Russia has suffered between 70,000 to 80,000 casualties in Ukraine Pentagon's top policy chief Colin Kahl tells reporters -- a mix of killed and wounded.

  1. If the stories of them just straight-up leaving wounded to die are true, presumably the wounded who live long enough to be recorded as such will still be able to walk, so you'd think their return rate would be quite high.

  2. Sure ruZZia has suffered a lot of casualties and wounded, but very few have been from Moscow or St Petersburgh, so nobody "important" cares.

  3. How does he know? Pretty sure only Russia knows their numbers, but it is obviously huge. The problem is that they need to separate Russian army from LNR DNR and private companies etc. I saw somewhere that total number of Russian troops fighting is 350k, with Russian army troops only 150-175k of those

  4. Regarding on how he knows, assuming he got this information from a legitimate source, then, this information was collected by investigators who specialize in getting indirect measurements of a military's casualty rate. Also, yes, it would be nice if an estimate of the casualty rate separated the LNR and DNR from the Russian Federation's.

  5. This doesn’t make sense. They would be marching back to Russia by now! I mean I hope it is, but it just seems too optimistic

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