Tomorrow, I'm going to ruin his life

  1. You better start your speech to his family with a recitation of all the ways you've loved him and supported him, and as it goes on they can get more suspicious of why you're even saying all this

  2. While I understand why this is to get revenge on him, I really don’t feel like the indirect fallout the family receives is justified. What did the scumbag’s mother do to deserve the humiliation of witnessing this happening to her child?

  3. Personally, I would leave his family out of it. It will just bring stress and hurt to people who are innocent. The rest of the plan sounds pretty hilarious and well deserved!

  4. Definitely need an update on this. I'm glad you found a job far away and have a new place secured. He deserves the fallout and you have a new chapter in your life to look forward to.

  5. I did the same thing when I finally came to my senses the last time my ex cheated on me. He’d already done it minimum of 5 different times before hand (that I knew/know of). He was so confident about it that while I was supporting the both of us while he was in school, he felt entirely fine to come home one night and tell me that he made out with a classmate that I was foolish enough to encourage him to have a friendship with, and also that he was in love with her.

  6. That's where they lost me. No way in hell is HIS best friend going to just sit on it so OP can play out this revenge fantasy. I never believe these posts anyway, but this one is just lazy with the world building.

  7. yeah i don't buy this. says she found out "over a month ago" which means less than two months ago and already has a "notice to vacate" which makes no sense at all. it's pretty hard to get a "notice to vacate" and it DEFINITELY takes longer than a late month's rent. i smell lies.

  8. If this is rhe same woman who posted a few weeks ago that she found put her husband was cheating and planned to ruin his life on the wedding day / engagement announcement (I can't remember), it could be real.

  9. Yesterday i read this story about a son, and his mother cheated on her dad. The son said here on Reddit he's going to tell his dad tomorrow and that he'll update us, i set an update for that post. I returned to that post and saw it was deleted. I went to his/her account and saw this post. They're just making up stories

  10. Yup there is no way in hell this is real, I wonder sometimes if writers come to Reddit to see how believable a story would be or to try an idea out for a writing class etc.

  11. This is FICTION written all over it. Too tidy and too ONE MONTH? And his best friend is ok to wait for your show while he fuck his girlfriend?? NOPE. Karma farming is strong with this one.

  12. I would not want to be at that party. Why the hell would I want to be involved in someone else’s relationship imploding? Who cares about their kinks?

  13. I have to say I think this is actually going to make her look bad in the end and him more sympathetic. She should report him to the university, kick him out etc, but involving his family in his sex life seems like the line to me. They don't deserve this- they are innocent bystanders and she isn't being considerate of them. Not a good look.

  14. Finally someone with sense. I can’t imagine going to what I think is a party and instead being forced to sit through this. And this is only going to hurt her more in the long run— she’s stayed with him for longer and kept herself getting hurt longer all for the sake of revenge instead of healing and moving past this

  15. Yeah I’d agree it’s fine to say he cheated and I’m leaving but to show his mom he wants to get pissed on is way too much detail

  16. Everything she plans to do is fine but I agree , the family got nothing to do with the actions of a grown adult. Just giving undue pain to elderly and folks. It involved , imho

  17. Just walk away. Don’t show up. Leave with your dignity, your belongings, your car and money. Leave him to entertain the guests and let his friend tell him why you left. The rest will not serve you well. Message the TA & his best friend privately and let them know but hold your selfrespect and don’t lower yourself to his level.

  18. Honestly, this! If your intent is to make him hurt, just leave and delete him from your life. If you make a show out of it, get his rage, it would be much much easier for him to let things go in the future. After all you gave him excuse! You showed your weakness!

  19. This post is the epitome of people not searching reddit before they post. Hell hath no fury = act like this and become the villain. "I'm going to ruin his life"... Yeah, psycho response to common unfortunate event.

  20. This reads like something from a made for tv movie. Honestly I think just leaving with quiet dignity trumps a dramatic gesture such as this. But whatever you do you.

  21. Well, considering none of this happened or will happen, this Amy wannabe from Gone Girl will not look bad or good anyway, but just get some internet points.

  22. This might just be me but some of the things like involving his family and his fetishes to people he clearly doesn't want knowing them.

  23. I would not bring his family into it. They didn’t do anything wrong and that’s an incredibly uncomfortable and awkward plan. I know you are in pain, and I am so so sorry he betrayed you.

  24. as much as i love a good revenge story i think bringing his family into it is crossing a line. i’m sure you want them to know the truth rather than whatever lies he’d feed them after the breakup but in the end you’ll never have to see them again so it doesn’t really matter. and although this scumbag deserves what’s coming to him i hope he is mentally stable enough to handle it all...

  25. While I'm sorry this happened to you, nothing good ever comes from being vindictive. Nothing. The best thing you can do is show him you don't care. Just leave with a little note saying you are done because of his cheating. End of story. When people are backed into a corner and humiliated like you are going to do to him, they become unpredictable and things could get ugly and scary.

