Zelenskyy’s call for preventative pressure on Russia due to its nuclear threats is met with hysteria in Russia

  1. Tbf if he really meant sanctions not strikes that’s extremely poor wording. I read it as he was calling for preemptive strikes, because that’s what he said. It could be that because English isn’t his first language he thought strike doesn’t mean combat strike but really bad timing for this.

  2. Yeah. His English is only marginally better than my Spanish which is terrible. I could definitely make that mistake in Spanish… if I knew what the words for stein and sanction were in Spanish.

  3. I really hope it was either a poorly chosen word or an intentional psy-op style attempt to cause panic in Russia, because the idea that someone now in full command of a sizable cache of NATO weapons and an army trained and experienced with them is calling for a nuclear first strike against a nuclear capable nation is deeply worrying.

  4. this initially sounded unusual and it was later confirmed that Zelensky did not ask for a preemtive attack, and therefore is literally fake news.

  5. Russians are like crying spoiled bitches when somebody threatens to slap her when she makes threats first herself.

  6. Everything a leader says, will be taken ot of context for the opposition. Propaganda war, all the way. It's up to the intelligence of the average people to fish through the bullshit to gain an accurate picture. Putin has used this for years to nationalize his people, to consolidate control of them. It's sad that other world leaders have to be so careful of the words that spill from their mouths as to not excite nationalism from another country...Same can be said with dems vs republican in U.S. Enjoy the shit show. Think intelligenty about those you like and dislike...

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