How does Bradley Zimmer get a lead off double and get stranded there?

  1. I've finally come to the realization that this offense is completely broken and we need to make 8 Santiago espinal clones of different heights and weights

  2. That’s what happens when it’s almost impossible for this team to string together more than two hits within 3-4 at bats.

  3. The one that worries me is springer striking out on that fastball. Espinal probably should have taken that pitch, probably. Vlad seemed to have a pitch to hit and found a fielder.

  4. Espinal was the only one with a good ab. He swung at a pitch low but it was a full count, at least he took some pitches. Vladdy should not be swinging at that pitch imo, especially when they clearly don’t want to pitch to him as seen in his first ab. Vladdy needs to be WAY more patient.

  5. The "eventually gonna get going" rhetoric started getting old for me last week. This team is just straight up no good at the moment, and they should be getting called out for it.

  6. Jays bats are cold as ice these days. I keep expecting them to turn it around, but I've been saying that for 40 games now. Starting to get concerned and boom as I'm typing this Springer homers!!! How about a few more of those tonight!

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