My girlfriend broke up with me and a week later she's already found someone else

  1. I don't know how to forget her or live my life. My life sucked and I hated it before her. Being with her was the only time I was happy.

  2. I’ve been through this exact scenario, sadly more than once. I am so sorry you’re going through such agony at the moment. Nothing any of us say can take the pain away, but do know that you WILL move on. Your heart WILL heal, and you WILL find someone even better. I went through a traumatic breakup after moving in with my first serious boyfriend and discovered he was not only trying to meet up with men, but was screwing another girl as well. I left and two weeks later she moved in with him. I was shattered. But three months later, I met my husband. I was not ready for a relationship but when I met him, I knew. While it still took me several months after meeting him before I fully healed from the previous relationship, I knew he was my forever. It wasn’t that I missed my ex, it was that I had to heal and forgive myself for remaining in a situation that I knew was toxic long before we moved in together. My husband got that and was so amazing.

  3. Broke up with my lifelong partner. Within 6 months he is already married to a younger woman. Sucks indeed. Getting rid of a person who does not appreciate you is priceless.

  4. Same thing as me. Was with my girlfriend for a few years. Thought she was the one. Should have noticed the red flags, she was transition MtF and I would sacrifice a lot to be there for her appointments for support or book time off work to be with her after surgeries.

  5. Been where u are mate, ride it thru and I promise someone will come along and things ALWAYS get better. Just remember how much of a better person you were compared and that energy will project and you'll feel 10x better. Keep in mind "it won't be like this forever"

  6. She probably grieved the relationship before the breakup, that's why she moved on "quickly". She was already over it when she officially ended things. It happens, you can block her now and grief the relationship now. It's going to be ok, life is still going on! Good luck

  7. Nailed it. Been there. Minus the fact I was cheated on and not given the respect of being dumped prior. Long story short, my life sucked for 3-4 months. Miserable piece of shit. However after those 3-4 months things started to change. Guess who decided to send me a text after all that saying they made a mistake? You're good OP. Trust me.

  8. Also, at least for me, I never showed my ex I was suffering. I did it in silence. So on the outside, you wouldn't know I was hurting too. She may just not show it.

  9. Yep. When my relationship with my gf turned bad and didn't show signs of improvement I started to think about ending things. I gave myself three months and I cried so much and it hurt a lot. I had one breakdown after another. Thankfully on that final day we talked it out and our relationship has been amazing ever since. Most people aren't assholes who dump you out of nowhere. Often I think they do show signs but one doesn't see them or only after a few months of grieving and seeing the relationship you had in a new light, without the stupid glasses. That's been my experience so far.

  10. And I guess I'll be the one to say that she may have already been fucking the new guy before leaving OP, or at the very least, she already had someone in mind before she ended things with OP. Even if she's capable of getting over the relationship quickly, one week is extremely suspicious.

  11. Yep, this happened to me. I was in a ~10 year relationship, but the last few years of it were spent in an on/off state of "this isn't working but I'm too scared to turn our worlds upside down by leaving". By the time the relationship ended (which he did, not me) I'd already emotionally processed it long ago, so I felt ready to start dating again a lot sooner than people expected (a month later).

  12. My exact first thought. At least she left him before she made it known that she was fucking some other guy

  13. My college gf cheated on me and we broke it off but remained cordial (big mistake on my part). Her new fwb threatened to kill me in a grocery store parking lot, so I decided I'd had enough of her bs. I packed up my stuff and left the town I'd moved to while we were dating. I started my 5 hour long drive to my parents' house at 2am 08/20/2005. I spent the next 3 weeks moping in my parents' basement, but I got a job and after many futile attempts, cut her out of my life. Less than a year later I met my wife. 4 months of dating and we were engaged, married 1.5 years later and are still married. It gets better. Focus on yourself, cut all ties with her, there is someone who'll love and respect you 100% out there for you.

  14. I was on the other side of this, my ex was manipulative and emotionally abusive and told me I wasn't "thin" enough to the point I was on the borderline of an eating disorder diagnosis.

  15. I thought I was an asshole but I went through the same shit. She was abusive, manipulative and really toxic. I broke up with her 3 weeks ago and now I feel happiness for the first time since october last year. Your comment made me understand that I basically started grieving the relationship back in november, not 3 weeks ago.

  16. Maybe she wasn’t happy and grieved it before it was even over. More than likely she had already moved on. It’s not really a reflection on anyone, just a reflection on their relationship. It clearly wasn’t as perfect as OP thought/said it was.

  17. Not even to be corny, time to go to the gym. You go lift and improve yourself one day at a time, it wont matter what anyone else thinks. You’ll steady be competing with yourself among a group of people that care about you for you. If women mean that much to you, in due time you will attract them with how hot you’ll become. Get em tiger.

