It is revealing to see Russian propagandists already preparing the ground for Russia's ruin of being another Northkorea.

  1. "We have nothing to prove to anyone, that's why we have to cheat to ensure victory to prove we have nothing to prove."

  2. russia has learned it can do whatever it wants without consequences because world governing agencies are pussies.

  3. They played a nice clip of nazis doing the salute during the Berlin Olympics at the very end. Coincidence?

  4. Never gonna be a North Korea. Russia stole so much territory and now has land borders of thousand km. In North Korea you can't escape on the sea and only land border has one million soldiers. Russia is slowly rotting, decaying and self annihilating

  5. You can escape North Korea quite easily through China, it's just that the punishment for defection and propaganda is a big discouragement.

  6. Putin’s Legacy: The one man who destroyed Russia forever. He will be only be remembered as being the second coming of Hitler and the sole cause of Russia’s collapse. Epic historical failure of a “leader”

  7. He wanted to be Peter the great. I can’t wait for history to label him as one of the dumbest dictators to have ever lived.

  8. It does solve the issue of the IoC looking to allow them back into the olympics. They admit they'd ignore any doping rules so they should go play with North Korea and see which one of the leaders looks the biggest prick riding a horse.

  9. Love how the IOC sees countries threatening to not go in 2024, with Russia not only brazenly still telling lies and drugging athletes but now also thumbing it's nose at the very reason for the Olympics existing, making a mockery of peaceful and fair competition, and the IOC is still "everything is fine, don't worry! They can just show a neutral flag"

  10. It's important to listen to them not because they contain any reason or truth, but to learn what ideas they have in their deranged mindset, to understand how they think. The TV shows parrot what orders and narratives they got from above. The ordinary people then parrot what the TV tells them. In trickles down into the mind of every Russian person.

  11. So is this a podcast or a tv show? The microphone set up, fondling of the mic and the solo rambling would suggest its a podcast but the set and the graphics would suggest its a tv show?

  12. What about the isolated Russia is better for anyone in the top 0.1% in Russia (I.e those with power) than the 2021 Russia?

  13. Ironic he talks about NK doing anything for it’s independence, like it’s a great thing to do. Has he not wondered why Ukraine is fighting? Fucking idiot.

  14. we gave you asshats 30 fucking years to integrate and honesty the world should of done something in the 90s when you first decided to be pieces of shit in Chechnya

  15. Russia cannot survive with these people. They are either going to implode or suicide by “cops”. Unfortunately this guy - I think - is not the corresponding fool of an American extremist, it seems to be the mainstream. The Nazi comparison is spot on. It’s not just a matter of Ukraine, it’s a matter of Russia.

  16. The level of frustration is worrying. What after this horrible war? When that happens at all? I hope Russian frustration can be canalized into something good. Like a revolution to force Russia into democracy. Such a large nation filled with a minority complex, too much pride, alcohol and PTSS and defeat and poverty is destined to bring the world not much good in the future. Despite their minimal military capacity when war is over.

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