American physicist living in Mariupol, who designs technology for American weapons, has been hunted by the Russians for 4 months. US veterans rescue team just got him out.

  1. This was also reported by ABC Evening News. David Muir reported that the Russians knew of him and that he had been a “high prize” target, hunted by Russians and Chechens (who twice “ransacked” his home) since the beginning of the war.

  2. Why wasn’t the CIA able to get him out? There’s national security implications in leaving scientist out to dry who knows how to design weapons & bombs.

  3. I feel like there could be a few of those from this war. Look up the Canadian sniper Wali, if you haven't heard yet. One of the best in the world, and he's out there killing Russians, all the while trolling and taunting them with pics on social media and shit lol.

  4. In 2022 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Ukrainian underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune

  5. Yeah, for people being like "why didn't the CIA or the FBI or NSA or other three letter agency do it?", your average retired veteran doesn't have the logistics, support or capability to walk into hostile territory then walk a civilian back out.

  6. A lot of people, including me, didn’t take the warnings seriously. Another actual war in Europe was inconceivable right up until it happened. Many, many people thought Putin was bluffing, he had a history of doing that. He took some small territories and sponsored mercs to take Crimea, certainly, but a full scale invasion? He couldn’t. He wouldn’t. And then he did.

  7. Sadly finding a single guy before the Russians do and taking hundreds out of their custody are two different magnitudes of difficulty

  8. Glad he made it out but…..How did this a-hole not know that he was in a war zone? These guys wouldn’t have had to risk their lives If he would’ve left early.

  9. When you occupy an area and can't find a high value individual, that's one thing. But when your main adversary sends a team to said area and exfiltrates said individual under your nose, that basically says you suck at this, and you should pack your bags and go home.

  10. Thats great but what is with americans hanging out in warzones? Like Afganistan they wer told to leave a month before then waited till the taliban took over.

  11. kyiv was expected to fall quickly because it was such a big target; so in hindsight mariupol wasn’t a great place to choose but at the time it probably seemed logical?

  12. Why would a American physicist be living there in the first place? This smells funny, might be a bit of misinformation going on lol

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