  18. Wild how much the gym helps me through that shit too. It becomes a haven of happiness and idk what I would do without it. Hit the gym OP you’ll be over her soon

  19. what if he wants to read a nice book, learn how to make break, pickup hiking or mountain climbing, etc like something interesting lmao why default to “get swole bro”

  20. Been there. It sucks. You will never actually recover from it. You will just learn to accept and calm down. Keep peddling the cycle of life, if you are lucky you will find someone who is head over heels for you. If you dont find someone , nothing to worry about. Being alive is the greatest gift. Marriage / Family is not the only thing in life.

  21. First off, never rely on another person for your own happiness. It will, 9 times out of 10, end poorly with you less happy then before the relationship. Like most people say, money can’t buy happiness but it can help you deal with problems more efficiently. The same goes for every type of relationship. I know it’s difficult to see past this experience, but you need to take this “lonely” time to focus on yourself and the things you need to do to reach your full potential. You can find features in her new guy that you don’t have and work towards that, but to make a lasting and positive change, you have to want to do things for yourself.

  22. I’m guessing you’re young, because this only being a week old issue and you wondering if the loneliness will ever end or that you’ll never get a partner again after 1 week, is not something that will last forever. The good news is that this feeling will end, but you can’t expect someone else to create your happiness for you. That means you’re always going to bring others down until they bring you up. That’s an extremely selfish behavior to have. If you can’t be happy alone, you’re in for a life of codependency and misery. You need to get out and do things ( I’m it talking about drinking and partying ), but get out and do activities. The longer you sit and wallow in this, the longer it’s going to take to get through it.

  23. This exact thing is pretty much happening to me right now. Dont feel too bad. Know someone else is also going through the same thing. I dont think its fair either trust me. But we got this. Work on you and everything will fall into place.

  24. There’s a lot of advice here and a lot of good advice, but right now it’s okay to just feel what you feel. You can’t force yourself to feel happy or force yourself to forget her, so just let yourself feel hurt and let yourself feel angry.

  25. You’ll be better from now later on. Cliche but we all learn from our life experiences, you shouldn’t rely on a relationship to bring you happiness. Your life doesn’t suck.. you haven’t experienced lots of things life has to offer. As you get older you’ll realize that all these experiences you go through builds character and through all that you learn what you want out of life. You’ll look back 5-10 years from now and be like lol I can’t believe I was crying over this girl. Who knows maybe you’ll even be married/have kids in that time frame. Focus on your career, your health, your friendships and you will prosper.

  26. Brother I've been there, feels like a black hole in your heart. It'll pass eventually. Do things you enjoy and to better yourself, see friends. You'll be over it before you know it

  27. Everyone you know has had days and moments like these... everyone. I always found that I had a shit couple of weeks and then, it all starts to get better. This really only works with zero contact with the other person.

  28. I don’t think age is needed for context as much as length of relationship. If they only dated for short time, then yeah red flags. If they had a long term relationship, doesn’t matter what age, it’s understandable to be this hurt from being blindsided like that if you invested a lot of time into the relationship.

  29. Not necessarily. I was in a relationship with a guy for 4 years. Things were OK but never great. The last 2 years of the relationship we were basically just friends… I broke up with him and he was heartbroken even though he knew the same thing I did deep down, it was already long over. I dated a guy 2 weeks later because I was ready. I never cheated on my ex. He got over it after about a month.

  30. Hate it to break it to you but she most likely been fucking this guy when you two were still together. No way she moved on this quick. This guy was probably in the picture the whole time. Once you realize she never gave a shit about you it’ll be easier to move on.

  31. She could’ve had her new guy on deck in the sense that they spoke everyday maybe even emotionally cheated and that helped her move on so quickly. Not necessarily true that she was cheating but it’s more than likely that she wasn’t in love with him in the first place which is arguably worse

  32. She didn't end it with you until she knew she had him lined up. She treated it like not quitting a job until you have another ready to go. Make sure you learn from this. We've all been in your shoes before.

  33. Don’t worry we have all been there. I know it seems like it’s the end of the world but you’re going to look back on this one day. This too shall pass. It’s part of life. You need to learn that happiness is a state of mind. Don’t rely on other people for it, it will only add more suffering to your life. You don’t need a girl to be happy.

  34. The complete lack of empathy here is painful, sadly also not surprising for Reddit. OP is reaching out and people are either mocking or making it about them. Sorry you're in a bad spot OP, but bad times won't last.

  35. It’s ok to grieve abt this breakup. Ur feelings are valid. This wound WILL heal I promise! Now it’s time to date yourself. Give yourself the attention and love YOU deserve 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  36. Hey dude i am really sorry for you In some ways it happened to me too All i can say is that you'll be happy with somoene else later, just wait for your brain to have the "post relationship clarity" it can be long but stay strong

  37. It might feel now that you won't be able to live without her, but just give it time and this feeling will subside (talking from experience). Eventually, you will not feel anything for her. How long it takes depends on a person, but just try to distract yourself by keeping busy, or meeting friends etc. Whenever you feel depressed about it, just remenber it will not always be like that.

