My pregnant sister wants my family to cut me off because I insulted the name she picked out for her kid

  1. I was in the maternity ward, sick with HG, on 6-6-2006. There were a BUNCH of women desperate to keep their baby in, and several working hard to get them out before midnight. 2 Damiens, one was Damien Thorn per their nursery card (not sure if it was 2 first names or middle?) and a Omen, then a name like OPs niece for a girl. Plus some other normal kids. But like can you imagine the doctors office, school forms, work forms, college applications FOREVER 😬

  2. My son was telling me about a kid in his class that was a jerk and always getting in trouble. I asked which kid and he said “Messiah”. I was not able to contain my laughter

  3. Names aren't worth shit, LOL My given name was Tomislav.... changed to Tony because my mom preferred that name when they migrated to Australia... now chics prefer Tomislav... go figure!!! Typical luck of a Stefanovski


  5. I looked at it, thought “satan” “bet mom and dad are goth posers” (nothing wrong with being goth but there’s a difference between being goth be being “look at me, I’m goth”) and are trying to be edgy

  6. Okay, I feel really dumb. I adopted two bonded sister kittens. They both had names, I only changed one and kept the name Gertrude for the other. I call her Trudy for short.

  7. Satine would be the way to spell it but did she she recently watch Moulin Rouge? That’s the character who dies of tuberculosis.

  8. I thought about Moulin Rouge as well. What about the deal of changing the spelling of names to be uniques? I find it very cringey and uneducated, and I'm an italian college dropout.

  9. An old friend was a teacher and had a student named Different Books. Also twin students named Padro and Paydro..both pronounced the same.

  10. My best friend taught a girl name Placenta. I think it was spelled a different way, but that’s how she pronounced it.

  11. This chick asked for peoples opinions on GOT characters and I said I didn’t like Daenerys. Later I noticed she unfriended me and then I realized her daughters name is Daenerys.

  12. I know somebody who named their baby khaleesi in the early days of GOT when most people hadn’t seen/read it, and literally everyone (country town) said “like the rabbit virus?” (Caleisi-virus) lol! It’s still my first thought every time I hear it

  13. That kid is going to get bullied mercilessly. And when she grows up to get a job, employees will take that name into consideration as well. Unfortunately it happens. Poor little Satan.

  14. I get furious about those laws with the weird ass localization rules for foreign names, and wonder why the hell are such ridiculous laws in place. Then I come across a post like this, and say to myself "Yeah, that's why"

  15. I could see how some could be bothered by that but honestly the way things are going I wish we had it in America. My niece told me that she went to school with a kid named Patron like the alcohol but it was pronounced pay-tron. 🙄

  16. That is awful! What is wrong with people, giving their kids such terrible names. If she goes through with it, I feel so very sorry for that poor child.

  17. Their child is special, so must have a unique name, even if that name is dogshit or a normal named spelled like a seizure patient using a keyboard

  18. my name is weird but relatively normal, but it still sucks. i cant imagine what itd be like growing up with such a weird name

  19. I scrolled so far looking for this. It was all I could think about. Even if folks don’t immediately go for Satan, the vegans and vegetarians of the world are gonna have a good chuckle at this.

  20. That's the first thing I thought too! My favorite restaurant in the mountains near me has a seitan BLT & I'm craving it now 🤤

  21. Yeah, she needs to be humbled quick. She sounds like the type of mom who's gonna want every detail of her child's life planned out ahead of time with absolutely zero input from the child herself.

  22. That kid is going to suffer alot, I hope the mother will come to her senses. Imagine the amount of bullying from little shit heads she'll get... Poor kid.

  23. Parents naming their kids stuff like this probably see their kid only as extensions of themselves which is why they have no regard for how these ridiculous ass names will get them bullied and affect their kids life negatively.

  24. So basically, she wants to be mad at people for the rest of her child’s life. I mean, she’s not done being pissed off at people who don’t get your nieces name.

