Best way to reheat pulled pork

  1. My first thought is that it has already been cooked low and slow, so doing it again would likely end up rendering it to mush (or changing the texture to an undesirable state, if not the taste).

  2. I agree on using your oven to heat it back up, but the only thing I would add, is to spray it with apple juice and mix it up every so often. If you let it sit, it could get pieces that are over cooked.

  3. Depends on what equipment you have.The best way is to vac pack and reheat in boiling water as it retains moisture.

  4. I think if you’re going to re heat it on the trag you could do it at 250-275 and sauce it up before you put it on. You can also add some apple juice to keep it moist.

  5. I usually smoke 2-4 shoulders at once and vacuum seal and freeze bags to have pulled pork when I want it. My go-to reheat method is to put the already pulled pork into a pot with a little(a tablespoon or two) bit of water and a dash of liquid smoke(I know, that's heresy). Heat it over a medium heat on the stove, stirring frequently. When the water starts to boil, turn the heat down. Add a little more water, if needed, and it should be ready to go in a few minutes.

  6. I reheat such things in the oven. Set it to 60, if needed ensure you have enough juice/liquid under it (or just add a bit of steam in the oven). Also, if you need to retain a bit of crispiness on the edge, you can add a second step on the oven around 180-220, with 100%dry, that'll re-sear the softened outer layer of your food.

  7. food safe vacuum sealer bags and when ready drop them in a hot pot of moderately boiling water (still sealed) until warm. keeps moisture in, tastes like you just smoked it. i know some may have a problem with the vacuum bag in boiling water, but it works and restaurants do this too. this is nice too as i can control how much i am heating and keeping frozen in 1 lb increments.

  8. The people who have said vac seal bag combo’d with a sous vide machine and then optionally crisped up in a pan are correct. If you don’t have access to either, a foil pan (covered) in the oven at 350 until 135F or slightly over is your next best option. Do NOT put it in a slow cooker to reheat; that is where good pulled pork goes to die and become mush.

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