justify. Plus it teaches you to fear those above you and follow their directions. All stuff the right wing loves.

  36. The religious tend to ascribe morality to people, whereas others ascribe morality to actions.

  37. Some of the worst people I've ever met sit in church every Sunday. I believe in god just not religion.

  38. I've certainly seen my fair share of hypocrisy in Christianity. I think a lot of people's common sense shines through when they look at some of the barbaric stuff in the bible and realize that it's absurd, but some of the stuff in the bible isn't totally out there, so the result is you have a lot of different folks picking and choosing what they think is acceptable out of a list of morals. And we're in a day and age where a lot of stuff is being challenged, so people start to think twice about whether or not it's really bad or not, but ultimately that's a good thing.

  39. That isn’t true. People just like to try to hold religious people more accountable to show their non-religious beliefs are right.

  40. Fuck religious people I was bought up in a religious family and educated in their schools and as a consequence of the great education we received five of my classmates suicided because of the activities of the religious leaders and because of the fact that they took their own lives because of their behaviour they were seen as sinners and the crap that I have witnessed just makes me angry and sad that people are stupid enough to let them tell them how to live life well I know how to live a good life and that is one thing DONT BE A CUNT it’s pretty simple

  41. To be fair, everyone is a hypocrite, but because religious people claim hypocrisy is a sin it makes it so much more hypocritical, because it's the ultimate hypocritical dilema.

  42. I was raised Baptist. Lots and lots of awful people in the church. But there are also lots and lots of wonderful people too. Christians are just like any other group, we have our fair share of bad apples, and I suppose that since we are supposed to hold ourselves to certain standards, we might look worse to some people for not managing to live up to those standards.

  43. Mostly it's because they are fighting the inner contradictions of what they think they should behave like, and their human nature.

  44. There are hypocritical people everywhere, it's just easier to see when they're so loud in their beliefs. A non-religous person isn't going to express their beliefs as much as a religious person (usually), so it's easier to tell when they go against those beliefs. That doesn't mean a religious person is more likely to be hypocritical or that more of them are hypocritical than average people

  45. Religion tends to appeal to certain types of people. Those people need a sense of community that otherizes people not in the community in order to feel included within that community. The rules they create for that community don’t necessarily need to be followed by those already “in” and exist purely to keep certain people “out.” Picking and choosing what rules apply makes those in the community feel powerful over others.

  46. Remember that old "separation of church & state" thing we're supposed have, guaranteed by our constitution? We need to dust that bad boy off & make it stick. There's too much power to be had by The Church otherwise, & too many people using politics for their own ego's sake rather than any intention of y'know, governing. That's a potent recipe for disaster right there. Throw in the coast to coast broadcast + online propaganda machine of the last 30+ years belonging to the party in bed with The Church & you get both of them hypocritin' all over the place. The "people" of The Church have been fed a steady diet of RW propaganda garbage for 30+ years & now just twist what they're supposed to believe to fit whatever their leaders are being told to tell them on promises of future "donations". Them private jets don't pay for themselves you know!

  47. Because they are human. So you will get your AHs. Plus religions were developed by humans so humans can manipulate "rules and teachings" to suit their beliefs and agendas. Thats why there are a zillion flavours of Christianity for example. Its all nonsense but thats life. You get good and bad in all religions. So they aren't all hypocrites. There are many who are relatively legit and try to live good lives.

  48. dunno, i'm religious myself and I see this a lot, in fact, in the bible, jesus called out preachers that were being hypocrites. going off topic on actual hypocrisy here. most people like this would apply their own beliefs to their religion, like how people say "the bible says being gay is a sin." you could read through the bible 6 times and not find the page where it says being gay is a sin

  49. Like said before, hypocrisy stands out way more. Especially since it is supposed to be group with pretty strict moral code. When Your life way is supposed to aim at perfection, every flaw shines brighter in comprassion to more liberalistic approach. That, and with so big group (~1000000000 of Catholics only), even if hypocrites are only a small percantage, this is still big and loud group

  50. My sister is very religious. She has been a member of a few different churches and most of the people I have met from them where fucking awful people. Like a way higher percentage of shitheads then you get in the general population.

