Opinions: pulling 4500lb 22ft travel trailer with a 2013 4.6L 4wd

  1. When my 08’ 4.7 4x4 was stock I pulled 8k regularly. I don’t see why u would have any issues. Just keep an eye on transmission temps if it’s really hot out. I’m on 37s now with 4.88 gearing and a 10.5 rear swap from a 5.7. Built trans and FBO tuned motor. Last dyno was 410 whp and 400 ft-lbs of torque. She’ll pull 12k at 65 mph happily now.

  2. I pulled a 30ft camper with my 2014 tundra and the 4.6l a couple times. I had the tow package with an aftermarket brake controller. It pulled it but you knew it was there, granted I was mostly on flat ground. It had power but sometimes struggled especially with hills, making sure you had enough speed to make it up.

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