  25. Ffs what is it with people and fucked up names? The name is Satan idc what like, small tweak you gave it. That child is gonna be bullied in elementary school for such an avoidable reason. Mine was so unavoidable for a variety but this is so changeable. You’re totally right, but you already know that OP

  26. I had a friend tell me, and only me, the name she and her husband picked. It was Soleigh (So lay) Mignon. I told her it was beautiful but to just be prepared for her to go through life as Filet Mignon. They had not considered that and ended up changing the name.

  27. And it sounds like OP was respectful when they did — waiting until they were alone and gently pointing out the problem.

  28. Imagine you're the manager of a company and your job is to go through resumes and set up interviews for candidates for a job opening. If you're picking out a name for your child and that name comes across your desk would you call that person for an interview? If the answer is no then go with another name. I'm guessing that there's a pretty good chance this little girl is going to have a hard time finding a job.

  29. 10/10 would schedule a meeting with Satan. I'd even print out the outlook event. And when I hire him, i can proudly say that I made a deal with the devil.

  30. Honestly, if I was a hiring manager, names would be the last thing I would consider. Especially if the applicant is a strong candidate, so I never understood this point. I think the bigger issue is the shitheads she's gonna have to deal with in school.

  31. Sorry with that spelling, it’s not Sa-Tine, the French pronunciation would be SaT-yen. Which isnt even what she wants and closer to satan than Satine

  32. I will never understand parents who try so hard to give their kids "unique" names like that. Like it doesn't even occur to them that that's going to be an actual person who, as they grow, might not be quite so enthusiastic about the ridiculous name their parents gave them. Never mind what vicious little bastards other kids can be about anything that makes someone different.

  33. Any name that needs a pronunciation guide behind it seems like a bad idea tbh, unless it's a different language of course

  34. I hate these pretentious parents who think their child will be the most unique snowflake on Earth and they proceed to make up a horrible name that gets them bullied for life.

  35. The thing is, kids go to lengths already to give nicknames most tenuously based on actual names. So they're not going to have to go far with this one... poor kid will be bullied endlessly, and it won't get much better as an adult either!

  36. I told my mom the name that we chose for our soon to be born baby and she made a face. She leaned back and shook her head and acted like she ate a lemon. My knee jerk reaction was “No. You don’t do that. You don’t make a face when someone tells you the name they plan for their kid”.

  37. Parents who give their kids bad names just give them a reason to hate them even more once they start recognizing the name. Its sad.

  38. You're naming your child saytine, its going to be pronounced satan matter how you spell it. Be careful what you wish for you just might get it, names have meaning. you name your child satan you might actually end up with satan.

  39. Your sister needs to grow up . You can have your own opinion and yes kids will make fun of her for that name and the teacher will mess up her name ( I'm a social worker in a high school) I see so many times kids being bullied and make fun of for there name and 90% of the time the kids will ask us to use a different name when we talk to them for exactly that reason.

  40. Ugh, if she sticks with it then immediately start calling this poor child Tina. And you're right, as a substitute teacher I would pause over this name. And since we're on the topic, could y'all stop naming your boys either Aiden, Jaden or Brayden, for real, there's just too many! Too many Jadens!

  41. I think there were..42 Brayden's in my daughter's 8th grade graduating class this year? And.. 12 Aiden's.. lol but it's a hoighty-toighty neighborhood and it makes me uncomfortable. :)

  42. Your kids aren't your property or pets. Names actually matter and have a huge impact on how your kid will experience a big portion of their lives. It's their identity and you have the utmost responsibility to make sure that name is not only appropriate, but normal. This is not a game, unique names are for pets, not humans. You had 9 months to pick a fucking name and your ego is now going to ruin a kid's life. Fuck you if you play with names.

  43. I truthfully don’t understand how people could be so willing to inflict this kind of torment on their children for the sake of being unique. That name is a tragedeigh.