  51. Because forgiveness is a prayer away. A “good Christian” can commit adultery, for example, blame it on the devil and “human weakness” and get the sin “washed away” by going to church and praying for strength. There’s no accountability. All it costs is a $20 tithe to absolve oneself of guilt. Pretty good exchange, huh? They’ve made trillions upon trillions due to this “one simple trick.”

  52. Adding my two cents as someone heavily involved in the Christian church. I can speak for my own church communities when I say that we acknowledge hypocrisy as a common problem in the church.

  53. Because that’s what religion does, the same people who persecuted and killed Christ were the overly religious Pharisees and Sadducees.

  54. That's because our expectations of religious people is that they do no wrong but religious people are human and they make mistakes as well. Also, the problem with religion as a whole is that you have people interpreting the Bible and what it means. I find that people tend to cherry pick what they feel is right and wrong to support whatever their beliefs are.

  55. Because every religious book is extremely old and gives advice that is very illegal now. They have to pick and choose anyway.

  56. Religious people are hypocritical because people, in general, are hypocritical. Find any subgroup of people and you can paint a portion of them as hypocritical.

  57. Yes I feel like religion says love one another, don't judge.. and then all these people who claim to be religious don't follow their own words..

  58. Some religious people tend to be the most judgemental people because of their religion. And people sometimes use religion to justify horrible things. Wars and slavery have used religious doctrine to justify that it's ok to kill or enslave certain groups of people. Alot of the mega Churches are rich not because of faith but because they brainwash people into giving money.

  59. As a kid with atheist parents I can say that they can be hypocrites and have no morals whatsoever, too. The thing is that being religious or not doesn’t define your way of living, if you’re a asshole, you’ll be an asshole as a budist, Christian, Muslim, atheist, etc.

  60. In my religion (not Christianity) I have found holes and there is the whole my bad things happen to good etc . I argue / debate a lot about religion and whenever I say something they can't answer or it has a hole they answer like hypocrite

  61. People need to understand that all religion or not is nothing more than a belief, some people truly believe more than others whilst some people pretend to be religious to please their family etc. I personally am not religious I believe in God and do what I feel is right to be a good person. I think we all need to really focus on what we do and what our close circle do rather then what everyone else does. If they're bad then they'll soon have the consequences of their actions catch up to them.

  62. Because religious people have values and perception that are based on what they are told is right or wrong, ie via their religious text or leaders words, and are unable to change those values regardless of the information they are presented with because to deny a moral or value or to suggest that morals and values are subjective rather than black and white as their god(s) decree contradicts their entire reality and would be on par with them as admitting their god isn't real and that their whole life has been spent worshiping and believing a lie, and to admit that would be the ultimate sin and condemn them to a worse afterlife experience.

  63. I’m muslim, I pray, I fast, but I also watch porn even though in my religion its not permissible. Am I a hypocrite for doing that? Of course not, I know that what I’m doing is wrong, but I also realize that i’m not perfect, everybody sins, even our prophet (who we consider the best person to ever live) has done things that are considered wrong. So yeah, Something like watching porn is haram, but I still do it. It’s like smoking, no smoker is denying how bad it is even though they still smoke. So as long as i’m not enforcing it other people, and it’s not hypocritical.

  64. I think you mean to ask “why are all people hypocrites?” Because religion doesn’t change how hypocritical people are.

  65. Simple : religion is not based on logic, and you gotta pretty much reject logic in order to "accept religion" ( i.e become religious).

  66. I agree! I've found that people who go to church tend to be ruder, more outspoken (not in a good way), and their ethics and morals are a bit skewed.

  67. I mean, I'm an atheist but I've met plenty of shit atheists and plenty of shit religious people. I don't think religion has influence on your morality as a person, unlike what

  68. Honestly? These people believe in a magic man that can cure any disease and perform tricks is going to come and save them in the apocalypse ( I know this is just Christianity)

  69. Anyone who can claim to support the good of mankind while allowing tens of thousands of buildings to sit mostly empty most of the time and use them simply to wish for better things rather than doing, is a hypocrite. No ifs buts or maybes they just don't look at the world logically.

  70. This is a loaded question. People who tend to be more hypocritical by nature will use any justification, religion is one but whatever might make them feel morally superior will do.

  71. Religious person here. Just wanted to point out that not every religious person is hypocritical. And not every non religious person is a saint. Although i will say theres tons of stereotypes on both sides. For example if youre christian ppl tend to think youre a karen or generally just a white southern American. The reality is that everyone's different and there are good and bad on both sides.

