Spotted in NYC. Are these carts only used in certain cities?

  1. They're only used for walk out routes - routes where you're refilled from green post office boxes along the route and the route starts and ends at the post office (though some have agreements for the employee to use their vehicle to transport the cart to the start of the route.) If your route uses a LLV, it's not permitted as you'd spend too much time loading and unloading the cart for each loop.

  2. But then you can't cut the lawns (in residential). You have to walk back to the sidewalk at every address. We primarily used it on marriage mail (,red plum, whatever) day when it was too bulky for the satchel.

  3. I don’t like them. If you’re going in an out of businesses they’re tough to get through the doors. For me, leaving a mail cart outside while I walk inside is not an option.

  4. I’m 99% sure I’ll be on the walkout when I make regular and I’m going to get our steward to procure one for me. Sometimes I have 8 bundles that I later split into 2 to carry and more than a foot of flats to carry for too long.

  5. My station has 5 or 6 routes that are push cart routes. I always thought they were a pain in thr ass. Have to do a package run before or after your route. Not to mention red plums.

  6. I used to have a walk out route that started a half hour from the office. No vehicle. Half hour walk before and after the route.

  7. We have one for use in our office down here in FL. We don't use it unless the truck for the local route is broken and we are desperate. I used one in the Chicago suburbs in the 90s. Those bad boys have been around forever.

  8. I live in NYC and we only have a few drive out routes. We walk and refill out bags from the green relay boxes. It would be impossible to carry a satchel.

  9. I had a full conversation with a NYC carrier just about how we carry our bags when I was there earlier this year. She couldn’t believe I strap 1-2 bags onto my shoulders, and I was just as shocked to see the cart with 6 bags attached. After seeing the cart, idk about being a carrier if I move to New York, they seem a little too bulky to handle all day

  10. A friend of mine who grew up in Brooklyn teased me relentlessly when I was a CCA for having jello arms. I had no idea push carts were a thing and he didn’t know people carried mail in their arms

  11. I think they might be used for cities where the structures are close together. My dad went from o e of those to a truck when we moved from New Jersey to Florida

  12. Used to see these carts when I lived in Chicago all the time. Always wondered why only certain places use them.

  13. We have a couple in our small office. They only get used if you wreck a truck and can't drive, so you get to walk out the downtown parts.

  14. I’ve been a regular on a walking route for 3 years now, gotta say I love it. You get stuck in the snow and rain but hey, can’t control the weather. Im lucky, I get an awesome business smack dab in the middle of the day in conjunction with 3 relays out of one box. Basically 3 hrs of my day where I can go to the bathroom, take lunch, warm up food and rest. But you can get stuck out there sometimes in the cold or heat and I’ve had carriers get sent out to us to either offer water/ac or heat because you have no choice. But honestly the good with the bad, I love just walking around all day.

  15. In my first station back in California, a few of the apartment heavy routes had these to use for Advo/3rd bundle day because the CBUs were spread among the buildings and it was faster to walk/push the cart than to drive the LLV around each group.

  16. You have to have a medical note to use it or in my case I asked the supervisor and she said idc get the route done on time. (I was new to heavy route)

  17. We’ve got a bike station near my own in FL. Not sure how common they are anymore but pretty neat anyhow. Subbed there a lot when I was a CCA.

  18. I have a few routes in jersey that use them. We actually just got transfers from ny. The carriers had to not totally relearn but earn how to do park and loops deliveries

  19. In Central Florida… my office has several walking routes. I wanted to order one of these for one of the carriers ( I’m a T7 ) and my Mgr said don’t bother- the PM won’t approve them for our district.

  20. I got one down south, here in Austin. But I’m probably the only one in the city that has one. Happened to have a good manager that was spending a lot of money upgrading our equipment. It might help if you have a documented medical condition stating you need one.

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