Why is all porn with people of colour relegated to their own categories?

  1. Yep there’s definitely guys I’ve met who are only into one race and a lot of times it’s white guys who only get with asians or only get with black girls etc

  2. So you saying everything other than white is just a fetish lol That or you didnt really understand the question

  3. Why is race classed as a fetish though and if so why don't these sites have a white people section? Its like theyr fetishizing poc to keep them "in their place". (Not so)Subtle (asshole)power move?

  4. You are seeing primarily white because you are browsing english speaking, (assuming)American pornhub. if you use a vpn and go somewhere in Asia or Africa or wherever, you will certainly find the majority to be whatever race is the majority of that region.

  5. This is wrong, i am from a country in africa and all porn sites are full of white people, however they do show you a category that includes videos shared or most seen from your own country that has people from where i am from.

  6. Porn is littered with cookie cutter white girls. I can't imagine how else you'd search for something that interests you. Most categories are a product of search terms. The original porn, most of the time, doesn't mention race at all. Just look at any of the top most-watched porn titles. It's usually something like "cum eating cuckolds volume 3" and shit like that. Then it gets clipped and put on the internet, and becomes what you're probably more familiar with.

  7. Well german’s have their own weird problems with pedophelia so I could see why. Age of consent is 14 and they argue to their death that kids deserve the right to have sex with old people.

  8. Perhaps in certain territories, even depictions of blood related incest is illegal? But more likely, studios just wanna cater to incest fetishizers without alienating the broader audience.

  9. they do it because its a fetish many have they can add without any cost or extra work. its like spaghetti that say vegan on the packaging.

  10. Lately lots of “not” included in the titles: Not stepdad fucks not stepdaughter. Which is kind of funny because we all know that they’re not stepwhatever in first place.

  11. I once read that it was a cheap way to make something "spicier" without going too crazy. The filming is exactly the same, but the title just adds to the fantasy of something wrong and forbidden.

  12. Or maybe it's just context. The English speaking (i.e. predominantly caucasian) version of a porn site in US or UK sees caucasian as the most common so differentiates from there instead? In Japan, the porn homepage doesn't specify that they're Asian because that's the standard in that country.

  13. People have preferences and, in America at least, white people are the majority so you don't really need to specify "white" since that's just what will show up when you search anything. If you want your preferences, you need to mention that to get more accurate results.

  14. Yea... it's almost like most of us are european or north american. And most of the porn industry is american. Predominantly white countries tend to default to white being the default.

  15. Porn is not really entertainment but more like a candy store. You pick what you like and don't even look twice at something your not interested in. Most humans prefer what they are used to, so they go with what they know. Occasionally someone will see something that peaks an interest and their pallet gets bigger. The categories of likes and fetishes is huge, so its easier to break it down by the big stuff first (race) and then break it down more into actions and fetishes.

  16. This isn't true. While you can search the "asian" or "ebony" categories for women of the same ethnicity, you'll see representation of all races if you search other categories. And just like there are categories for race, there are also categories that separate by hair color, age, butt size, boob size....they just make it easier for you to satisfy whatever it is you are craving at the time

  17. I’ve noticed that pornhub has different versions in languages other than english, and it’s not just some crappy translated by Google version.

  18. In the US, only 57,8% of people are white (just looked it up on Wikipedia) That does not seem like an overwhelming majority to me

  19. Because most porn is produced in predominantly White societies. There are far more White porn stars than any other race in the world so by default we associate porn with White people which makes other ethnic groups of women seem like a niche.

  20. Most of this is produced in the USA. The USA is 76% white. It is "the norm". Although I can't confirm but I would guess a country with a majority non white people who are producing their own porn, would have white sections.

  21. When I'm looking at porn, I'm finding what I'm into via searches of keywords (categories). Sometimes, I'm into Ebony, or Asian. When I don't care about the race and just want to see BBW or a threesome, I type that in.

  22. It also has czheck British french Italian all Caucasian people, Brazilian latin Mexican, porn has a lot of specifics when it comes to race preference kink etc

  23. That's crazy... almost like people have preferences and the website wants to make it easier for them to find what they like

  24. I've notice it didn't used to be this way but lately I am having to specify white more often when I want something specific because of all the white women getting railed by BBC porn out there. I got no issue with BBC but I can't relate to it and there's so much of it.

  25. To be fair, it's extremely rare that I'm attracted at all to darker skinned people. I prefer things being categorized when it comes to looking for porn.

  26. Because the porn industry fetishizes taboos and having sex with minorities is taboo in the views of white america. I’m sure if you go on pornhub in Mexico I’m sure there’s a category for “gringo porn”.

  27. I actually googled the top 10 countries that are English speaking out of curiosity and was quite surprised at the results Top 10 English-Speaking Countries in the World (as primary or lingua franca 2021) 1. India — 1,393,409,038 2. United States — 332,915,073 3. Pakistan — 225,199,937 4. Nigeria — 211,400,708 5. Philippines — 111,046,913 6. United Kingdom — 68,207,116 7. Tanzania — 61,498,437 8. South Africa — 60,041,994 9. Kenya — 54,985,698 10. Canada — 38,067,903

  28. So it's easier to find. If I'm in the mood -for whatever reason- to see black girls, I know I have to type in 'ebony' (typing in 'black' brings up way too many videos of black guys with white girls). Or, if I'm on Reddit, I have to go to subreddits like Ebony, or Darkangels, or Blackchickswhitedicks. Would I like to see more women of color on the 'general' nsfw subs? Yes, I do and I love it when I do see it. But I also love it that there are easy categories to search by.

