Delivery Man Took My Phone Number and Contacted Me From His Personal Device

  1. Yeah, just don't let anyone convince you that you "caused" whatever disciplinary action he gets. Stay safe and don't hesitate to call 911 if you so much as see anyone creeping around.

  2. Yea, they are contacting his manager to address the situation. I almost feel they purposefully didn't fulfill the contract so he could attempt to get in my house. I could be wrong though.

  3. Same. I got a couch delivered a few weeks ago and contacted every male I knew to just come be there. It was Facebook marketplace so I wasn't terrified, but knowing there would be men involved was scary enough to want another male there

  4. I had an idea of a an all-lady handyperson service specifically to address the needs of women home alone during service calls. There’s NO FUCKING REASON we should be subjected to fear for our safety when we want to do normal shit.

  5. I started putting a fake name on all my deliveries because I've had one too many Doordash drivers text me afterwards and one even came back to my door and started knocking because I didn't reply when he told me I was "fine as hell".

  6. That’s honestly terrifying. We should be able to use a professional service without worrying about being harassed by strangers who now know our phone number and home address. One of the guys from the crew who moved me into my house asked for my number and one of the guys who helped remove a tree from my back yard left his number on a note on my doorstep.

  7. Had a couch delivery guy almost accidentally on purpose leave his drill so he would have an excuse to come back. His coworker was wise to it: "hey, aren't you forgetting your screw gun AGAIN?"

  8. I knew a guy who worked in people's homes and he was always forgetting tools bc he was such a pothead. And his coworkers were the same way, all potheads. It was always: man, I gotta go find my tools... Not saying that's the case in your experience, im sure you got bad vibes from that dude. Just saying sometimes people are potheads (forgetful screwups).

  9. If this happens to you, lie. “No, that’s ok, my boyfriend/brother/uncle/father/friend is staying with me and they’re going to help.” A lot of times if a predator knows there is a male figure around they will back right off. Stay safe!

  10. I tried that with the home warranty guy from my home builder but he could clearly see in every room during inspection that I lived alone and overstayed his welcome chit chatting about how his ex left him. Started scheduling warranty services during my BFs lunch break and dude was suddenly all business. Guy thought he was so slick he’d show up only wearing his undershirt (v neck white t-shirt) instead of his company polo.

  11. Right! I could feel right away that something was weird about the delivery. Then the text just made me want to return the futon.

  12. Gross, I was a furniture mover for 3 years and it was my job on the crew to disassemble and reassemble large furniture. Just thinking about what you described makes my skin crawl, and if anyone I worked with pulled that I would kick his ass off my crew.

  13. Ugh. I had a pizza guy do that. Took my number from the order and texted me some flirty bullshit. Never ordered from there again and boyfriend called the manager to complain. Thankfully that was the end of it but it’s fucking scary when you know the guy knows where you live.

  14. This seems like a good time to reassure everyone that unless you list out your phone number in the delivery notes on Doordash, UberEats, or GrubHub, your delivery drivers don't have your number.

  15. Had this same exact thing happen to me from the manager of a Mattress Firm. I was so appalled at the audacity because it was during payment in the store and he kept pressing to deliver it himself. I said no multiple times, left and immediately called corporate because it was so uncomfortable. Ridiculous how some people are so unprofessional and predatory through their work.

  16. I, too, was harassed by some Mattress Firm employees. It was 2 dudes who delivered a mattress I had ordered. They were late and I had to get to work, so I was dressed nicely, had my hair/makeup done getting ready to leave for my bartending shift. I'm trying to be polite, but also make sure they know I'm in a rush, and these dudes were moving slow af and would not stop looking me up and down in that gross way that all women recognize. One of them says something like, "You want me to help you break in this new bed?" I told them to leave. They were supposed to take and dispose of my old mattress, but they creeped me out so much I told them they needed to leave, as I was late for work.

  17. I'm so sorry that happened to you. It's terrible how some men feel they can just contact us or talk believing they are "helping" us when in reality we know what they are most likely thinking.

  18. Im so sorry that happened to you. It was part of his contact to do the install but I completely understand. Anytime I have strangers in my house I have my phone ready to call 911 and my alarm panic button ready.

  19. Ugh gross. I’m sorry you had to deal with that. Reminds me of this Xfinity installer (3rd party contracted) who came to my old apartment (2 story townhome style) & was a complete creep asshole. Asked me how much I paid for rent, how much I paid for this dope speaker I have, kept trying to engage me in personal discussions/questions. Then without any invitation, he literally sat down on my couch & propped his feet up then called his buddy to laugh, joke, & fucking tell him about “this cool chick” he met at work (me).

  20. Happened to my (lesbian) roommate as well. Guy found her on Instagram, we still don’t know how and he DMd him. We contacted Amazon and surprisingly they took it seriously. I hate Amazon and I never order from them but this they did right. The guy hasn’t been here since.

  21. Ffs that's disgusting! You have the right to have the information you provide to be protected so for him to do that is gross. Not only does it make the company look bad and lax but it violates basic terms and conditions between you and the company legally.

  22. This happened to me with a good delivery service guy before! I was heavily pregnant at the time and it really freaked me out.

  23. I'm so sorry that happened to you. If someone did that to me when I was pregnant with my daughter I would've kicked them out immediately.

  24. That’s disgusting. I’m so sorry. That is the very reason that I’m always locked away in the bedroom and my husband stays with anyone at our house for repairs or delivery. He agrees it’s ridiculous that I have to do that but he refuses to risk it and I adore him for it! This is not something women should have to do but until dudes can keep their s**t together this is what we have to do to be safe. Even in our own homes!

