TD Birthday Scenario #2!

  1. Sooo... You either wanted to make a move on her before you went home because you never had the courage to, or you wanted to throw her off her game to make her a target👀

  2. I got in a fight with Dawn because I want to win (lol, why did I choose to fight Dawn out of all people, it would actually SUCK a lot for me due to the fact that Dawn hasn't revealed a lot of info about her, and she has tons of unexplained powers, but hey, at least it isn't Lightning, Chevin McAllister Zoey, Duncan, or Ryan, but that's what I get when my birthday is December 16th, and my favorite color is green)

  3. Oof, sorry I couldn't include anyone, but since the first one had a sequel, I could make one for this too and Noah might be included

  4. For my scenario I got, I started dating Zoey because I love her. A rather interesting circumstance I’ve gotten myself into. ✨

  5. I mean it makes sense, you lured her into a false sense of security only to betray her in the end, so that she wouldn't be an obstacle later

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