I’m a survivor of attempted murder by my mother when I was nine, and referring to abortion as “a mother killing her child” is incredibly trivializing towards me and other survivors.

  1. Yes, I had an actual child murder in the family. My cousin was only 5 years old when her dad decided he’d had enough of paying child support, so he took her to the beach one day, picked her up, and threw her off a 90 ft cliff. Comparing abortion to the horrific act of looking your living, breathing child in the eyes while you betray them in the most despicable way possible by ending their life… it’s just so incredibly wrong.

  2. My mother allowed a man she was dating to physically and sexually abuse my older sister and I. She was 4, I was a baby. This lasted until I was 7 and the court case was complete and my dad was given full custody of us. She never tried to leave him. Never tries to remove us from around him.

  3. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I recently found out my husband’s grandma did the same thing. Stayed with the abuser even though he abused two of her daughters. His mom is really not doing well because of it but refuses therapy. I haven’t been able to be around them since then.

  4. I am sorry you went through those horrific experiences and that your mother is in denial. You are incredibly strong to have survived all that and to be able to talk about it. I also have PTSD so I know it is not easy, but I wish you healing and compassion.

  5. All these years , I had no idea this was a common happening . My father died when I was 6 . Dr's. helped my mother cope by giving her valium , she became addicted . Long story short , she took out a life insurance policy on me at 9 years old . One morning on her way to work , she turned on the gas for the stove and left . I awoke to the smell of propane , and opened windows and doors . When she came home from work , she was so surprised , and blew it off as an accident . I have always known better .

  6. The flip side of this is how do these people react to a miscarriage? Do they surround the mother with love and support? Deliver baked casseroles and send cards and flowers? Attend a gathering and mourn the loss of the fetus together?

  7. They dont. They say all those bullshit things you quoted. I miscarried. Every single anti choice person I knew (short of the one dude I was friends with who was very very anti choice, he actually drank with me and tried to make me feel better surprizingly) but all the women talked about how I could replace my child. FUCK THEM. I am STILL sad about it nearly 7 years later.

  8. They don’t care. I lost my son when I was 5 months pregnant. My own family told me “it was for the best”. I went on to have 2 more (living) children and was told I should be happy because I finally have a healthy baby. My son mattered. It’s been almost 10 years and I still think of him every day.

  9. Additionally, it's up to the individual how to feel about their experience. Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) of a wanted pregnancy and the pregnant person is sad? That's sad. If the person feels relief, that's fine too. Therapeutic abortion of an unwanted pregnancy and the previously-pregnant person feels relief? That's fine. Therapeutic abortion of a desired pregnancy but with genetic abnormalities incompatible with life, and the pregnant person is sad? That's sad.

  10. I live in Ontario, Canada, and on the highway between Kitchener and Stratford there's a huge billboard with a picture of a fetus on it that says "Abortion: the new Holocaust". It's one of most offensive things I've ever seen and I want to set it on fire.

  11. They’ve been doing that for a long, long time. I was first introduced to anti-abortion rhetoric through my catholic highschool. You know how in American schools we have those construction paper posters lining the halls? Usually it’s motivational stuff, or maybe something celebrating students accomplishments. Well one of my most vivid memories from highschool is a poster listing the number of holocaust deaths and comparing them to yearly abortions. At the time I wasn’t educated enough to articulate exactly why that was fucked up, but it never sat well with me.

  12. It's a fascist propaganda tactic to make followers believe that their opponent is not after a conventional diplomatic outcome, but conspiring to go commit a genocide towards their children. They exploit talking points(starting a discussion where it seems everyone already agreed or something is already fact) to suggest this has already been going on, is happening now and they will continue happening. Often there is the added touch that it is inherent to the group they point it at and that they themselves are the first or last group to be able to do something about it. It's for them a 'right thing' they have awakened to they must do. The use of social media to cater propaganda specifically to the niches of ones biases have made such tactics more effective to radicalize followers to such goals.

  13. I think I heard they also pushed for certain laws that made abortions more gory and then used that goriness to rail against abortions.

  14. This shit is getting super crazy. I personally am not a fan of abortion. it's not what I personally would choose, unless medically necessary. I do believe in choice. I believe it should be accessible. I personally feel that the first step to less abortions is to make them less necessary. This includes but is not limited to better access to sex education for everyone, better access to affordable health care in general mental and physical and better access to birth control.

  15. I dated a woman who survived something like that. She was very sweet and compassionate at heart, but even in her thirties she was still struggling with the trauma of something that happened when she was a kid. It's just nonsensical to compare abortion with actual murder. The sadness each one brings into the world isn't even comparable.

  16. This is a perspective I never would have thought of, thank you. Just one more reason anti-choice is so wrong.

  17. I am so sorry that happened to you and that the current situation in the US is forcing you to deeply revisit that experience. I am glad you survived and I wish you healing.

  18. I was adopted. When I met my biological mother, she told me that she would have aborted me if it had been legal then. I wish she had had that choice. Her life would have been better.

  19. I was adopted as well, not from a super early age (I was 7), but my mother basically told me the same thing. Instead of having access to safe abortions, she had access to drugs. Her drug use while she was pregnant with both my younger brother and I left us with both physical and mental problems, and it made her addiction worse than ever before. I wish my mother had that choice as well.

  20. I was listening to a podcast about abortion messaging in other countries. For instance in Ireland, the country voted 2/3’s in favor of an abortion ban in the 80’s, yet a few years ago in voted in the same margins to overturn it. The pro choice messaging was more about compassion, emphasizing the struggle within a family and a woman’s life, about how it affects families and the country. This was in contrast to American messaging which is more about individual choice, more like “it’s none of your business, it doesn’t affect you!”, which is fairly alienating to those skeptical of that position.

  21. Sorry, the moment you took your first breath you are on your own, pull hard on your bootstraps because Republicans only care about unborn...

  22. IF my mother had the $ and access to abort my brother and I 16-18 years ago, she wouldn't have felt the need to do a shit ton of drugs to try to get rid of us while we were still inside of her.

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