The Armed Forces of Ukraine have a high morale and are confident of victory. With you guys, we will surely win our freedom! Glory to Ukraine!

  1. How is this the same army that wore tin helmets and had nothing but old soviet arms back in 2014!? The metamorphosis is truly astonishing, and the morale, well, it's sky high!!! If you told me 8 years ago that one day the UA would thrash the living shit out of the VDV, l would not have believed it! Slava Ukraini!

  2. Everytime I see Ukrainian soldiers I see a family bond. Everytime I see Russian soldiers I see conscripts/cannon fodder.

  3. The difference in morale is so startling, and it's not just 'they are fighting to defend vs attack'. It's just the general care for eachother and the ability to still laugh and experience friendship. On the Russian side there is either brainwashed hatred, or confusion/resignment, plus distrust of eachother. On the Ukrainian side there is justified anger and determination, plus brother/sisterhood. The contrast couldn't be greater.

  4. There are reports that Russian soldiers are not allowed to socialize within or between units. They don’t know the people they fight with. It partially explains why they leave their dead and wounded behind.

  5. I love the himars love, I loved the outpouring of support for the TB-2s but in my heart of hearts I'm a traditional St. Javelin guy

  6. How the fuck are the Russians gonna destroy these mother fuckers. They are loving this right now. Their moral is so freaking high holy shit. This shot honestly reminds me of a cod lobby. These dude just out here like braveheart just fucking going ham. Not to mention that their social media campaign have had an astounding affect on their moral ans the world watching them

  7. This short video brought a tear to my eye. Soldiers are soldiers no matter where from. Reminds me of being with the guys when I was in the army. Russia can’t defeat this kind or morale and brotherhood.

  8. It's going to be a long time before anyone does anything as bad ass as Zelensky's walk through the center of Kyiv after Putin claimed he was fleeing with the help of the US. However a dance video after the Russians are expelled would be pretty sweet. If that motherfucker Gangnam Styles on an effigy of Putin I'll die.

  9. Honestly. I'd so love to go for a (or ten) beer with EVERY SINGLE ONE of those guys. What a bunch...

  10. So amazingly joyous and confident, i pray for them, they have so much to lose and are in a fight for their lives. Just amazing when the good guys are so easily identifiable and actually winning.

  11. Always enjoy seeing UAF soldiers doing TikTok trends and being a bit silly. It shows that they're still very much human despite the Hell going on around them every day

  12. I'm honestly having a hard time not loving Ukrainian people more and more after these type of videos keep coming out. Sure as hell admire their spirits!

  13. Bitter but empowering to hear the lead up to the lights off drop to the chorus of this song “The only time I feel safe” Goes onto bond with his comrades

  14. I suppose defending your country and its values just hits different than being sent off to die in a country you know is not yours for a leader you know doesn't care about you and being told to get your girlfriend or sister to send you tampons to plug the bullet holes because your own army apparently decided to invade a country while not even having medical supplies.

  15. Look at these men clearly corrupted by weak western ideals like “dancing” and “having fun.” It’s no wonder they’ve lost their entire Air Force 4 times over. Surely the Ukrainian people would rather choose the wonderful luxurious life style of a Russian alcoholic instead?

  16. I'm just imagining a nearby encampment of depressed, hungry, cold, tired, sick, terrified and undertrained Russian conscripts just hearing the music blast from a little ways away and seeing the glow of the glowsticks as the Ukrainians wave them around.

  17. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has formed an image of a country that no one in the West really knew much about tbh. A semi Russian post Soviet state far off east of Poland (old view). NOW, we see a country of free people who refuse authoritarian Russian imperialism. A culture of comradery, compassion, good ethics, and a lot of dancing. Now I think all Europeans can’t wait for you to liberate Crimea so we can book our next family trip to those beautiful sand beaches. The future is yours, the future is ours. Slava Ukraini!🇸🇪🌻Edit: cats! I love cats too!

  18. Putin really thought that after crimea Ukraine would roll over and be absorbed into Russia. Surprise, it’s not the 1900s anymore, there’s no Soviet Union and there isn’t an unbalance of power militarily anymore. Not to mention Ukraine’s morale is through the roof with victory after victory while Russians are fleeing the country to get away from being thrown into this unjust war

  19. Remember at the beginning of the war how these videos showed the Ukrainians as under-equipped and now they're looking more professional by the day. Slava Ukraini

  20. Watched it once - smiled Watched it 5 times - laughed Watched it 10 times - cried Watched it 15 times - restored faith in humanity Watched it 20 times - felt connected to everyone Thought of Putin - smirked - he fukkd

  21. Any country which has global corporations owning the majority of their farmable land can never be free.

  22. In the Netherlands we have a saying: "hoogmoed komt voor de val". Basically translates to "don't start celebrating too early, you'll lose if you don't keep your head in te game and start boasting before the finish line". We'll celebrate if/when it's done, together. Stay strong.

  23. Typical conservative thinks a few red lights cost them billions in dollars, but tax breaks for the rich trickles down...

  24. I mean this whole war made me watch the Winter on Fire document to get more context. And man, these guys are just build different. I dont see a way how Russia larpers can defeat them. If you look how they managed to stand their ground until they had the freedom with improvized baricades and woden shields, how can someone expect the give up with himars and worldwide support?

  25. I look at this and think about how these blokes letting off some steam have been ripped out of their everyday lives. I've had drinks with teachers from drama departments that don't look much different on a Saturday night out. Hope they can return safely to what they love soon!

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