After urinating, I always dry my penis with toilet paper (I urinate in a stall ALWAYS).

  1. I've developed a technique where I flip the tip just inside of my waistband and that way it just drains back into my bladder, because science.

  2. You can squeeze it, you can slap it, you can bang it against the wall. But it’s always in your pants when the last drop falls.

  3. Not for me. Once I began treating it like a hostage negotiation, I always win. I'll choke it, shake it, whip it around like a wet noodle, squeeze it like a lemon into toilet paper.... Hell, I'll even scream at that stupid dick... "I know you're in there!!! There's no way out!! Just give up! We're not going anywhere!!" Sometimes I gotta sweet talk it like I'm trying to get into it's pants, but out loud is always best.

  4. It fucking sucks. Especially if you're wearing something that's not very absorbent and it rolls down and hits your leg. So gross.

  5. You can slap it, beat it, throw it against the wall, but in your pants the last drop will fall...RIP grandpa advice.

  6. So lucky, my thumbnail fat clitty pp always gets drowned in pee. And when I'm really trying to show off, I sometimes end up pissing on my balls.

  7. That's why I borrow my girl's tampons. Just stuff one of those up the hole when you're done. Don't even need to shake.

  8. One time I was buying some stuff at a small store, one of the items being TP. The cashier says something about “you gotta have TP” and I said something along the lines of “well, men don’t need it every time we go like women” and she comes back with “nuh uh, you better wipe that thing after peeing. Y’all don’t wipe it, then expect us to put it in our mouths, nuh uh”

  9. YES! Preach! I hope she offers that knowledge to every adult male customer- hell, put it on the bag and receipt!

  10. She is a truth beacon. I came here to thank OP on behalf of all ppl who taste faint stale piss to please their partners. Dont even mention uncut ppl who dont wash properly shudder.

  11. Hold up. What store is this that puts your penis in their mouth when you shop there? I need the address immediately.

  12. Same here. I mentioned it on another post, as well as mentioning he *washes his hands every time, and someone said, “How can you be sure?” Like it was so hard to believe or he’d lie about it lol. I live with him, pretty sure I’d know

  13. Love it! My husband, bless his heart, didn’t even realize that women had to wipe after every time they use the restroom, not just after pooping.

  14. I wish more men (all men) would do it too! Especially since they then expect us ladies to put that gross mess on our mouths! No thank you. Not until you’ve had a shower mate.

  15. Same with my SO! I don't think I will ever be able to touch another person's penis if they don't do the same lol

  16. My ex used to do this. I didn't think it was strange. I actually appreciated the fact that he thought about that last drip being in his boxers or the urine smell that builds up after a day of peeing and that last drip turns Into 10. ..

  17. since we're talking about hygiene, my fiance and I got a bidet and we've never felt cleaner. Americans who don't have a bidet, invest in one, I never realized how gross I've been all of my life NOT using one.

  18. Boyfriend and I did this as well, because of the lovely quarantine toilet paper shortage. It's a real game changer, and clean up time is also easier than ever. 10/10 recommend.

  19. I got one in April when the crackpots pillaged all the tp. I won't defecate anywhere but home now except if it's an emergency. Smearing shit up your crack is so nasty, I've been living like an animal for 31 years.

  20. I got a bidet January 2020, my husband laughed at me, then bought one two weeks later for his bathroom. Then the toilet paper famine hit but we didn’t notice because a case of tp we had lasted a heck of a lot longer than it used to.

  21. When I was backpacking through Europe, one of the countries, I forget which, had single square toilet paper dispensers mounted by the urnals for this very purpose. I remember wishing we had this in the U.S.

  22. Most of the time its cause were just lazy and can't wait for the last drip, not justifying it just explaining the cause.

  23. Well if we use the urinal we’d have to walk over to the stalls and pull our pants down or whatever then rezip

  24. Yes. And we can smell it. It's fufking gross and most men have no business even considering a blow job with the absolute state of their penis. It stinks, it smells like piss, your underwear smells like hobos pissed all over seaworld.

  25. I (a woman) potty trained my son by myself. As a result, he sits down to pee, and also wipes with toilet paper afterward. You're not a monster. You're a kind and considerate human being who doesn't leave piss splatters all over the toilet...thank you for your service!

