5 hour apart class

  1. If you don't have any studying to do, maybe go for a walk. It's downtown Toronto, there's lots to do. You could always head to the harbourfront to see lake Ontario, or head to Queens park and just chill (and probably see a bunch of UofT students). Maybe find a cafe you like

  2. DME! My favourite place on campus! SLC, third floor. It's got 3D printers, VR to play with, an AR Sandbox, free lessons on programming and stuff. I don't work there anymore so they probably won't have sewing workshops anymore, but they'll have plenty other stuff. Good place to study, make friends, learn something new

  3. Just grab some food and study or chill. When I have nothing else to do and don't feel like studying for several hours straight, I go to the SLC and put on a couple of episodes of a show. Good luck

  4. Check out the AGO! It’s free if you’re under 25 and it’s around a 10-15 minute walk from campus. You can also check out the eaton centre so you can kill time

  5. Go to the library and watch Netflix or study. Or go grab lunch, hangout with friends, do assignments. There is always something to do lol. I once had a break from 11am till 6pm( 7hours gap between classes).

  6. Later in the Semester itll be when you get most of your readings done, at least thats what I did. Find somewhere to park for 3 hours and study

  7. Get friends and the time will fly by trust me. Def try and study as well. You gotta take advantage of the gaps while you're at school, since when u get home you'll be tired and not looking to do work

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