  72. Not all christians prescribe to annihilation. You might actually wake up to hell for all eternity while others be enjoying the close relationship with Jesus.

  73. It’s why I left Christianity. As an Atheist, I sometimes realize in most ways I’m actually just a better Christian than people who call themselves Christians.

  74. the fact you even said that nonreligious people have "better morals" is hypocritical...saying that people w/ certain beliefs are immoral makes the person who says that immoral. your comment is very disgusting & naive

  75. So if I say bigots are immoral, does that make me immoral? Or are you specifically discussing religious beliefs here?

  76. As somebody that study the Bible when I was young I can totally agree with you, which is one of the main reasons I stopped going to the church...majority loved to point a fingers while forgetting not to judge thy neighbor.

  77. I think often people that have failings or what they perceive to be failings cling harder to religion in an effort to change them or to hope that God will help them change. So often a man who is Gay and was raised that being Gay was wrong will cling to his religion tightly and be the most anti Gay person you will ever meet clinging so tightly this his religion hoping that in doing so his God will help him be stronger all the while cheating on his wife with men. Many Gay men went into the Catholic priesthood hoping that religion would save them and look how that turned out. It’s also usually true that we hate in others what we hate in ourselves and people that are hypercritical of others are the most critical of themselves in general not just religious people.

  78. Yes religious people could be hypocrites. I have even seen in my family. They don't follow what they preach. However, morals and good will values I guess have rooted from religious teachings. There are many religious teachings which explicitly tell you to he nice to others and have good morals but alas people don't follow it.

  79. Well, you can see this as a mainstream community. There are always members who hypocrite, douche bag, asshole, you name it. They are usually loud and moron in community. But there are aslo members who kind, or at least trying not to be a dickhead.

  80. Because religious people and righteous people are two different types of people. Speaking of my own religion of course (Christianity). You can’t be a hypocrite if you don’t judge, and the righteous don’t judge as it’s against the law, they simply love.

  81. Definitely a lot of bias in your position here. In my experience, religious people are no more hypocritical than others. There is absolutely plenty of it there, but there is a lot within the human race to begin with. It gets a lot more personal from religious because they are usually supporting a religion that SHOULD make them know better.

  82. I'm nice and charitable (or course all self-claims but just give me the benefit of the doubt) and dress in mostly rock/goth clothes and have tattoos. To the usual viewer I may seem like your typical liberal city girl with no particular religious affiliation (or "dhe probably is pagan or worships satan") but actually I'm devout muslim.

  83. They are not religious people who are hypocritical. They are hypocritical people who use religion to support their hypocrisy.

  84. About Christians. It’s important to know that we don’t claim to be perfect representations of Christ, we just try. We know we still sin. The Bible tells us to Still tell people about the Gospel (The Story of Jesus) Despite this.

  85. I don't mean to be a d-, either, but I think that's a gross generalization. Religious and non-religious people are exactly the same, but with different beliefs... There are fanatics on either side and truly sensible and kind people as well. We should never trust fanatics, no matter the cause they defend.

  86. Cult mentality. I believe in God (Christian values), but can't stand super religious people because they are blind to logic/basic facts of life. I have a buddy who's a Jehovah witness and he thinks that the earth is only a thousand years old or some shit...like bro, no.

  87. A lot of people approach religion like make-believe, and that can extend to everything, even morality. If pretending things are true even though they appear to be false is not just acceptable but actually a virtue (i.e. faith), then you don't have to be moral to feel like you are. The same way you believe in God with no evidence, you can believe you're a good person with no evidence.

  88. Well, if you’ve seen what’s in the Bible, it says that the world conditions would be awful (paraphrasing) and it lists some things like famine or poverty, so faith is based on what it says in scriptures like those that turn out to be true. Also, in things like visions like the one talking about multiple headed beasts or the one talking about the prostitute it represents what government has become so they have the faith of a heavenly government. Sorry this was way to long

  89. Low IQs. There is an invisible all powerful deity living in the sky that cares what you say and do and you'll go to hell once you've been told of his existence and don't obey.?. LMAO!!!!!!! Anyone that believes in deities doesn't have the mental compacity to understand hypocrisy.

