1. I'm pretty sure most people are already vaccinated, and the ones that aren't had to jump through a bunch of hoops just to prove a point. So they probably won't change their minds.

  2. lol people are still getting covid with the vaccine, I got it with the booster and the vaccine, mandate does nothing unproven science.

  3. Per the state's data, vaccinated+boosted people are 5.3x less likely to get the disease, 6.6x less likely to be hospitalized, and 7.2x less likely to die.

  4. Most of the people on campus are already vaccinated, and the ones who aren't have either medical or religious reasons not to. Nobody isn't vaccinated just for fun. I'm not against what you're saying, but the unvaccinated don't really have a choice in this case. Stay out of their business, please.

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