Everyone saying there isn’t neo nazis in Ukraine what about this documentary there training kids to be neo nazis in there army?

  1. There are Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. It would be better if there were no Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, and it would be great if their organizations could be dissolved. Thing is, you know how you deal with neo-Nazis? You put them on a watchlist, investigate them, prosecute those involved in crimes and defend yourself from them if you need to. You don't invade the whole goddamn country.

  2. Ukraine has a legit neo nazi unit in their national guard... it's definately a problem for a lot of eastern Europe.

  3. Yeah, Azov. If you weren't so busy eating whatever narrative you're being fed you'd know about them and how little they represent.

  4. There are neo-nazis in every country in the world - Including Russia. The Azov’s values are not a good reflection on Ukraine, but they represent a minute percentage of population. Putin is very clearly exaggerating it for propaganda to try and justify invading a sovereign country.

  5. What about the Nazis in the Trump administration? Like "Dr" Sebastian Gorka, should we invade Gorkaville too?

  6. i’m curious why? whataboutism is a good thing across the board. everyone should always do their own research on all sides and come up with their own conclusion. don’t be a 🐑

  7. Man nobody says they aren't there, and yes this training of kids is horrible. But they only received 2% of the national vote and don't have any government representatives. Russia has it's very similar militia mad of nazis and football hooligans.

  8. Ight bro, even if there's like 8 of those Fuckers , it's still not anywhere near a significant amount of their population. They're everywhere man

  9. There are rotten apples in every country. In the US, russia💩, uk, germany, uganda, Portugal, Italy, Burkina Faso etc. you can find them everywhere if you want.. or you can create them for your propaganda 🤷‍♂️

  10. Yes, yes, you are saying, because there are less than 1% neo nazis in Ukraine, Russia has all the right it needs to bomb and shoot 44 million people.

  11. You do realize by defending russia and communists like stalin, you're the biggest recruitment tool for these groups right? None of these people care about this shit until they get pushed into a corner and forced into it.

  12. Show me a country that doesn’t have far right it neo-nazi and I’ll call you a liar. Germany has them, russia has them, Ukraine has them, even Sweden and Finland have them. Even Israel had them at one point (Patrol 36 or whatnot).

  13. Show me one large country that does not have idiots like this... The problem would be if idiots like this got in to positions of power in governments.

  14. Even in US they have NEO nazi even here in Italy, we need to bomb all the others for a small % of idiots?

  15. Hey there, russian troll! Let me enlighten you a bit. Are there ultra right radicals in Ukraine - yes. But news flash, there are radicals in every country both in the east and in the west. For a fact, there are a lot more ultra nationals on the russian side than in Ukraine. So why not don't you show that hmm? Cuz you know you can't get your head out of your a** and admit that you are supporting a genocide and no amount of brainwashing and propaganda can help you hide from the truth!!!

  16. I don't think anyone with even a small insight is denying that it exists, it's just the lowest percent of any country we know of. It's weird how this is such a big topic all of a sudden when war breaks out and no one from the Russian side of propaganda was pushing it before.

  17. yeah neo nazi government-funded summer camp for children is the last straw for me; they also have victory parades with a flag similar to the Third Reich. It's not just a small percentage.

  18. Nazis or not they are people. There are civilians. There are innocent all over the place. You cant tell me a few small bad apples will change your support...

  19. The Russian claim isn't "there exists Nazi's in Ukraine". The claim is that Ukraine is ruled by Nazi's, controlled by Nazi's, led by Nazi's and brainwashed by Nazi's - so we must liberate them.

  20. Every major European country has its nutter right-wing fringe, the biggest of all is probably Russian National Unity with 100.000 members. Neo-nazis are deluded scumbags wherever they come from. The fact that Ukraine has its fair share (along with Belgium, UK, Italy etc) has no bearing on the rights and wrongs of this conflict.

  21. the more it is bizzare that the american right is in the pckets of putin while they secretly adore this shit...nice white pride taatoo on tat slut tho...thse kids gonna get eaten by war.get them young..same shit everywhere.

  22. The greatest irony the denazification rhetoric is that Russia has for ages had one of the largest and most persistent problems with neo-fascist/ Ethno-national/Nazi groups.

  23. Camon. Every country has them. Just look at US. But does this mean we have to bomb the whole country?

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