Brisket question for those that use foil

  1. I do the same, fat protects the meat from the heat. I believe I’ve also read that the fat is a barrier to fluids dripping down and out of the meat from inside.

  2. Don't crucify me; but the fat rendering on the outside does nothing for the quality of the meat inside. It doesn't absorb back into itself if the fat cap is up. The rendering process is happening inside of the brisket, not outside.

  3. You wouldn’t want butchers paper anyway. You want peach paper. They are not the same thing. I smoke fat side up. Then inject tallow and wrap. Then fat side down to finish.

  4. Kind of late to the party but I’ve done both ways with both peach paper and foil. Foil seems to work fine both ways but with peach paper I’ve had the fat cap up & some of the meat underneath the fat cap did not render/cook properly even with probes stuck in (not based on time) so anytime with peach paper I always do fat cap down the whole time.

  5. I go fat side up now just because I think it produces better bark and the fat renders better. I don’t think it makes much of a difference though, especially after you wrap.

  6. Try fat side down and make a little beef broth boat in the bottom and let that steam in there while it finishes

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