How should a wife wake up a very sleepy husband in the middle of the night for sex?

  1. Yeah, just not everyone is up for sex all the time. You gotta be in the mood. Not woken up when you are trying to sleep.

  2. I'd be mad if my wife woke me up. And tbh probably wouldn't reber a thing in the morning, just be more tired than usually.

  3. Not weird. For a bunch of these answers im reading, I think of switching the gender roles and a bunch of these are rape if its a man doing these things to a woman. A woman doing it to a man seems acceptable and some find it funny. If there was a bunch of answers of just stick it in her while she's asleep, or paint her face while she's asleep these women who say just jump on his dick might think different. Yes you can be raped by your husband or wife

  4. I usually just reach over and start stroking his member (of course with previous given permission) or I start to cuddle him and whisper in his ear until he wakes up. Works like a charm.

  5. Well if you're spooning/cuddling half asleep and he's obviously aroused and receptive then pull your panties down and go to town. Middle of the night sex is hot. But of course if his back is turned and he's in a deep slumber don't just wake him up because I would not be happy if my husband just decided to hop on top of me when I was fast asleep in dreamland because he felt like it.

  6. I honestly think it entirely depends on the person. If my significant other tried to do this, even without speaking with me about it first I'd be totally on board 100%. Other people maybe not so much. It is super easy. when they are awake, just ask would it be ok if I did ____ while you were asleep at some point in the future. It's a yes or no question. If the answer is yes, have fun. If no, respect that and move on.

  7. In 5 years of my relationship with my gf I was never angry when she waked me up for sex. Even If I had to wake early, worth it.

  8. I understand wanting to get a generic answer to your question from random people, unfortunately this really is something that you need to discuss with your partner.

  9. Do you want a tired and unenthusiastic fuck, or sex with someone who is awake, attentive and energized ? Let him sleep, and inform him that you will require his services in the morning. He’ll be up at crack of dawn, literally and figuratively. Guarantee

  10. Mouth, hand, tits out really anything for me. I get super horny in my sleep. So it's always a yes to wake up sex in my book. Shit, you could smack me in the head and just say wake up.

  11. It really depends on how I'm woken up tbh, if it's gentle and slowly waking me up I'm okay with it but if it's like a "get up, let's do this" I'll get a little cranky lol

  12. Know what his schedule is like tomorrow first off— waking up early or not. Tbh i think that’s the most important thing; if he’s not then just give it a shot i dont think he’ll be upset if he has time to make the sleep up

  13. a lot of ppl r saying to basically just go for it and that's literally assault ..... get his CONSENT before you do anything. ask him if he would even be okay with getting woken up. if u don't have his consent and u wake him up with a blowjob that's sexual assault.

  14. You should first have a conversation with your husband before hand making sure he's on board with being woken up for sex. If he's up for that then waking him up with a blow job is a sure fire way to initiate sex.

  15. Depends , is it the guys fantasy to be woken up in the night by his SO for sex or does she wake up in the night horny wanting sex ? Sorry , I don't normally answer a question with a question but there was no context .

  16. Depends on whether he had work the next day. If he has work the next day and is unproductive because you disturbed his sleep he could get fired, and you do not have a bed in which to have sex.

  17. When I really want it,I just start playing with his dick,he loves it when I initiate sex, even when he's asleep, maybe you can have a conversation with him asking if he'd mind you waking him up for a piece sometimes, most men don't seem to mind.

  18. Me and the wife have an understanding, if she wants some in the middle of the night, just whip it out and start sucking til I'm ready then go ahead, I'll wake up eventually lol

  19. To the person who brought up rape you had to go there didn't you shame on you back to the question suck his dick lick his balls and then climb on top

  20. She'd be better off with a weighted blanket and a vibrator. Hubby would be useless. By the time she gets him hard she could have pleasured herself and fallen back to sleep. She'd have to jerk him off, suck him; boring. All a guy has to do is stick it in if he wants a piece in the middle of the night. In fact separate bedrooms would be better that way she could watch porn.

  21. Do not wake your partner up from sleep. It’s very annoying to be woken up from sleep, let alone to have sex……

  22. Whisper in his ear, “Do you want to have sex?” If he says yes go for it. If he says no then ask him if he minds laying still while you have sex. My money is on an emphatic yes though.

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