Do I have time to learn and start trucking?

  1. Sure, why not. Just dont tell the employer you only plan to stay for a few months, that you dont have a home and plan to leave the country after. They will think you might run off with the truck and cargo.

  2. Its the perfect job for homeless people(assuming you can piss clean). These companies will pay you and give you a hotel room while they train you, and once your done you get a truck to live in. For your situation, if you can afford it, you should go to a school to get your CDL. If the company helps you get the CDL they make you sign a contract where you have to work there a full year. If you break the contract I would assume they rip you off pretty hard.

  3. U have to go to school Train at school.. then get a job and now train with this job for like 5-6 weeks .. if u only have a few months of available time here this would be an absolute no go with trucking .. not only are u wasting ur time on a craft but ur wasting other peoples time training u.. so it’s a hard no

  4. right now with the new ELD training requirements, it can take about 2 months from start to finish of a CDL training program (if you actually pass on your 1st attempt). There's plenty of box truck work all over the place if you really wanna drive

  5. Thanks. Would you recommend going for class A license, or would class B be sufficient for the limited work I’m talking about?

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