You can't hide from our artillery!

  1. Dude it is insane. Like a flying thing with no man being controlled remotely shares intel for a precise artillery strike from miles away. It wasn’t even a barrage it was spot on. Scary stuff

  2. Nice big tank tracks you left behind trying to hide you Russian Terrorist Federation Orcs πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ evil Tzar Putin the Butcher must be so proud of his world renowned laughingstock called a supposed military

  3. Now i know why some of these russian tanks are on their own...i think they just go on a lonely mission to loot the left houses and then got hit by artillery...once shit hit fan...they cant call in help as they are out of their combat/defence lines and their commander would find about it.

  4. You know what you can hide all you have to do is dig your own grave and the Ukrainian army will come an pick up your pow deaf ass just dig up your own Graves cause that's the only thing that might save your sorry asses .

  5. That must be the M777 155mm howitzers the Ukrainians just received. They are super accurate and have approximately 20 km range.

  6. So the way this seems to work. The non weaponized drones are up flying and loitering. They and their operator find a target, follow it, and loiter over where it stops. They relay the precise GPS coordinates and then they fire either artillery (one shot one kill) or task another drone with ATGM or even a ground attack group (infantry with AT). Pretty awesome, no more fire for effect and a lot less collateral damage.

  7. If there are no Bees around, or other pollinators, self-pollination is an option. It isn’t ideal for the gene pool, but the seeds in the center of the flower can do this in order to pollinate. So having the ability to be both male and female at least ensures greater survival of the sunflower.

  8. Giving up some land traded for enemy materiel, blood and time to bring in more munitions, men and material. Ukraine has time on their side

  9. The Russians are plastering the Ukraine positions with Grads after Grads after Grads, then quickly moving in afterwards - like a rolling barrage from WW1 but 100 times bigger. There's not much the Ukrainians can do when the Russians are doing this and not making mistakes like before. They haven't got enough of their own to counter this YET. So they pull back, trade space for time, until they DO have enough.

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