  44. Honestly because of the way it's spelled my mind went to saltine crackers instead of Satan. Still an easy target for kids who are savage.

  45. My college roommate had an unusual name... Every time she was on the phone or talking with someone it was no, not _____..It's _____ spelled [very unusual spelling as well]. My roommate hated it. If you sister insists on that name, she is going to have to be willing to live with constantly correcting people about the pronunciation and the spelling. just because she gets it doesn't mean that anyone else will.

  46. Why do people insist on giving their children the most ridiculous names. Just go with like Samantha, or Jillian or something normal like that. For guys just like, Steve or Jeffery.

  47. I read that "Say-teen". I 100% thought Satan 1st! I would definitely question her parenting skills by naming her own child something so close to Satan. That's crazy to me. I hope you guys can work it out for the sake of being sisters but I am with you on this one. That is crazy.

  48. Funny, I used the “substitute teacher” thought process when I was deciding how to spell my daughter’s name.

  49. Poor kid is going to go through more trauma than Lucifer himself. Honestly that kind of name is Unfair to the child at this time. I'm glad she's not my mother. 😂 🤣. Even more I am more glad your mother agreed cause ill be dammed to call my grandchild by such a name.

  50. Show your sister this thread or ask her to text it to everyone she knows or post it on social media for feedback. Your doing the right thing. This name is cruel.

  51. Damn she's already a bad parent even before the kid was born. All i could think for an alternative was Saytina or Saytino lmao

  52. I'm going to go out on a limb here... Is your sister a Utah Mormon? They come up with some of the dumbest names and spellings. A friend of mines younger sister named her daughter "Blaklee". It is pronounced "Blake-Lee", at opposed to how it's spelled as "Black-Lee".

  53. Maybe within the next 18 years we'll get a girl named Saytien asking how to legally change her name on Reddit one day. Honestly won't surprise me if that happened.

  54. I would have told her the same thing. I’m all about coming up with original names, but that’s horrible! Of course that kid is gonna be called Satan and be bullied and probably change it once they’re legally allowed too.

  55. Make a list of names you like then go through the list every two weeks or so as the pregnant woman's hormones and chemical balance fluctuates and keep or dump names as the pregnancy moves along.

  56. That is a terrible name. It isnt even spelled how its supposed to be pronounced, everyone is gonna be calling that child Satan. Im glad you are looking out for your niece because it seems like your sister doesn’t give a damn.

  57. She should be mad at herself for picking such a stupid ass name. Setting that kid up for bullying from lots of people.

  58. Well you told her the truth. Why would you want to name your child a name that is pronounced like Satan. It sounds just like Satan, her kid will hate that name and probably will end up changing it. If she doesn’t want to talk to you over that than so be it. You warned her. I would’ve done the same thing in your position.

  59. That name is a tragedy! Kids are mean and will ridicule her most definitely, especially the religious ones. Might as well go big and name her Lucifer Saytine!

  60. You know what the kids are gonna do? They’re gonna be teasing that kid saying “Tine!” because his name is ‘say tine’. I know because one kid in my elementary school was named ‘say ___’ and people would walk up to them saying ‘’ all the time.

  61. Clarification on the pronounciation of TINE please. TEEN like Christine or TYNE like Tyne Daily? SayTeen or SayTyne either was that girl is going to be a mark for some Church Lady teasing. Sis is just butthurt because she didn't think of that and got attached to the name. Let her sit on it and think. Maybe she will laugh about it later. Pregnancy makes you emotional about everything. Sounds like she's the star of the Family drama. XD

  62. Maybe she can name her Saltine and the kids will just call her Cracker. Your sister is not on the smart side and you did the right thing. These stupid, nonsensical names needs to stop. Poor girl will spend a life time explaining her name.

  63. You are being a good aunt by saying this. Hopefully she’ll think about it. Naming your kid is sooo important. Not only for their school years, but also for their future profession.

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