  26. My husband does and I think he just started doing this recently. He was cleaning his bathroom and gagging and bitching about pee everywhere and realized it was his own. He says it makes cleaning up easier because he was skip the walls now.

  27. You can avoid staining your pants by - instead of shaking - simply applying some pressure on your perineum once you're done. The urethra runs along there, and that is where those last few drops will linger.

  28. I’m with you man, I have to wipe it every time, I can’t stand the feeling of those last drops making my underwear wet and walking around like that.

  29. ...every once and a while, I'm reminded that its not common practice for Westerners to wash their bits with water after using the bathroom. Weird reality, but you come to accept it.

  30. It's like men don't realize that little pee spot on your boxers, will still rub against your penis!

  31. The majority of American men don’t wash their hands after peeing and get hostile when you ask them to, so this is hardly surprising. It’s one of the reasons I wish I weren’t straight.

  32. Well if we use a urinal there isn’t toilet paper unless we pee at the urinal, go to the stall, take it out/pull pants down, wipe, and rezip. At that point might as well not use the urinal at all

  33. TIL people usually don't clean their penises after urinating and now I regret every single blowjob I've done.

  34. This is incredibly appreciated. The number of dudes walking around wearing their own excrement is horrifying. Especially when they fully expect you to put your mouth on it.

  35. Truthfully, I've always wondered why men do not do this. Just shaking it doesn't do much, and it is pretty disgusting. I'm in total support of your ways!

  36. Idk, my husband potty trained our boys and he taught them to dry with toilet paper so I just thought everyone with a penis did this.

  37. Am I the only one that thinks it’s weird that you have piss in your shorts after shaking? I’ve literally never felt wet piss in my underwear after shaking my dick a couple times. I honestly think it might be a personal issue if you have piss in your pants after taking a piss and then giving it a shake.

  38. Same. If you are dribbling into your shorts, then by all means, dab your wang, but don't feel superior to the people with top shelf urethras.

  39. How do so many of you make it to adulthood without knowing how to drain things out after taking a piss? It's intuitive as fuck. I can't imagine leaking piss all over myself.

  40. I have lost count on how many times people have told me to not wait for the stall and just pee on the ones hanging on the wall with no toilet paiper

  41. See this is a little smart because nobody wants urine-smelling underwear. Also if you don't clean up the pee it will burn when you pee next.

  42. Am i the only guy in the world who can either piss it all out or shake off whatever is left like 90% of the time?

  43. Most guys walk around with shit particles stuck to their anal hair all day, because it doesn't matter how long you smear toilet paper over your ass, you'll still have residue.

  44. So if you’ve got a chunky, waxy, sticky, and smeary shit, how is a bidet going to help unless it has the strength of a power washer?

  45. I work in a hospital, with old people. Demented men still want to pee standing. Most are not skilled enough to balance. It's a thing I let them do to feel human. But the oint of them that will ask for some surprises me. Pretty common with the old folk

  46. See even Though i do this somehow piss droplets still get on my underwear, like, is my dick just hiding that shit until the time arises where it can perfectly fuck up my underwear?

  47. The fact that you always go in a stall is the weirdest thing about this. Or saying urine instead of pee.

  48. You can shake it, you can break it, you can beat it against a wall, but when you put it in your pants that last drop will fall.

  49. As a girl, I remember being so surprised that guys didn't clean their penises after going to the bathroom. I know in many Muslim households there is something known as a lota, which is just a small pot near the bathroom that one can use to wash themselves.

  50. I’m with you OP. After moving in with my girlfriend, we talked about this. I didn’t have any good defense for why I didn’t wipe my penis after peeing and now I do it every time. It feels so much better to not have drops of piss in my undies

  51. Oh my god that fucking broke me. Have my free award! Thank you for the best laugh of the day.

  52. Earlier today, for the first time in my 38 years on this planet, I wondered why men do not wipe after peeing. Is it rooted in a biological reason or is it more of a social norm?

