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  1. I absolutely sympathize with you OP. I have been applying for jobs for about a year, now I am finally post-grad and I STILL can't get anyone to interview me. I'm not asking for a crazy salary, and I'm not applying to things I'm over or under qualified for either! I've sent so many follow up "I'm really interested in this job" emails. I get no response most of the time. Almost all of my other colleagues from my program have landed something. I feel worthless and like my degree was a waste of time. Definitely depressed and am absolutely angry about this situation that I feel like I have no control over. I'm sorry you and many others in this sub are in the same boat. I hope things turn around soon!

  2. I wish you the best, I think it is just luck of the draw. I know I do myself disservice with lack of confidence. The most frustrating thing is nobody will open my portfolio ever... like it has happened twice for people who contacted me asking for free shit. Fingers crossed you and I get what we want within a suitable time frame. Like within the week would be nice. Please update me when you get what's yours, I need some good news.

  3. Also I am sorry and screw that! You are worth a heck ton more than those folks are settling for :) no one wants that bad pay rate they just don't put value on themselves. And they ruin it for everyone else so [mean word them]

  4. I think it is good, the only thing is I removed reference contact information because I was getting job scam email and texts and I don't want my references, some who are older to be targeted. And I don't want to irritate my references with jobs that fall through! I also stopped writing cover letters unless it is a job that I would actually die for. I just got sick of putting in so much effort for no response tbh

  5. Just wanted to say I feel your pain because I'm in the exact situation myself. Well over a year , hell I think year and half now of being unemployed it's depressing and frustrating among other things.

  6. I am sorry you're going through it too. I hope you get something soon! I hate feeling this way. Seeing that other people are in this place too is kind of sickening to me to be honest. It makes me realize that so many people are screwed. I hate how bitter it has made me too.

  7. I understand what you're going through. It's really frustrating. I had to leave my old job in order to move and it's been almost three months and no one will hire me. Most places aren't responding to my applications so I've gone in person a lot, even when they promise they'll let me know, they don't.

  8. Problem is my partner pays the rent. Won't let me get a shitty job again and I couldn't afford even a studio apartment where I am with a minimum wage job so I am SOL there.

  9. I have my resume is okay but all of my previous jobs are customer service and I haven't worked in a year it looks bad. I think I just waited to long to apply for jobs I desired due to lack of confidence. I think I should apply for volunteer positions, illustrate a children's book or last resort freelance.

  10. It took me nearly 2 years and I ended up being contacted by an agency. The role was temporary. Long story short, I’m still there over a year later in a permanent role.

  11. Thank you for the advice! What agency did you use? I used Robert Half before for temporary positions but they never gave me anything that wasn't miserable.

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