Almost 25 years old, graduated and unemployed

  1. You’re getting interviews so stay positive. It’s just one interview. You’ll get a lot more rejections throughout your life. But you’ll also get opportunities. It’s just a part of life we all have to get used to, cause it happens to everyone.

  2. As a former graphic designer/illustrator who had to jump into programming it took me about 100-200 applications before I found interviews and people who wanted to hire me.

  3. Honestly it’s a lapse of judgement in the company not your lack of skills. Clearly anyone with a brain can see you are dedicated to learning. Do not give up no matter what. It’s just a fluke and you will have more flukes until one job sticks and lands

  4. Don't give up! I had an interview today I didn't want to do as well because of rejection, but forced myself to. I'm in accounting, have over 6 years experience but never went to school.. I'm using this time to educate myself further and recently got a certificate for accounting. Do you feel maybe that's something you can do in your field? Perhaps an intership/volunteer? I feel that would really help.

  5. Wow I'm jealous, I'm 33 and have gotten exactly zero offers for graphic design interviews out of the over 1k I've applied to. Wanna trade?

  6. 26 here fine art major and recently completed a certification in graphic design. Only interview I have had turned our to be someone trying to scam me. No one even opens my portfolio on 95 percent of the jobs that I apply for. I am so embarrassed of myself and I feel like a failure.

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