“10 paid federal holidays” - what does that mean to you?

  1. It's 11 paid holidays now. Juneteenth was added. I volunteer most of them and convert the pay into even more AL.

  2. You work for a HCR trucking company. You will most likely be working what ever schedule that they assign you. The post office operates 24/7 365. Yes we have federal holidays. I had to work them as an employee. As a truck driver, its just part of the job. Sorry, that is just how the PO works. We hired your company to work for the PO where and when we need it. Your best bet is to try and apply for a USPS trucking job. Good luck.

  3. From what you are saying I don't think you work for USPS directly. I don't think people at the plant get holidays off

  4. It means I get 3 day weekends several times a year to read posts where people are working 7 days in a row, Holidays included. I put in last Wednesday for Black Friday and was approved. So now I have a 4 day weekend and my day off is protected. This is how it's supposed to be when they say 11 paid Holidays in my humble opinion.

  5. My whole life I never got holidays off and worked 10-12 hrs regularly with maybe one day off a week so I’m forever grateful to get holidays off!

  6. I was a major workaholic all though my teens - 30s, but now value my time off. This wouldn't have been an issue if this was made clear before I was hired; I simply wouldn't have finished the application and hiring process. I don't like finding out 7 weeks into my employment that I'm forced to work all holidays. HR and recruitment were supposed to call me back yesterday, but never did. I tried calling both today, and of course nobody is around because they're gone for the holiday. Problem is solved now, I quit. Not how I wanted it to end, but I'm not going to be intentionally misled and just take it.

  7. It means 10 days where management still hasn't learned the day after holidays are abysmal, and will more than likely schedule off days for present career workers. You'll be so overworked and understaffed you'll wonder how this is still occurring when it's a known problem.

  8. Crazy how management at my PO are threatening carriers if they call in the day before or after a holiday that they won't get paid for it. They are also trying to scare us saying if we do, we have to work christmas.

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