Putin claims results of ''referendums'' surprised him

  1. I guess he is so demented that he ordered 99 % (or whatever it was) but forgot about it later and thus he was surprised when the results came.

  2. Surprised that after the referendums the citizens of liberated towns, cities and villages have all welcomed the Ukrainian Forces with song, dance, flowers and tears of joy?

  3. I know I didn't expect my surprise referendum to annex Russia as part of the USA to work either! :O

  4. Or wasn’t it the Dutch that joked to annex Russia? Yeah this propaganda empire is not working out so well

  5. Legit - He was surprised that the rest of the world didn't go along. He was surprised that he didn't control the entire area. Quite a lot of surprise going on with the results.

  6. holy shit he's going to claim he had no idea what his military was doing over the last four months

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