  25. When I used to live alone & had to take deliveries like this I would invite my very large brother over. He thought it was hilarious, but at the same time I never ended up a statistic.

  26. There are apps out there like 2ndline, TextFree, etc. that allow you to create a second number that you can burn and change at any time (with restrictions on free accounts). I would highly recommend those.

  27. Ugh I feel you I’ve had two delivery drivers do this to me before, one did it after I consistently rejected his advances in person while having a migraine and hungover, the other just kept calling me for a few days and I just blocked the number.

  28. We need to teach our boys better, and our employees better. He probably looks at it as "Shooting his shot," but what it is is an invasion of privacy at the expense of the customer and the company. He chose to take a secure and sensitive piece of PII, and used it on his personal device. That right there alone could be a terminable offence if you want to make it at his expense as well, I hope this turns out how you want it to. Good luck!

  29. ..."if you want to make it at his expense"? She's reporting it to the company as she should, it's not her fault when they fire him. "I hope this turns out how you want it to" is a weird thing to say too.

  30. I had a shop assistant contact me on Facebook. He got my full name (and email) from a membership registration I did for a discount.

  31. He was way in the wrong there so don't feel bad about any repercussions he receives, but do stay extra safe just in case he does decide to come back for any reason.

  32. I hate how recent of a discussion this has been where I am from (Denmark). It's probably about 5 years ago that there was a public discussion about a guy snatching the number of a female customer off her record and texting her. She reported him and it wound up in the media. It turned into a big thing because wasn't she really just overreacting, the guy was really polite and not creepy in what he wrote etc etc. It was all from the male point of view and it was disgusting. It could be a sign that it doesn't happen here a lot, but I also think we've been conditioned to think this type of behavior is appropriate and romantic. Or that we have to suck it up. No more.

  33. I had this happen through UberEats once. Didn’t even hesitate to report it - after he briefly saw me as he was walking away from the door and texted me when he got back in his car that he thought I was soooo beautiful and had the most beautiful eyes and asked if I wanted to go out sometime - due to how fucked up it was for a delivery driver who knew where I lived to act so unprofessionally. Like, I’m engaged, but was home alone most of the time when this happened bc of covid and my classes being online. In addition, my fiance’s job requires him to go out of town for a couple days every once in a while. I’m a short disabled woman, so the thought of this guy potentially showing up to my apartment when I was home alone was unnerving, considering that I’m probably less capable of physically defending myself than a lot of people are. When I responded to him with a casual “haha no thank you, I’m engaged” the driver responded by asking if we could at least be friends.

  34. I suggest a negative Yelp and Google review calling out the company that contracted them and how they're responding to your concerns.

  35. My brother worked as a gas attendant and one of the workers used to take the names off credit cards people handed him, memorize them and contact them on Facebook. Like what the fuck. Who thinks that’s alright?!

  36. I've had a delivery driver call me from his cell phone so I can meet him downstairs to get my package. Ummm no that's shady as hell! Good job contacting the seller, they guy sounds creepy!!

  37. Report this to the highest level of management you can get hold of. Ask for their corporate number and get the highest level of management too. Make this known. I would also go to the police file a report so it's documented. He not only has your number he knows where you live.

  38. Had an ex have this happen to her. Movers unloaded her vehicle and guy started texting her from his personal number once they left after pulling the info from her contact info for the delivery. She blocked and didn't report for fear of retaliation from the guy. Un fucking believable.

  39. Even if the dude is gay and not interested in you sexually, what he did was wrong because the flip side is he was trying to get a tip or keep the set up fee money for himself if it’s paid separate from the purchase for whatever reason.

  40. take screenshots and proof of his number and that he was delivering things etc, and report him!!!!! he can easily be fired for something like this and even charged if you wanna take it that far

  41. All employees working this kind of work need to absolutely be forced to sit through an hour of employee training on why we DO NOT USE CUSTOMER INFORMATION TO TRY AND PERSUADE THE CUSTOMER INTO DATING THEM. I don't care how lonely anyone is absolutely no one wants to be contacted by an employee or targeted for any type of romantic relationship. If the customer hits it off with the employee and wants to see them more, sure! But don't assume that it's an acceptable thing to do.

  42. I'd file a police report. Maybe invasion of privacy? Ask the company for a copy of their privacy policy.

  43. I deliver furniture and stuff and I'm not supposed to go up or down stairs or certain areas due to company insurance. I have had people ask if I can come back when their son or husband is home to help them carry it. I have offered to pick stuff up in my personal vehicle outside of work, like pallets and other wood or materials i would use myself a few times. I'm sorry this was a scary experience for you.

  44. 99/100 it's not going to go down how you describe it. That's cool that you do this, but it's also very easy to come off as creepy and as aggressive. Not to mention inappropriate. Any transaction happening outside of the contracted work agreement is absolutely an inappropriate situation, especially if it's a man and a single woman who is alone. Don't be intentionally daft about the risk. It's staggering how many of my acquaintances, friends, and family who are women that have been harassed, molested, or outright raped. It's not a fucking fairy tale and it's certainly not uncommon. OP 100% did the right thing here.

  45. I don’t understand. What’s the point of the ruse? To get inside? He was already inside, to drop it off at first (but not take it up the stairs). Not saying you’re wrong or that he wasn’t shitty, but I don’t get it. If he was going to assault you, he could have already.

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