  53. YES it actually fucking ejects all the remaining liquid instantly. Dabbing with tp is for dudes who use the cock flap

  54. Gotta go for the old squeeze and pull method. Like milkin a cow, start at the base and squeeze you’re way up. Works like 95% of the time

  55. As a woman who has been repeatedly dripped on after a man comes back from the bathroom in the middle of the night and wants to spoon....I wish more men did this.

  56. I am female but have 3 sons. I have taught them all to wash before and after (who the hell knows where their hands have been??) My oldest prefers to sit and pee whenever he can; says it's easier and "more relaxing" and he always wipes up with TP when he's done. I thought this was normal.

  57. YES! I started doing this when I first moved from home when I was 18 as a way to not having to wash my underwear as often, same goes for sleeping naked btw, and I just kept it going. It feels gross not doing it now.

  58. I'm shocked that we're apparently the strange ones? I always did this too and seems the most hygienic way to resume your day without lots of piss in your boxers. Just shaking it isn't effective at all. I shake it and tap toilet paper against it.

  59. You should try lighting the tip with a lighter or matches so that the water evaporates, because science.

  60. Lmfao I learned this from women actually. They use tissue to dry and I thought well why wouldn’t I do that if I have the same situation. Whoever told you it’s strange probably has pissy pants

  61. On behalf of women everywhere- THANK YOU. My ex had a thing where he would get into bed after peeing in the middle of the night and wanting to snuggle up. I ended up with pee on me every. damned. time.

  62. As a guy- I could not care less about how you or anyone else cares for their genitalia. The only people who probably really care are your sexual partners and doctors.

  63. Friendly reminder to also WASH YOUR HANDS after touching your privates. I feel like it should go without saying but I’m convinced that my dad doesn’t because he barges out of the bathroom immediate after flushing and now I refuse to touch anything in that particular bathroom.

  64. My husband has his sick pierced and pees in three different directions; he always pees sitting down and wipes. Wiping your genitalia is not a weird thing to do, others gate-keeping whether you should wipe or not, that’s weird.

  65. I kinda do a little squeeze out type thing like with toothpaste or jerking or whatever but the drop always comes out 🤷🏾‍♂️

  66. I hate how dry it gets after but I can't not clean it. You're telling me most people let the excess urine evaporate between their foreskin (if they have one) and glans or worse, in their pants?

  67. I’m female. I prefer to use toilet paper as well. Except when you’re in public and there’s gotta do the ass shake and yeah, let your underwear soak it up...:/

  68. My son is 5 and has done this on his own accord since he was 3. When I asked him about it he said he doesn’t like pee dots on his undies.

  69. If you have a noticeable amount of urine in your underwear after you’re done peeing you’re either over 50 (it doesn’t all come out when you get older and you need to spend a little longer making sure), you have some kind of medical condition, or you’re not done peeing. I’ve never had this problem (yet).

  70. I started doing this a long time ago. Crotch area doesn't stink anymore lol. Those 2 drops of leftover pee add up.

  71. For the people without penises, wad up a handful of paper after you wipe, tuck it into your vag area and stand up. Standing up squeezes a few last drops out and this way you get them on the paper, not your knickers or down your leg. Sit down again, discard the wad of paper, and give it one last wipe.

  72. In most muslim countries, that's a norm. You are suppose to put some water and then wipe it off to make sure you got rid of all the pee. You'd get a smack with a sandal if undies smelled like pee.

  73. Well you try to be as clean as you can be but I dont find a drop of pee disgusting. It's why we wear underwear and change them daily. I think obsession with cleanliness (not saying you're obsessed but making the point if anyone is or was) and being a germaphobe isnt healthy for a person. You dont want to be so uncaring you stink and risk sickness, yet you want regular exposure (what would be normal to a person who''s relatively clean) so your system remains strong and so when you're with your partner for example, you're concentrating on the both of you and the joy you have together and not on "oh my god if we kiss is he/she really clean? We all have cooties to some extent and that shouldnt get in the way .

  74. I hate how Urinals don’t have any privacy and stalls barely have any privacy. We need to get rid of urinals and close the gaps in stalls.

  75. Also what happens to the piss you shake off? Just gets yeeted in all directions. Gross as shit (piss)

  76. I do the dabs, the perineum push, the curtsey . . . It still comes out. It's my own urine, its sterile, and it's just a few drops.

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