How do people with micro penis jerk off ?

  1. I don’t suffer from that particular afflection but I can guarantee you that I could lose both my hands and I would still figure out how to get the job done.

  2. I knew a guy with scoliosis and some other disease that he had since birth that I don’t remember by name. He basically had no fingers and his hands were basically stubs and maybe few digits where short stubs/bumps too. His feet were also pretty much same. He used both of his “hands” or wrists to masturbate holding his dick between from from the sides. The more you know.

  3. This sub definitely made me feel better about myself, and for that I thank all the people there. They’re definitely braver than I could ever be in their situation

  4. Damn I dunno why I thought that'd be a support group for the afflicted, guess that's on me for getting curious.

  5. Haha we all probably had a quick look. Feel sorry for them guys even thou I considered myself on the small side (growa not a showa)

  6. Flick it softly and gently cup/pull/tug the testicles while a retractable shower head is directed towards the taint area. That will get it hard. Use your Fore and Middle fingers to stimulate the Dorsal Nerve. Apply pressure with thumb, gently, as necessary. Make sure the water is warm. Enjoy.

  7. Throwaway because I dont feel comfortable with people who know me knowing I have a micropenis. My penis is literally 3 mm flacid but it does grow to about 4.25 inches when I get hard so I am able to actually stroke my meat.

  8. By driving thier loud, lifted, straightpiped diesel truck 90 miles an hour through residential areas at 3am. Or Red-lining and rolling coal at stoplights

  9. honestly…. a wand vibrator rly does wonders. and a clit sucker. they should use these, guaranteed satisfaction lol

  10. Well I'm afab, so I was born with a clit, but I've been on testosterone, so it's pretty much a micropenis now minus the urethra. You either treat it like a clit, or stroke it with a couple fingers lol. You can actually even get tiny flashlight things (strokers.) I image it's the same or very similar for a micropenis

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