  29. I think it’s just to make it easier to find porn of specific races. Like if you like watching women of a specific race getting railed by someone of another race, it’s pretty simple to find with a few words.

  30. some people aren’t attracted to other races and most pornstars happen to be white so theyre not a category their the majority

  31. I would have to disagree here slightly. Instead of saying white they say blonde or brunette or redhead. They do define them by their characteristics the same as race but they just don't use race. But i have seen white girl mentioned but is usually in relation to her having sex with a black man or something. When referring to a guy i have seen it as "white guy/dude...." but usually that is referring to when he is having sex with a black woman or some other race.

  32. Wouldn’t it be like PAWG, European, British, etc? I’m sure you can put “white” into a search bar too. I see what you mean about categorizing tho

  33. I'm gonna guess your referring to pornhub; a Canadian company in a white country. Go to a Brazilian porn site and everybody other Brazilians will be considered a fetish

  34. Not only porn, but lots of stuff is like this. Try looking up haircut inspirations. Glasses, piercings, makeup, clothes. Usually we have to explicitly search for "black" or whatever ethnicity you are to see someone who looks like you and not a generic white chick. It bothers me so much, and it bothers me even more that I can only complain about it to other non white people because white people don't see a problem there

  35. Think of it as going to an ice cream shop. Maybe some days you feel like chocolate chip, another day strawberry, another day mint chip, and so on. Adding categories to porn search helps you build the perfect sundae!

  36. Because the porn industry is low key nasty. A large part of porn in the 60s and 70s (early days in the porn industry with mostly magazines and such) revolved around depicting "white" women as being very chaste and prude whereas black men and women were often associated with hyper sexuality and beastiality. I think these ideas of inherent racism and sexism have only grown as porn leveraged the internet age. Also, there are hardly any surveys regarding the porn industry. All sources either come from conservative streams who think the idea of sexual freedom is itself a sin or from porn companies like Pornhub who always smudge numbers (pornhub claims it has zero viewers under the age of 18). So, all porn sites really do, is feed to the appetite of a patriarchal and capitalist society.

  37. Welp... they even made porn racist. You can delete those memes about porn being excluded. SJ Warriors were here.

  38. Who gives a shit. Porn is the last place to get politically correct. Just search what you want to get off to that particular day.

  39. White culture is generally more open, so porn sites started by white areas. So it started as the norm, then other colours were added

  40. sorry, I'm going off topic, but everyone has a color wtf is people of color as someone who is one of the "people of colour", are white people "not colourful?"

  41. Same goes for things and people labeled as "ethnic"... Every single person on earth has an ethnicity, white people included lmao

  42. That a good point. I use it because I got told off by a friend(we live in the uk) for saying black woman and told that if im describing her she prefers person of colour so I'm just trying to respect what I was told.

  43. Because regardless if someone is a racist or not, that is what people like. There are probably white dudes that only like watching black guys or asians guys that only like watching white blonde women.

  44. Weird racial fetishes are why because they’re based off racist generalisations like “black men are animalistic” or “Asian women are submissive”, rather than off liking cultures or a physical characteristic that happens to be more common in some ethnic groups than others

  45. Because it has its own audience. This is not racism, it’s just to make easier to find certain characteristics that get you off.

  46. Here me out, but the porn industry is where pro wrestling was in the late 80s/ early 90s. Porn categories are oddly specific and play into stereotypes. Similarly, wrestler personas were caricatures of racial stereotypes.

  47. I bet it's because most porn is directed towards the American consumer, and 90+% of Americans are white. It would be silly to have a category specifically for something like that.

  48. Well the truth is that people are different. I'm talking with respect to physical and mental aspects. As long as someone is not practicing discrimination, it is ok to categorise.

  49. No no you are exactly right I JUST had this conversation with my wife. We both came to the agreement to that it’s clear people of ANY race outside of “white” is placed in a different category along with (in my opinion) not enough attention placed to gain followers/ click bait ads. And for an industry known for its place in history as the determining factor in directions taken by technological advancements and behavioral science companies, I am a little shocked there isn’t a little more equality present.

  50. Majority of porn was done by white people earlier on. Majority of the porn you see is of white people. Porn was really taboo in the niche markets like Ebony, Indian, Asian. Only now do you see an emergence in those categories. But we don’t know when those labels will be blurred off.

  51. Actually, I kind of find it to be the opposite. Usually in the highest rated stuff it's a mixture and if I specifically want to see porn with white people I go with "pale"

  52. There are also subcategories for white skinned people, you simply never searched for areas with a mainly white population on porn sites.

  53. Whiteness is considered the “default” for a lot of people, and therefore if you’re looking for anything else you gotta specify.

  54. Sure I have. They asked why I gave a reason. Porn websites are split up by fetishes. People are attracted to different races more than others. Just like some guys like boobs some guys like asses.

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