So, it seems as though Putin is scared of someone…The Israeli’s!

  1. Putin isn’t afraid of being murdered in the night. He’s afraid of losing his money. He knows where his money is. They know where his money is.

  2. It's not the military he's scared of. He's scared of losing another economic partner. Israel has been relatively neutral in this war as they have agreements with Russia over Syria (allowing Israel to strike inside Syria against Iranian militants).

  3. Israel is not even in the top 30 of trade partners with Russia by volume, we are literally a fraction of one percent. We don't need an agreement to strike in Syria, we do that whenever we need - what we have is a deconfliction mechanism with the Russians so we don't accidentally also strike them.

  4. Am not sure, but i read something about that there’s was a bunch of russians hiding money in israel at the beginning of the sanctions, maybe putin has some money hiding over there

  5. Israel be like "we allready in your phone, want us to release the pictures from that club last night?"

  6. Little putin does not apologize. No bullies do. Was this before or after his meeting with Hamas in moscow? It probably didn't go "as planned".

  7. I think it's more like he knows there are only a few major countries that Russia is still on more or less amicable terms with at this point, and turning them against him would make an already bad situation worse.

  8. "Russia’s readout of the phone call made no mention of the apology. It said that Putin and Bennett had a “thorough exchange of views on the situation in Ukraine” and “stressed the special importance” of the Victory Day holiday set for 9 May, as well as the importance of “carefully preserving the historical truth about the events of those years and honouring the memory of all the fallen, including the victims of the Holocaust”."

  9. He's a politician, there are a lot of Russian Jews, including a bunch of the oligarchs, it isn't worth the cost of sticking with an unproven conspiracy theory and pissing people off.

  10. But they accepted the apologies. It's not like they didn't want the Ukranians to suffer like they did in 40-45. They should have rejected the apology. What are you guys cheering about?

  11. Read the article and learn history. Russia has leverage over Israel because of Syria. Israel has provided Humanitarian and defensive aid. Not to mention the vast majority of the Israeli population opposes Russian aggression and has been sending support to Ukraine. Not to further mentioned that many experienced Israeli soldiers have volunteered for the Ukrainian foreign legion and they are some of its most effective and feared fighters. Why don't you go criticize China, India, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and most of Africa and the Middle East that have done absolutely nothing.

  12. Well the moment all your leverage becomes the constant waggling of nuclear ICBM threats and you're dealing with the nation with the most powerful anti-missile system on planet Earth, you kind of lose the will to enter into an argument.

  13. Yeah - good point - would be great to hear the backstory on this one - its one thing to smooth things over its another to straight out apologize - interesting.

  14. Bruh.. the Russian's were literally helping all of Israel's enemies to destroy it, even go as far as sending its own pilots to fight Israeli IAF pilots.

  15. The only Israeli parliament members that supported the Russian invasion where from the Arab/Arab communist parties. Russia has been siding with Israel’s enemies, including Iran. Hamas literally visited Moscow two days ago. The Palestinian support Russia for decades.

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