  38. Trust me. If she’s already with someone new a week later, it means in her head she already broke up with you a long time ago. Take some time to heal, cliche as it sounds, things will get better.

  39. This sounds like she moved on from the relationship before you even broke up. It’s a hard situation to be in, but it just goes to show what kind of person she is.

  40. I have always wondered why we as humans depend on someone else for our happiness. I had the most painful separation from a very stable relationship after which I am paranoid of even being friends with someone. Until I met a guy who told me that even as a partner he wants me to be so fulfilled in life that I do not need him for anything. He is extremely stoic and so self-sufficient. Our thought process are so different but I admire him as to how he lives his life. He does need words of affirmation sometimes but never does he ever rely for his happiness on me. I am still learning to find happiness in the little things we do in life. Your broken heart will get mended. Trust me.

  41. I’m not trying to put salt in the wound but think about it this way: She had already met this new person and was waiting to break up with you to go be with that person without “cheating” or she had already cheated and liked the other person. I know because I was in the same scenario. My mom always said: There is no pain that last a thousand years or a body that could resist it. You will move on and you will love again

  42. Happiness needs to come from within. You can’t use another person as an emotional crutch for your happiness, it’s really not fair on them and may even be one of the reasons she ended it. You need to find strength on your own, once you do that you’ll easily find someone else. Life is too fragile to pin your entire existence on one person.

  43. I got dumped by my boyfriend when I was in college and I reacted the same way you did. I did nothing but cry. When I found out about him just being at a party with someone else, it made me sick to my stomach and it was all I could think about. I was sure I’d never feel that way about anyone else again.

  44. I dated a girl for a year and a half in high school and the literal day after she dumped me and she was dating that d-bag, Brian, the fucking next day! You’ll get over it. Just wait for the hate to form, that love will pass and turn to indignation.

  45. She met someone else six weeks ago, cheated on you twice, then felt guilty enough to break up with you. You'll be upset for awhile and then wake up one morning and just not really care anymore.

  46. Remove her from your facebook, insta feed etc. To be honest if she is already with someone new then there was more than likely overlap and you don’t want to be with someone who is like that.

  47. Based on what I see here on reddit, these things are super common... It's tough to live your life if you are this much sensitive with your relationships

  48. She had already found someone. This technique is called monkey branching. The upside is she’ll do it to that dude too and she’s for the streets. Dodged a bullet.

  49. I was exactly where you are 4 months ago... I'm dating a nurse that jives with my values so much better. You will feel better I promise. I PROMISE!

  50. That happened to me too, a lot of women emotionally detach from a relationship months before they actually dump you. Nothing you can do but move on

  51. Bruh my ex cheated on me during the relationship. At least she broke up with you first. Shit happens. I’m with the most amazing person now so hey, there’s still hope. Best of luck and try not to dwell too much if possible.

  52. This is one of those things we all know but shouldn’t say. Mans is grieving. Let’s leave the salt at the table not the wound

  53. I've got some bad news for you my dude. If she broke up with you in a week later she was already with somebody else, she found that person before she broke up with you. She's not worth your time. Move on.

  54. You and the other 33 billion people have experienced this heartache. Move on, meet up with friends (both sexes) talk about it to them...within a week, post how your thoughts have changed

  55. Based on what I’ve read here you have low self esteem, and you made her your source of happiness. No woman is attracted to that. I agree that you need a major self improvement, but don’t just go to the gym, improve yourself mentally. And remember time heals all 😌

  56. Improving physical well-being is the number one way to improve mental well-being. He should definitely go to the gym and improve his physical fitness. The science behind it is astronomical. Releasing stress/anxieties while experiencing dopamine rush is a cure for depression. Changing eating habits also regulates mood and hormone through microbiome gut health

  57. No no no no no sorry to say this dude a week later she got together with the guy she was already talking to it’s extremely fucked up man but that’s how it goes sometimes 🤷🏼‍♂️

  58. I’m afraid the more likely scenario is that she ALREADY had someone else, but you just didn’t find out until a week after she broke up with you…

  59. Most probably she fucked the guy before breakup and you didn’t know and now you know.either way you are better off without her.good time you will get a better one then her

  60. I'm so sorry to hear about your ex but now is a crucial time for you to focus on yourself and self love. Relationship grief is horrible but you will get past this, it's just a phase like everything is in life. Give yourself time and when you're ready take up a new hobby to keep you occupied. You will find someone when the time is right. Take care of yourself, sending much love and support 🙏💖

  61. Keep it a rack a rack w you… she found buddy a while ago. Just waited for it to get more serious w him. He been here for a minute. Head up tho, champ. You just need to know so you don’t think she loves you after he dumps her in 2 months.

