would fucking Schrodinger's cat be Necrophilia or Beastiality?

  1. If he is asking about the crime he would be charged with, definitely beastiality. Necrophelia i think is reserved for humans.

  2. It would be a superposition of both, in the many worlds theory versions of you would experience both events in alternate realities

  3. Observe in this context doesn’t mean “look at with your eyes.” Any interaction… why am I even answering this? Jesus Christ.

  4. If you fuck a cat I can assure you that cat will be dead by the end of it. So 100% necrophilia and 100% beastiality since the cat doesn't need to be alive for this one to qualify.

  5. Would depend on movement right? If alive surely the cat would move and thus you'd "observe" it through your sense of feeling it move and it'd be beastiality.

  6. Beastiality is usually used to define the act whereas necrophilia is usually used to describe sexual attraction to a corpse.

  7. Fucking it would be a form of observing. You’re coming into contact with it so you could feel it move or not. Observing isn’t just using your eyes, it’s any form of data collection

  8. It would be bestiality REGARDLESS. The cat being dead doesn't make it NOT bestiality. Jesus Christ! Also to fuck it you would have to observe it so it wouldn't be in the assumed quantum state of alive and dead

  9. Asking the hard hitting questions. You need to become an investigative journalist. Lolol. But seriously great question, this is what I'm on Reddit for.

  10. If you're looking for a real answer it's that when your in the box the state of the cat is no longer both alive and dead because you have observed the event and thus the quantum state collapses into either having released the poison or not instead of the unknown spectrum. Therefore being in the box to fuck the cat would cause you to know if it's dead or not.

  11. You're fucking the cat, so the experiment has already failed because in the experiment there's a bomb with the cat, and since you cannot fuck the ashes of a cat, the cat must be alive..

  12. The cat is in the box or isn’t. If it is, you are sticking your dick in a box with a cat, hoping that the event might result in inter-species sexual intercourse. In reality, you’re more likely to just end up with an injured organ. I’d call that stupidity.

  13. Assuming you would be inside the box in order to fuck Schrödinger's cat, so, you're in superposition too. You would be both until someone observes you fellas doing the nasty.

  14. Well.. let me play the observer here, collapsed the quantum states and measure that this redditor isn't having any sex...

  15. i mean either way it's a cat so definitely bestiality, but it would both be necrophila and not necrophila but there's equal probability of the cat being dead or not

  16. I suppose it would be both, if you were in the box with the cat and when you entered the box, your stated goal was to fuck the cat.

  17. A dead cat is still a cat so in any scenario is zoophilia ...now about the necrophilia,there's were the paradox makes it "uncertain",but no matter how it is 100% zoo. Edit: Or in other word,its not a XorY situation,is X or X+Y,but there is no "Just Y"

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