  90. Lol never heard of the kalam argument, 5 facts on the resurrection and hundreds of prophecies fulfilled. You are on your way to hell, edgy atheist redditor

  91. By what standard? In the bible, everyone fails to meet God's standard so that's why we need Jesus. Religious people are actually humble to know they need a savior to rescue them from their sins, while fedoras like yourself are irrational and claiming to have better morality when your worldview doesn't permit objective morality in the first place.

  92. What do you base morality on in the first place? As in, what do you use as a standard for what is "good" or "bad" morally/ethically?

  93. I mean, basic empathy, I guess. Is the only thing keeping you from harming others that some book says not to because you'll be tortured when you die or something? I guess that works for people so selfish they can't consider others as living beings with feelings of their own or can't consider that their actions have consequences. Do you not have morals on your own? I would find that especially concerning if you follow a religion like Christianity, especially Catholicism, where you can basically sin all you want and it's fine as long as you confess and "repent." If that's how things are, there must be some really awful people in Heaven and a lot of amazing people in Hell who never did anything bad in their life, but simply didn't follow the right religion.

  94. Because they have nothing better to do than to be shit people. See when you believe in something imaginary then you're empty inside

  95. I only have one religious friend and his morals are the worst out of every other friend I have. His humor is always about hurting someone, he says if he had superpowers he would be a villain or an anti hero, his childhood stories include bullying others, hurting/annoying animals and hurting others and his favorite shows are revenge stories because of the revenge, not the entertainment...

  96. Right on... Going to church was what cured me of going to church... Full of pious show offs, who thought their beliefs made them better people. What made it worse was the many instances when they were challenged to be decent people (not even particularly good people) and couldn't even manage that.

  97. Religious people usually have never actually challenged their beliefs, they believe what they are tought for no other reason than they are told what to believe.

  98. Because you go to confession and get your sins washed away after some hail Mary's. At least I think that's the reason for so many kiddy fiddling priests. As well as the celibacy thing. But I really think that the seal of confession should be broken for things like pedophilia and murder.

  99. I think because religious ideals are generally more strict (while at the same time varying fairly intensely between denominations and sects) the natural human hypocrisy is more evident.

  100. Hypocrites act opposite to their stated beliefs. Religious people state their beliefs A LOT. There’s a lot of opportunity for self contradiction

  101. People that stand up for something become targets and easily criticized. If you don’t commit to a direction people can’t tear you down for a mistake.

  102. It could also depend on the type of church they go to as well. My boyfriend’s dad went to a church where the preacher literally told them that everyone else that didn’t go there was going to hell & they needed to get more ppl to go there to save their soul.

  103. There are definitely particular people and congregations that are incredibly hypocritical. However, the actual number is about as distributed as with non-religious people. In particular, Christians and Catholics that quote the Old Testament like it is the only part of the Bible that matters. The Old Testament provides a base for the teachings of the New Testament, but is not the focus of Christianity. The focus is on the New Testament because that's where Jesus is actually in the picture. Otherwise, you might as well just convert to Judaism. From my understanding, Judaism is basically just the Old Testament because that faith does not believe that Jesus was the Messiah.

  104. You won't be seeing anybody there and even if you did, you will be busy suffering for all eternity to care to have a chit chat with your edgy redditor neighbor. Come to Jesus and be saved

  105. When I use to go to church I found that the “evangelical” type always seemed more unhinged from reality. They are living their life based on a book written 2-3000 years ago, so that they can go to place that may or may not exist, after this life.

  106. Part of it has got to be the fact that religious folks tend to make a big fuss about their morals--if their standards are out in the open it becomes easier to see how badly they (we) are at rising to them individually and as organizations.

  107. Christians are why I left Christianity. I tried many churches. I tried many denominations. They are all the same at their basest level, and it’s just not for me.

  108. My family and I are very religious Muslims and I rarely see hypocritical religious people. I mean yeah, they do exist but practically everyone does SOMETHING hypocritical. What exactly are you referring to?

  109. Hypocrites are part of all beliefs. We have a tendency to turn a blind eye to the ones that believe what we do. No matter the disagreement both sides should be working to expell these individuals from their ranks as they stand in the way of communication and weaken their respective stances.

  110. I mean because everyone has interpreted religion in their own different ways they see fit, I do not believe they are right but they see it as ok.

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