  26. I got that vibe too, I thought it was fake just based on the super villain language “I call it the day his world burns”. If it’s real, being kicked out of his friend group for the betrayal and leaving with her money she worked for is good enough

  27. This is so sad. For her. For the family. for the dude and for all the people treating this like a god damn telenovela.

  28. You should just walk away without announcing all that. His world will still burn but you are opening up yourself to retaliation for doing this. Also why bring his family into this that is just cruel they are not the ones that got cheated on.

  29. You are justified in your feelings. But "resentment is like a poison that only you drink". You may find that after you "ruin his life", you are still just as angry and hurt. I'm not saying dont get your revenge, but any kind of healing isn't going to start or end with this party.

  30. This is some next level revenge, teetering on dangerous. Of course he ruined your life and you absolutely deserve retribution and closure, but keep this in mind.

  31. He didn't ruin her life by cheating, he ruined their relationship. Sounds like she has a lot to fall back on. And telling his family about his kinks is over the line.

  32. Tomorrow became today and OP’s fiancé became ex-fiancé. But, this theatrics of drama did not unfold as designed. OP’s ex-fiancé found out about the plot through Reddit.

  33. You should made a PowerPoint starting with cute pictures of you two, and telling your cute story. Then start to show the cheating screenshots

  34. I personally believe that you should just call him out now and break up instead of this elaborate revenge plan, you're not going to feel better after you humiliate him, just leave him and start therapy, you will feel better on the long run afterwards.

  35. The comments here show everything wrong with society. Everyone here egging her on because it's a spectacle for them. A lot of "remind me's" to see the fallout like this is a game show. Yet, no one considers OP's mental health after doing what she's planning to do. It's a real shame.

  36. plus the fact that barely anybody questions the legitimacy of this post lol. I mean it reads like a story some teenager made up for their writing blog. How the hell could OP keep this a secret from nearly everyone for a month? How does the boyfriend not notice that his GF has her things packed and drained money from their joint account? Even if it is true, OP is clearly just as bad as her bf.

  37. I mean Im all for what ur doing but am I the only one that sees this is a bit... overboard? Ruin his day sure, but absolutely pulverize any hope he has of getting back on his feet I feel is a little too much.

  38. You need mental help. This is a ridiculous amount of effort just to project your pain on to someone else. The people encouraging you are idiots as well.

  39. This is absolutely fake af. Real life doesn’t work like this. If by some chance it’s not, then I completely agree with you.

  40. That’s unfortunate and common that people cheat however just know that when you seek revenge against someone doing your wrong with spite you’ll too reap consequences I would advise taking high road count your losses and just leave

  41. It's not right that you're bringing his family into this. Yes, him cheating, not once but twice is deserving of bitterness, but you're coming off as extremely petty. I genuinely feel sorry for you, but more so for the embarrassment you're bringing on this guys family and also yourself.

  42. Wow. He ruins your guys’ relationship, you ruin his life… I don’t condone cheating in any form but this is kind of cruel… and humiliating him and his family members by involving them in his sex life is unfair to them and just going to make u look bad.

  43. Publicly humiliating him in front of his family shows a lot about who you are too. I know you're hurting but this kind of revenge will affect how his family sees him for the rest of his life, and it's also cringey af, his family will probably be happy to see you go.

  44. Agreed. Also I don’t see how sharing sordid sexual screenshots would add anything to the situation expect make you look crazy with zero temper. Saying he cheated with X and X and that you’re leaving and already have everything prepared should be enough of a choc without giving into this.

  45. Why does this remind me of that now removed post from last night about the 18M who is going to expose his mother's affair today (Sat)?

  46. I know I’ll get downvoted for this and I can appreciate how absolutely furious and blindsided you must feel, but I feel like making a scene about it isn’t the way to go. Two wrongs don’t make a right and destroying his whole life is pretty damn full on, and you seem proud of it. Personally, I would just leave and not turn back. I wish you a happier future

  47. Don't do that. Be mature and just leave peacefully. It is psychopathic to do this. You are going way above and beyond here. Just because your ego was hurt. This is disproportional. This is way more immoral than him cheating. Just leave.

  48. Why is reddit like this? smh, everyone just wants to see destruction. Forgive him or just break up with him, kick him out, tell his best friend what's happening and leave.

  49. Fake, but well written. Honestly, any real person that would go to these lengths isn't the angel they promote themselves to be. Not a spouse, not engaged, no kids, no mortgage.. walk away. All this proves is that he's a cheater and you're a psycho.

  50. Revenge always sounds kind of satisfying. But if you are really sure of what he did etc. and he really cheated on you.

  51. Really sometimes it’s just better to move on and heal, believe me I’ve been through it and this is just what I think…but you do you…

  52. Obvious revenge fantasy karma whore post is obvious. And it worked. Look at all of those rewards. Jesus.

  53. My only question is why is he so stupid ?? Like he had everything and i mean everything a nice life a badass loving fiancé a support system financially and emotionally and he was moving ahead in his life.

  54. Ruin his fucking life . People always talk about taking the high road but sometimes the high road isn’t what needs to be taken . Sometimes you need to give them back what they gave out .

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