  62. So - if she’s fucking someone else, that’s it done. Why you wasting time crying over some sket now getting her back blown out?? She has just shown how little you meant to her, so her the same courtesy and just leave her memory to dust. You won’t find anyone if you acting all soppy - not even doing it to be mean, I want you to accept this is done, you had your turn and you found a woman not worth spending time with. Just think - could have been married. Could have had a house and kids and this is your reality. She doesn’t deserve your energy.

  63. Oh I remember that feeling. I thought I was literally dying. I can assure you with 100% accuracy that there is life beyond this person. Time stops for no one, and the more time that goes by you will feel more comfortable until you smile again. We all have to experience this feeling once in our lives at some point. It gets better I promise!

  64. Breakups suck, man. No doubt. She was going to move on at some point, as will you. End of the day, it doesn’t matter that it’s now and not later. Her waiting an appropriate amount of time isn’t your problem.

  65. Not all of us and plenty of guys are the same way. It’s not a gender thing it’s just a thing that happens. It hurts but blaming women isn’t the right way to handle it.

  66. Most likely she was already seeing the other guy while you were dating. It blows. Hopefully you will feel better soon and find someone else that will appreciate you.

  67. If she was already in another relationship that quickly then the guy was there the whole time. I am really sorry this happened to you OP, but know that you're not the problem. People in today's society have no respect for relationships and it is really sad.

  68. She didn’t “find” someone new, they weee already lined up. She’s a shitty bitch and you deserve better. If I knew you I’d be taking you out to the club we’ll find some new friends and get fucked up. That really sucks but do t think of the loss, consider the gain. You no longer have someone putting you on the back burner. You’re number one bro!

  69. In reality, you may have dodged a bullet. What if you guys got married and then she stepped out on you. Or had a kid together. I know it doesn't help now, but there's somebody out there who will be for you and you alone.

  70. Thats life dude, fastest way to get over her is to get under somebody else. Want to know a secret? Dude is just a rebound guy, better him than you in that position.

  71. People like you irritate me. STOP RELYING ON OTHER PEOPLE TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. You shouldn’t even get into a relationship if you aren’t HAPPY WHILE SINGLE. It is not anybody’s job to make sure you are completely 100% happy.

  72. Bruh, I’m mean sure I agree but you can’t blame someone for being upset after they lose someone they love. If someone’s mom died u wouldn’t say that

  73. Relying on a partner for some level of happiness is something 99% of people do. It's human desire to want a partner. He also was in love with her and just broke up.

  74. Ik that feeling mate, and she didn’t even leave me for another guy. It really hurts when you really love her and she leaves you all of a sudden, that sucks man. I can attest that the pain will go away with time, and you may miss her every once in a while but it will get better.

  75. I hate to tell you this, but she was probably seeing the new guy BEFORE she broke up with you. You’re well rid of her. Who needs a faithless woman? A friend of mine was married to a woman like this. She slept with all of their son’s soccer coaches. Best thing he ever did was kick her to the curb.

  76. This probably isn't going to help you in this moment, but she found someone else before y'all split. I know it sucks, but it's infinitely better than her cheating on you and having your emotions really rocked. In time you'll appreciate that she respected you enough to leave before pursuing another person.

  77. First, your gf already had someone else. Second, as has been said here, you need to figure out how to go about life without her. She obviously didn't care for you much. If someone doesn't respect you, then you don't need to waste energy on them.

  78. She was already with him before she broke up with you. Forget about her and move on. Nothing good will come of dwelling on it.

  79. This is typical for women, many of them process heart break by fucking other guys, it's very likely that she's not in a serious relationship with this guy, he's just a dick she's using to get over you. A lot of guys do this too but it's nowhere near as common bcuz a lot of guys don't have the ability to get women into bed with them on short notice whereas all a girl needs to do is go to a club, smile at a guy and he'll probably take her home if that's what she wants. Girls have it so much easier than guys in relationships and this just proves that.

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  81. I think getting upset right about now will help you. It’ll slap some sense out of you. The hell with that bitch. Finding someone after a week aint normal. She’s already flirting with that guy way before that.

  82. Getting with someone else is the best way to get over a breakup. I suggest your follow her lead 👍

  83. I know how you feel, this girl I like, first girl to hug me or cuddle with me spent valentines with her for the first time in my life and first person to get my a birthday present, said she didn’t wanna relationship cause she needs to find out who she is more and try to get help with some mental issues. Woke up this morning to find out she got a girlfriend, ive been crying all day

  84. She was fucking that dude WHILE she was with you bro!! Forget about that bich you'll be fine trust me , I experienced the same shit .

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